OCR Tv Drama: Representation of Social class


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OCR Tv Drama: Representation of Social class

  1. 1. Lesson aim: To analyse a clip for how social class is represented through micro-elements Define social class in 10 words
  2. 2. SOCIAL CLASS A group of people within a society that possess the same economic status, often determined by occupation, education, income, manners, etc.
  3. 3. The British Social Class System The British society has often been considered to be divided into three main groups of classes: the Upper Class Often people with inherited wealth. Includes some of the oldest families, with many of them being titled aristocrats. the Middle Class In pairs, discuss what a stereotypical person in your class would be like: How would they look? How would they sound? What would they wear? The majority of the population of Britain. They include industrialists, professionals, business people and shop owners. Lower or Working Class People who are agricultural, mine and factory workers.
  4. 4. Upper Class
  5. 5. Lower Class
  6. 6. How has their class been represented?
  7. 7. How is social class represented through editing? 1.Identify all the different editing techniques you can first 2.Then link the ones you can to superior/inferior USE PEE Does it subvert or conform expectations?
  8. 8. Editing techniques • Choose at least 4 and define: • • • • • A: B: B: B: C: Juxtaposition Match on Action Cross cutting (parallel editing) Eyeline match Pace C: B: C: B: A: B: C: Take 180 degree rule Continuity editing Montage editing Graphic match Jump cut Transition Ext: How would you represent upper class through editing?
  9. 9. How can SOUND represent Social Class? DIEGETIC DIALOGUE • Plays a huge role in representing someone’s character • What can someone’s voice tell us about them?
  10. 10. What would you expect these people to sound like?
  11. 11. Shameless • How does the dialogue represent their social class? • Does it subvert or conform expectations? • Ext: What other sounds represent class?
  12. 12. P.E.A. Structure • The diegetic dialogue is used to represent social class. POIN T • The older female character swears repeatedly when she is angry showing her lack of expression. EVIDENC E • This conforms to a typical representation of working class people who are less educated. ANALYSI
  13. 13. Mid lesson Plenary • Choose one of the classes: Upper, Middle, Lower • Write 50 words on how they would be typically represented through all 4 micro elements
  14. 14. Discuss the ways in which the following extract represents social class using the following: • • • • Mise en scene Camera Sound Editing View the clip 4 times, make notes, write for 45 minutes.
  15. 15. Camera work • Medium shot used to show mum eating – poor quality food shows that this is a working class family. • Lots of high angles shots to represent that they are poor and not important to society. • Medium shot used to show family in their small home.
  16. 16. Camera work • Long shot also used to show painter (working class person) outside small houses • First shot in opening is an establishing shot of Road, which shows a working class environment. • Point of view shot used at the being of young girl to show the environment and background she comes from.
  17. 17. Editing • Montage of dad working building siteoccupation shows working class. • Montage was fast pace to show the audience quickly the other view of the man’s job so that the audience could establish his social class
  18. 18. Editing • Scene the beginning uses zooming effect from outside of the house into the house. This shows the typical indoor and outdoor environment of a working class area
  19. 19. How mise en scene represents social class/status The mise en scene in these shots show people dressed in casual clothing that looks like it has been worn a lot this connotes low class people, also the series of shots suggest that low class people who work mediocre jobs like building never have happy marriages and this leads to cheating.
  20. 20. This shot shows a man dressed in a suit and standing next to an expensive car which suggests that he is wealthy and well off, in a higher class that people. A man dressed in a vest top watching football suggest that people who are low class do nothing and are lazy that all they do is sit around watch tv and drink The mise en scene in this shot shows a pretty low quality house with an outside clothes line and a woman and her children in from which suggests that they live in bad conditions This picture suggest that low class people live in terraced and council housing which links in with where the factory workers who were poor used to live
  21. 21. This shot shows that the daughter has been put on report this suggests that lower class people’s children are badly behaved and bad mannered causing them to get into trouble. It also suggests that they do not take education seriously and are also badly educated meaning they are stupid.
  22. 22. • How sound represents social class In this particular clip most of the sound that is heard is Diegetic sound as most of it can be heard. The only pieces of Non-Diegetic sound are the song in the intro. The piano music when they are having the affair and the sound when the girl gets run over as that would be a sound effect. The sound in intro and when the affair is happening has a quite simple piano part but some beautiful violin sounds, this ties in with the two social classes as the violin part could represent the higher class and the simple piano part could represent the lower class. • Diegetic Sound - Shouting/Talking/Swearing Music - Background TV noise - Background Train Noises - Builders Work Noise - Airplane Noise - Car Noise when it brakes - Accents Non-Diegetic Sound - Introduction - Sound effect of girl getting run over - Music when the affair is taking place
  23. 23. Lesson 2 • Starter: • Write a PEARL on 3 aspects from yesterday’s clip from The Street • P oint • E vidence • A nalysis • R esponse • L ink
  24. 24. Now swap your answers • Peer assessment: • Have they used the PEARL structure? • Have they answered the question? • Have they used appropriate media terminology? WWW Give them a mark out of 10, if 10 is an accurate, well written answer including many media terms using a PEARL for each point EBI -Add a target for improvement e.g. – follow the PEE structure for EVERY point
  25. 25. Discuss the ways in which the following extract from CRANFORD represents social class using the following: • • • • Mise en scene Camera Sound Editing View the clip 4 times, make notes, write for 45 minutes.