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Are you harnessing the power of peer instruction in your classroom? It’s common knowledge that kids often learn lots of things from other kids, so why not ensure that they are learning academic topics from each other?

In this webinar, join Reba Gordon Matthews as she explores how teachers can use iPads to help their students support the academic achievement of their peers. She will show how students can create video tutorials and educational aids by using free productivity, screen casting, video, and camera apps. These tutorials and educational aids can then be embedded in blogs, wikis, and class websites, or they can be uploaded to the cloud for easy student access and viewing.

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From the mouths of babes[final [reba matthews][3]

  1. 1. Presented by Reba Gordon Matthews From the Mouths of Babes Peer to Peer Instruction via the iPad
  2. 2. About Me• iPad Lab Educational Consultant• Online Elementary Reading and Math Teacher• Online Adjunct Instructor – Ed. Tech & Early Childhood Ed.• Exec. Dir. & Co-Founder of The Jamal Gordon-Hill Foundation
  3. 3. My Contact InfoTwitter: @jghfoundation08Email: rebamatthews@cox.netBlogs:Diary of an iPad Grant Team
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Our iPad Grant Brainstorm Wanted a Unique iPad Integration Model
  6. 6. Who are your Learners? Digital Natives
  7. 7. Must Meet Their Needs
  8. 8. Meeting the Needs of the Digital NativesWhat digital natives want from their library Link:
  9. 9. Dr. Eric Mazur Peer Instruction Model Harvard Professor – PhysicsDeveloper of the Peer Instruction Model
  10. 10. Writing Lesson VoiceThread 5-Step Writing Process
  11. 11. Writing Lesson Web View
  12. 12. Inserting Photo a VoiceThread TIP: It is best to use your camera for inserting photos. Photos from Camera Roll requires “Location to be turned on. Use CameraPhoto from Library
  13. 13. Creating A VoiceThread
  14. 14. Comments in VoiceThread
  15. 15. Email Your VoiceThread Project to Posterous
  16. 16. Math Demonstration Flipped ClassroomStudent:Introduces new conceptTeacher:Videotapes Lessons /iPad Camera-Uploads to Class BlogClassmates:Practice Math Skillusing Screen Chomp AppAll Students:Create math videos from lesson
  17. 17. Build Video Tutorial Library Screen Chomp
  18. 18. Math Lesson – in less than 5 min Screen Chomp
  19. 19. Math Lesson Screen Chomp SafariShare Button: Email Video LinkOpen in Safari Button: Actual Web Link
  20. 20. Building Math Library
  21. 21. Screen Chomp Video Library
  22. 22. Geography Lesson PhotosScreen Chomp
  23. 23. Student Learning Gallery Time Have students view their peers Screen Chomp academic videos.
  24. 24. Build An Online Resource Library Posterous Quick and Easy Posting from iPad 1.Get a Posterous Spaces (blog) account - Use generic school email: Ex: 2. Setup on computer. 3. Upload and embed from the iPad your blog instantly.Easy Guide to Posterous:
  25. 25. PosterousQuickest and Easy Posting Activity Post to our Sample Blog From your iPad Use your Posterous app Or use your Mail app Email the answer to this question. “What is your favorite pet? Email Viewing
  26. 26. Building a Resource Library
  27. 27. Posting Photos to Posterous
  28. 28. Build A Resource Library - - Easy Posterous Screen ChompJohnson Sample Posterous:
  29. 29. NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design & Flight 1st Flight Test Unsuccessful – Design Issues Design Change Lesson from Teacher
  30. 30. NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design & Flight Make mine, please. So, far this theI will try this. 8th plane.
  31. 31. NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design & Flight CameraPeer to Peer Help Why not videotape it?
  32. 32. NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design & Flight 2nd Flight Test Successful with the help from their peers.
  33. 33. NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design & FlightLesson is continued, but enhanced by the use of the iPad CNN Student News from Teacher iPad
  34. 34. Science Lesson: BloodHis Presentation His Notes Teacher iPad Word Study Blood Lesson
  35. 35. Goal Achieved!LearningActive EngagementSelf EsteemCritical ThinkingMotivates Further Learning
  36. 36. Digital Storytelling View Projects from iPad Safari Website: AuthorStream.comDigital Storytelling Project – Teaching About Shapes
  37. 37. Archive.orgFREE digital file storage site Camera
  38. 38. FREE Media Storage Sites for Student Access Blogs, Websites, Wikis, etc. iBook Dropbox Screen Chomp Evernote Posterous VoiceThread
  39. 39. VGA Apple iPad Adapter Apple VGA Adapter$29.00 at the Apple Store
  40. 40. ConnectingVGA Adapter to the iPad 1
  41. 41. VGA CableThese are the cables running from your projector or document camera Black or Blue Endpoints Work
  42. 42. Connecting the iPad VGA Adapter to VGA Cable How to Connect your iPad to a projector, Screen or TV Link:
  43. 43. Our ChallengesFunding for iPads and Equipment Time for Staff Developments
  44. 44. Our Success Stories Students Discussed How iPads HelpMore Teachers Embracing Technology Received Personal iPad from Parents
  45. 45. My Current Project (Free eBook) – In Progress Working on FREE eBook AvailableApril 2012 By Reba Gordon Matthews
  46. 46. Peer to Peer Instruction Resources ResourcesBLC Conference:Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eric Mazur of a converted Lecturer: Eric Mazur Mazur’s User Manual
  47. 47. ResourcesBlog Link:
  48. 48. Questions