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El otero express 13.02.2014


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El otero express 13.02.2014

  1. 1. C.R.I.E. Special report by ANGELA On Monday, 12th January 2014, first all the teachers and the children met. Together, we went to make the beds. Then we went to lunch. We ate green beans and steak. Next, we went to the games zone. Then we went to do activities. Later, we went to dinner and then went to the gym to do more activities. Finally we went to bed. On Tuesday, 13th January 2014, first of all we went to breakfast and then to the games zone. Then we went to do activities and next to eat; then to do activities again. Next we did the same. The next day we went to Altamira caves. First we did activities and then looked at Altamira caves and finally went to C.R.I.E. The last two days we did the same that the first and second days. EXPERIMENTS IN THE CLASSROOM Story by SARA This year we’ve done some experiments. A very interesting one was the experiment of Lucia. The ingredients that she used were: milk, yogurt, food colouring and washing liquid. Lucia put the milk in one plate, and the yogurt in other plate. In the middle of the plate with milk she put the food colouring and then the washing liquid. In the same way Lucia proceeded with the yogurt. Working The result was that the mixtures expanded and the colours formed beautiful shapes.
  2. 2. Exclusive interview: New teacher in town! By Pab Ba c Alina is the new teacher in El Otero. She's going to be in Spain for 3 months. What's your name? My name is Alina. What subject do you teach? I teach English. What did you study? I studied History. Where do you want to travel? I want to travel around the world. What’s your favourite subject? My favourite subject is Archaeology. What’s your favourite sport? My favourite sport is football. What’s your favourite animal? My favourite animal is the cat. What’s your favourite food? My favourite food is pizza. Who is your favourite singer? My favourite singer is Manu Chao. Do you like Spain? Yes, I love Spain. Do you like this school? Yes, I like this school a lot. JOEL’S JOKES By e Her de Joel gets a bike for Christmas and in the afternoon he rides the bike. He tells his mother: "Look, without one hand"... "Look, without two hands".... "Look, without my teeth!!!!" Joel explains that the Earth goes around. In the afternoon, his mother asks him to go shopping. He sits on the pavement. His mother looks through the window and sees him. She says: "What are you doing?" Joel answers: "I'm waiting for the supermarket to go around and pass by". My favourite sport is basketball. I love it because it is very funny! In the sport centre there was a boy that threw the ball to the basket and he was the winner and I liked it! My favourite team is Real Madrid. I like all the players!
  3. 3. CHIHUAHUA 2 Review by: ISABEL The film we saw on Saturday is Chihuahua 2. It is about one family of dogs who see in the newspaper a catwalk. Then a dog goes to a catwalk to participate and to win money, because the family needs to pay for their house. When they finished, they arranged to meet two dogs: Chihuahua and other dog. Next, Chihuahua wins because the other dog wasn't of any concrete race and does win the money for the house. When they finished they gave back the money to prepare the house.
  4. 4. By Pablo Gonzalez MONDAY Potatoes with sausages Cod with tomatoes Fruit TUESDAY WEDNESDAY Lentils Carrot soup Omelette with salad Hamburger with tomatoes Fruit Fruit THURSDAY Rice with tomatoes Fish with salad Fruit FRIDAY Soup Chicken with pea Yogurt The football match on S a t ur d a y , F e br ua r y 8 th 2014 El Otero played in Cervera vs Cervera “B” at eleven o’clock. The goals they scored were: Gorka (1), Hugo (1), and Pablo (1). They scored three goals. The Cervera team scored 1 goal and El Otero won. By YANIRA Created by: El Otero Journalist Group LTD; Edited by: R.T. & A.D. All rights reserved☺