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Social media campaign that would allow Breakthrough Houston, a non-profit organization whose mission "aims to prepare students who possess high academic potential, but limited education resources for competitive high-school programs and college admission," to find past alumni whose records were lost as a result from damage caused by Hurricane Ike.

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Breakthrough Houston, Mission:Alumni

  1. 1. Breakthrough Houston <br />MISSION: ALUMNI<br />Rebecca Holden<br />Matt Dawson<br />Chasity Mims<br />Josh Walls<br />Bryan Collins<br />“Bringing the Past to the Future…”<br />
  2. 2. Background<br />Est. 1996( 30 6th graders)<br />Locally supported nonprofit organization that offers its service to students FREE of charge.<br />Aims to prepare students who posses high academic potential, but limited educational resources for competitive high school programs and college admission.<br />Six year commitment- beginning with in the 6th grade<br />“Students teaching Students”<br />Currently: 200 plus students from Houston schools attend the six week , intensive summer program and year-round Saturday School <br />
  3. 3. SWOT Analysis<br />Strengths<br />Weaknesses<br />Threats<br />Opportunities <br />
  4. 4. Situation Analysis<br /> Breakthrough Houston’s Data- Created in summer 1996, ended in 2008 due to Hurricane Ike.<br />Data recovery, a valuable asset for promotions and fundraising.<br />Statistics of Breakthrough student’s success rates aid in creating grant proposals.<br />Larger network = larger pool.<br />Current dilemma is a lack of planning, funding, and manpower.<br />Social Media is the best tool for “connecting the dots”.<br />
  5. 5. Core Opportunity<br />Recreate the culture and foundation that Breakthrough Houston has established through the use of social media in order to gather more support and sponsorship for the program, where as if left unrealized could result in loss of participation and funding.<br />
  6. 6. Goals<br />To collect all information concerning past alumni.<br />To create an avenue for Breakthrough Houston alumni to rejoin the effort.<br />
  7. 7. Objectives<br />Audience: Past students<br />Behavior: Make contact with other students and obtain their contact information and join Breakthrough’s Facebook page.<br />Time: January 1, 2011-December 31, 2011<br />Audience: Past and / or current teachers<br />Behavior: Make contact with other teachers and obtain their contact information and join Breakthrough’s Facebook page.<br />Time: January 1, 2011-June 30, 2011<br />
  8. 8. Objectives<br />Audience: Past and / or current teachers<br />Behavior: Make contact with other former students and obtain their contact information and join Breakthrough’s Facebook page.<br />Time: July 1, 2011-December 31, 2011<br />Audience: College students majoring in education and / or have the desire to work for a non-profit, who are seeking an internship.<br />Behavior: Act as a chairperson and administrator to create a working team of former Breakthrough Houston students and teachers to find lost alumni.<br />Time: July 1, 2011-December 31, 2011<br />
  9. 9. Key Publics and Messages<br />Alumni<br />Breakthrough’s past is the key to its future<br /><ul><li>Currently no record of past participants
  10. 10. Success of the program is determined by the success of past students
  11. 11. Establishing a track record of success will build a reputation</li></li></ul><li>Key Publics and Messages<br />Breakthrough Teachers<br />Stay connected with Breakthrough, become connected with like-minded professionals<br /><ul><li>Former students and teachers are now working professionals
  12. 12. Success of former teachers is just as important
  13. 13. More comprehensive the network, more opportunities</li></li></ul><li>Key Publics and Messages<br />Breakthrough Houston Advisory Council<br />Grow the network, grow the program<br /><ul><li>Voice of alumni authenticates that Breakthrough works
  14. 14. Every contact is valuable in extending Breakthrough’s network</li></li></ul><li>Strategies and Tactics<br />Phase I – Assembling the Team<br /><ul><li>Hire intern to act as Chairperson
  15. 15. Assemble small team of volunteers
  16. 16. Chairperson and team track down known leads and direct them to Facebook page
  17. 17. Chairperson, team, and current staff issue challenge to all known publics to join Facebook page and get involved with alumni tracking.</li></li></ul><li>Strategies and Tactics<br />Phase II – The Ripple Effect<br /><ul><li>As each new person joins the Facebook page, a message and survey is sent.
  18. 18. As each new person joins the Facebook page, information is collected and the campaign is extended.
  19. 19. Rewards given to those who refer the most new contacts.</li></li></ul><li>Budget<br />Due to the strategies and tactics not requiring any financial need, an increase in man power through an internship and volunteers will be needed. <br />
  20. 20. Calendar 2011<br />January 3rd: Begin Phase One<br />February 25th: Deadline to find intern<br />February 28th: Intern to begin team assembly<br />April 4th: Begin Phase Two<br />April 4th –December 31st: Bi-weekly updates<br />December 31st: End Phase Two<br />
  21. 21. Evaluation:<br />Objectives will be measured<br />Benchmark year<br />After the first year, decide any changes to be made<br />