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  1. 1. StoryboardShot 1; Shows the girl sat in her bedroom trying to findsomething to do.Medium shotShot 2; Looks at her phone of a photo of her and her ex-boyfriend. close upShot 3; Puts her lipstick on. Over the shoulderShot 4; Finishes off her look (smoothing dress down, andfinishing her hair) Pan downShot 5, 6; Flashback to her seeing her boyfriend with anothergirl. Cuddling. She sees them and starts walking away fromthe park where she has seen her boyfriend. Medium/LongshotShot 7;In the studio. Acts to the camera to portray the lyricsShot 8;Back in her bedroom and shows her trying to deletehis number from her phone but she cant. Over the shoulderShot 9; Throws her phone and it lands on her bed as his nameappears on her phone ringing her. Close upShot 10; Back in the studio acting to the camera, showingthat she is over him and now has confidence without himShot 11; back to her in her bedroom looking at herself in themirror. Pan up and downShot 12; Her friends burst into her room to make her feelbetter and drag her out to a party. MediumLong shot, POVShot 13;Shows her and her friends walking down onto thebeach to set up a party.Hand held camera following behindthem
  2. 2. Shot 14;Close up of her texting telling people about theparty.Shot 15; They run down the beach to the sea and startsplashing each other and having a good time without anyboys. Medium shotShot 16; In the studio she acting like she is trying to convinceherself that she is ‘Young, Single and Sexy’Shot 17; The last time she says is she is a lot more confidentwith what she is saying and acts more sexy towards thecamera.Shot 18;Goes to the boyfriends house and he is sat alone,flicking through the television trying to find something to do.Shot 19; In Studio giving attitude to the camera.Shot 20; Cuts to the boyfriends house and he is with the girlagain and shows him rejecting her calls. Medium shot zoomin to show the rejection of the callShot 21; Goes back to the girl’s bedroom to her holding ontoher phone waiting for him to call her back. Medium ShotShot 22; In the studioShot 23, 24, 25; Cuts to the beach party showing differentshots of her having fun with all of her friends, showing shedoesn’t have time for him anymore. High angle, low angleshots.Shot 26;Flashback of her and her boyfriend happy together.Long shot and change of outfit.Shot 27; Then cuts to them at his house arguing over the girlhe was with. Medium shot
  3. 3. Shot 28; She walks out the house and slams the door. Matchon actionShot 29; The boyfriend upset and slides down the wallbecause he realizes what he has done. High angleShot 30;In the studioShot 31; Back to her bedroom and her talking to her friendsgetting annoyed that she has fallen for his act. And she isn’tgoing to anymore. Medium shotShot 32, 33, 34;At the beach again showing the party.Natural movement of the camera when in the partyShot 35, 36; A shot of her dancing at the party with herfriends, who came to her room. Medium close upShot 36; A shot to show her dancing with another guy, toshow that because she is single she can dance with whomshe wants. Medium close upShot 37; In the studioand on the screen a still image ofLondon and then New YorkShot 38, 39; The guy turns up at the party and starts talking tohere trying to convince her to get back with him.Shot 40, 41, 42, 43; She walks away fromhim to a wall (orsomething similar) and is talking to the people at the partyShot 44; Does a sexy dance move. close upShot 45, 46;jumps down from the wall and gets everyone tojoin in with herShot 47, 48, 49; In the park where she saw her boyfriendcheat, walking around. Tracking shotShot 50, 51; sits down on a swing. Long shot
  4. 4. Shot 52, 53, 54, 55; Cuts to the studio to her acting to thecamera again. Varying from medium shots, to close ups.Shot 56; Cuts to the girls bedroom and her staring at a photoof her still in her dress from the party. Medium shotShot 57, 58; She goes to rip the photo, but she cant. Close upShot 59, 60; Her friends come into her room and sit with her,then pull her outside. POVShot 61, 62;Cuts to them being outside and they get a lighterand set the photo on fire. Over the shoulderShot 63; Her and her friends start laughing. Close upShot 64, They go to walk out the house, the girl looks backshakes her head and follows them out of the gate. Start as amedium shot and gradually change to a long shotShot 65;Close up of the burnt photoShot 66;Close up of her face in the studio.