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Marketing battleship


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Marketing battleship

  1. 1. A film trailer is an advertisement for a feature filmthat will be released in cinemas some point in thenear future, they are shown on things such asTelevision, the internet and sometimes are on radios.
  2. 2. Film trailers are made to advertise a new feature filmthat is coming out to act as teaser to the audiencebefore they get to see the proper thing in cinemas, italso made to make people obviously WANT to go andsee the film.
  3. 3. Film trailers are normally aimed at the same audienceas the films that are being produced. Different peoplelike different films, and although everyone isindividual there will be certain aspects that appeal tosome more than others. It can also depend whatsocial group you’re in, that can greatly affect thetypes of films that you become interested in.
  4. 4. As well as the people who make films a trailers usegenre to grab our interest as viewers, they also wantto show us that even though the film is in the samegenre we like, how it differs from the other films thatare included in that genre, this is known as theUnique Selling Point (USP). The USP could be thingssuch as the innovative use of special effects, anunusual mix of genres, or having a popular star in thefilm. All this is what separates the film from others inthe genre that are being released at the same time.
  5. 5. Trailers are normally shown at the cinema first, justbefore people are about to watch a film of the samegenre. They are then shown on TV and on theinternet, and are usually accompanied by postercampaigns and on the radio. This helps cover a widerange of people very quickly. Trailers that are shownon TV and online are generally suitable for any age towatch, whereas trailers that are shown in cinemasnormally suit the classification of the film that peopleare about to watch.
  6. 6. Most trailers made are normally produced around thesame time the actual film is being edited, the timingof releasing a trailer is very important. Somethingthat needs to be considered is that it most be shownfar enough in advance before the films released tocreate a ‘buzz’ and excitement over the film, but itcan’t be shown to early because it may cause peopleto forget about the film before it even comes out.
  7. 7. •Budget- $200,ooo,ooo.•Box Office- $58,000,000.•Director- Peter Berg.•Producers- Peter Berg, Brian Goldner, Duncan Henderson, Bennett Schneir, ScottStuber.•Writers- Jon Hoeber, and Erich Hoeber.•Main Cast- Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and LiamNeeson.•Cinematography- Tobias A. Schliessler.•Editing- Colby Parker Jr. and Billy Rich.•Studio- Hasbro Bluegrass Films Film 44.•Distributer- Universal Studios.•Release date- April 11, 2012.•Running time- 131 minutes.•Country- United States.•Language- English.
  8. 8. Battleship wasfirst advertised incinemas, then onTVs, radios, siteson the internetand so on. It thenbrought out manydifferent postersto help advertiseit.
  9. 9. All of the posters that were used to advertise Battleship wereall in the same layout, they used a main character/charactersin the centre, surrounded by this dark blue, then had a lot ofaction going on behind them. The pictures were all edited thesame. You could tell all of the posters were from Battleshipmerely because of the layout, fonts and colours. They made aposter for every single main character in the film and thensome extras to help us follow the story line like a girl and boyon a poster together who are clearly in love with each otherand so on.
  10. 10. The marketing packaging signifies the genre of the filmbecause of all the action in the trailers, like the fast pacedcross cutting, and also the selection of music they chose toaccompany the trailer. And also in the posters you can clearlysee that this is an action/adventure film through the selectionof colours they have chosen, along with the fonts and alsothe fact in the posters behind every main character there is alot of explosions and what not. The name of the film is onevery poster and on every trailer and you can clearly see whatthe film is going to be about just by the name of it.