Social Recruiting


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Social Recruiting

  1. 1. Social Media Week, February 2011Rebecca FolbGlobal Talent Acquisition Manager (Digital)Nokia Social Recruiting Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  2. 2. 25 billionCompany Confidential
  3. 3. Tweets sent in 2010 “Social Media is not a fad, it‟s still growing and always transforming”…Company Confidential
  4. 4. “Social Recruiting isn‟t theanswer to recruitment, it‟ssimply another channelwe need to use”. Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  5. 5. Establish your social recruiting strategy Transforming the way we source talent, build talent pipelines and improve our employer image. People are talking about Nokia all over the week. Our concern is that social media is reaching a vast audience and becoming influential to potential talent. Instead of focusing on this negative impact, we are recognising the opportunities. If we can‟t control, we can join in, engage with and influence this vast audience.Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  6. 6. Integrate social media into your recruitment process Encouraging /TIME & COMMITMENT influencing all regions to adopt.UNDERSTANDING Dedicated& CONFIDENCE training.SHARING & Encourage staff to be brand Sharing bestRESPONSIBILITY practices ambassadors to help personalise your business by talking about effectiveness/ success. the company culture/values, generating a buzz about your company and highlighting positive brand messages in a credible way.Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  7. 7. Connect your career page to your online communities!“Our ultimate goal is to Global Social Media Statsdrive top talent to our careerspage and apply”.  1.97 billion internet users“Encouragingcandidates who come  175+ million people onto our career page to Twitterjoin our communities toget to know us better”.  90+ million people on LinkedIn  600+ million people on Facebook Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  8. 8. Our social recruitment channels Employer Job Adverts Sourcing Image “How the channels have been effective for us”…Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  9. 9. “Our brand new Twitter feed”…Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  10. 10. Design a weekly editorial calendar! DAY Morning Afternoon Monday Tweet about Nokia‟s work Job or news of the day environment, or Nokia fact (Linked) Tuesday Tweet about one of Nokia‟s values Job or news of the day e.g. Diversity, events Nokia have (Linked) presence Wednesday Tweet about a great reason to work Job or news of the day for Nokia (Linked) Thursday Tweet about what Nokia can offer – Job or news of the day training, development etc (Linked) Friday Job or news of the week. Or key Wish all your followers a hire of the week. great weekend! Twitter is a strong CRM tool “A social media response guide is Editorial Calendar also important”… = structured feed and frequency.Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  11. 11. Driving talent to Targeted our main subgroups. career page.Connectingour channels. Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  12. 12. Identifying & engaging talent – be relevant! LinkedIn has broadened and simplified the search for talent. We now have the opportunity to identify, reach and contact high calibre candidates globally. Keywords: communicate, participate & share!Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  13. 13. “Our Facebook initiative which led to four key hires”…Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  14. 14. 2011 Next steps Continue to leverage what others are doing – Nokia Conversations blog.  Communities - size matters . Keep growing… Employee video testimonials. Bring the conversation offline – we are still people and it‟s great to talk!Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  15. 15. Social media reporting Activity Reach Engagement “How active “How influential “Are we engaging our we”. are we being”. with people, „Likes‟ „re-tweets”.Company Confidential #NokiaConnects
  16. 16. #NokiaConnectsCompany Confidential