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Nursing Students & Hospital Research


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Presentation given at Mercy Research Day 2013. Why nursing students should get involved in action research and developing evidence based practices.

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Nursing Students & Hospital Research

  1. 1. Research Day October 15 Sponsored by the Research & Evidence Council
  2. 2. don't wait till you graduate: reasons to research now! Rebecca Carlson SBU-Mercy College of Nursing & Health Sciences Library Director
  3. 3.  Nursing students working toward an ASN (RN),BSN (RN) or other initial nursing degree and license  Nurses working toward an RN-to-BSN, MSN, or other advanced degree Audience
  4. 4.  Clinical Questions + Nurses = Action Research  Nurses + Action Research = Evidence Based Practice  Nurses + Evidence Based Practice = Improved Working Environments & Improved Patient Outcomes Why Is Research Important?
  5. 5. “Research is important to Mercy's efforts to transform the care experience. It helps us discover new and better ways to deliver care and keep you healthy… Real-world pilot projects as well primary research and analysis help us know if it will really work in the real world.” _ Research at Mercy
  6. 6.       Earn class credit Share your student perspective Apply new, course-related knowledge Develop an important nursing skill Improve your professional community Contribute to the development of the profession Reasons to Research Now
  7. 7.  grasp the opportunities research projects afford for ◦ personal learning, ◦ organizational learning, and ◦ contributions to nursing knowledge Reasons to Research Now
  8. 8.  Contacts for potential research projects: ◦ Mercy Research & Evidence Council ◦ Clinical faculty, professors, and co-workers  Resources to help you gather information: ◦ SBU University Libraries ◦ Mercy Medical Library How to Get Involved
  9. 9.  Rebecca Carlson, SBU-Mercy College of Nursing & Health Sciences Library Director  Holly Henderson, Mercy Medical Library Director  Myrna Lanier, Mercy Research & Evidence Council Contact Information