Social Media Bootcamp-Natalie Pino Presentation, Progrexion


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Social Media Bootcamp-2013!
Natalie Pino, Progrexion, Presentation
Content Distribution Across Key Social Platforms

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  • Every brand will have a different mix of content distribution that works best for them. Find what works for you and turn that into big wins for your brand!Make sure you are always re-engaging your fans. As the old saying goes: “Make new friends, but keep the old.” And always reward your brand advocates.
  • Social Media Bootcamp-Natalie Pino Presentation, Progrexion

    1. 1. Content Distribution Across Key Social Platforms @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    2. 2. What is Content Distribution? @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    3. 3. Content Distribution Across Key Social Platforms • Establishing KPI’s for your brand. • Content is Key. Timing is Everything. • Key aspects of content distribution. • What next? Don’t let one interaction be the last interaction. @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    4. 4. Establishing KPI’s For Your Brand KPI = Key Performance Indicators @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    5. 5. Establishing KPI’s For Your Brand Brand Awareness Interest Desire Action @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    6. 6. Examples of Key Measurements: Audience Engagement = Comments + Shares + Trackbacks Total Views Conversation Reach = Share of Voice = Total People Participating Total Audience Exposure Brand Mentions Total Mentions (Brand + Competitors) *Models from Jeremiah Owyang of Silicon Valley, CA. @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    7. 7. Content is Key. Timing is Everything. @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    8. 8. Content Is Key Define Target Audience • • 25 – 60 years old Household income between $40,000$100,000 Define Content Topic Identify Best Format to Communicate Message • • Credit Repair Identify Best Channel to Distribute Message Content Creation Video @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    9. 9. Timing Is Everything Define The Best Day and Time of Day to Launch a Campaign Identify Trending Topics. Use them to your advantage. Distribute! Follow-Up (KPI’s) Celebrate and Move on. @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    10. 10. Key Aspects of Content Distribution @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    11. 11. Integrated Content Distribution Social Media Legal Teleservices Creative PR SEO @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    12. 12. Integrated Content Distribution Define Audience: PR, SEO, Social Team Idea Content Creation Team: Creative, PR, SEO, Legal Follow-Up Distribution: Internal Resources Social Media Press Release Paid Traffic (Ads) @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    13. 13. Influencer Targeting 38 million 13-80 year olds in the U.S. said their purchasing decisions were influenced by social media. Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. - Knowledge Networks 81% of US respondents indicated that friends’ social media posts directly influenced their purchase decision -Hubspot -Forbes @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    14. 14. What Are Influencers? Individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    15. 15. Research Tools for Influencer Targeting @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    16. 16. Influencer Targeting Identify Your Brand’s Current or Potential Influencer(s) Introduce Yourself Research Their Topics of Interest (fashion, sports, finance, etc.) Create Content Specifically Designed for Your Influencer(s) Distribute! Send Your Content Directly to Them. Target them, and their audience with ads. Rinse and Repeat for best results. @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    17. 17. Leverage Internal Resources @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    18. 18. What Next? Keep It Up! Brand Awareness Word of Mouth Website Conversions (Sales) Fan Growth Brand/Content Engagement Clicks to the Site @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    19. 19. Key Takeaways • Establish KPI’s For Your Brand • Coordinate Content and Timing • Integrate Your Content Creation and Distribution • Target Influencers • Leverage Internal Resources • Find What Works For You @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL
    20. 20. Questions? Presentation can be found at: @pinonatalie #UBSOCIAL