January 18, 2011To:     The Parents of the        Johnson NASA Science Design Team MembersFrom: Reba Gordon Matthews      ...
2011 NASA Explorer School Student Symposium                                                                               ...
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2011 nes symposium parent_letter


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2011 nes symposium parent_letter

  1. 1. January 18, 2011To: The Parents of the Johnson NASA Science Design Team MembersFrom: Reba Gordon Matthews Computer Lab Teacher NASA Explorer School Team LeaderRE: NASA Explorer School Virtual Symposium 2010 NASA Explorer School Student Symposium Date: February 24, 2011 Date: May 4-7, 2011 Where: San Diego, CA (Johnson Elementary) Where: TBAThis letter is to inform you that your child is currently participating in a NASA lunar plant growth chamberengineering project in hopes to obtain a slot with their team partner at the 2011 NASA Explorer SchoolStudent Symposium on May 4 -7, 2011. At this time the location of the symposium at one of the NASACenters has not been determined. (See next page for the locations of all the NASA Centers.)In the past two years, my Johnson NASA Science Design Team has won a slot at the once in a lifetimeevent. In 2009, I traveled with 2 students and they presented their hydroponic system at Johnson SpaceCenter in Houston, Texas. In 2010, I traveled with 2 students and they presented their lunar habitatengineering project at Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida. And we hope that we can win a slot thisyear. But despite the outcome I want to say the students have and will work hard at putting forth their besteffort.At this time, there are 10 student team members. The top (9) students will present for Virtual Symposiumon February 24, 2011 via videoconference at Johnson Elementary. The students will be judged by theNASA Explorer School Program judges and NASA scientists. Our student teams will be competingagainst elementary teams from all over the U.S. and the Virgin Islands. Based on their scoring, (2)students could be selected to attend the 2011 National NES Student Symposium at one of the NASACenters.In preparation for this project, your child and their partner have attended weekly team meetings, worked ontheir designs, did Internet research, and worked on their habitat descriptions voluntarily during their before-school, recess, lunch and afterschool. I will equip each team member with (2) study guides and a flashdrivewith information to assist them in gaining background knowledge. We have reviewed NASA videos relatedto designing a lunar chamber and engineering, conducted guided internet research, and had regular groupdiscussions. The next phase of the project is the building of their lunar chamber. They can use everydayproducts. I will supply them with any school supplies. Each child will have a discussion with their familyin regards to any additional supplies they feel they need.Next week I will send home the Student Symposium Worksheet questions that contain the rubric that theNASA judges will be utilizing. Your child will have a student copy of this worksheet that I developed toassist them in their independent work inside.
  2. 2. 2011 NASA Explorer School Student Symposium Parent LetterPlease sign below and return this letter to notify me that you have been informed ofthe process, procedures, and important dates regarding the 2011 National NESSymposium.I, ____________________________ am aware that my child is a member of the Johnson Parent’s/Guardian’s Name ( please print)NASA Science Design Team.2. ____I am aware that my child is interested in attending the 2011 National NASA Explorer School (NES)Student Symposium on May 4-7, 2011 at one of the NASA Centers if selected.Please initial that you and your child received the following items:3. ___ I received a copy of this letter notifying me of the 2011 NASA Student Symposium.4. ___ I understand that my child will have to do some independent work and build their lunar plant chamber during recess, lunch recess, and afterschool in order to be prepare for the Virtual Symposium.5. ___ I understand that my child can voluntarily attend Mrs. Matthews’ NASA Symposium Workshops that may occur during the weekends to assist my child in preparing for the Virtual Symposium. (Plenty of prior notice will be given.)6. ___ I am aware that Mrs. Matthews will be using a service call “DialMyCalls” to send out groupinformation home in regards to meetings, preparation, suggestions, and Symposium updates andannouncements.7. ___ I have noted Mrs. Matthews’ contact information School email: rmatthews@sandi.net Voice Mail: 619-631-4436_______________________ _________________________ _____________________Parent’s Name ( please print) Parent’s signature ( please print) Student’s Name ( please print)Date __________________ Phone/Cell _____________________ Email:___________________________