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360i Bagels with Berky Music Edition


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Every other week, Vice President of Emerging Media David Berkowitz hosts "Bagels with Berky" to talk about new startups and emerging trends in social. Last summer, I made history by being the first non-Berky to host a BWB. With the launch of Spotify, Rdio, and Turntable FM all within the same week, I decided to make my presentation about music in social.

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360i Bagels with Berky Music Edition

  1. 1. BwB:MusicJuly 29, 2011
  2. 2. SpotifyvsRdio
  3. 3.
  4. 4. First Google+ Hangout Concert: DariaMusk
  5. 5. Cloud Players (Amazon + Google)
  6. 6. Apps• Shazaam• Songify• Bjork’sBiophilia• Planetary iPad app
  7. 7. Solitary Music streamingPassive Listening Active Listening Social
  8. 8. Opportunities Display/sponsorship Content Creation Deeper Integration ???????
  9. 9. Ghostly
  10. 10. Video Content
  11. 11. groopEase
  12. 12. Brands in music• Starbucks• Smirnoff with HIP Digital• Coca-Cola• Sprite
  13. 13. Artists and Social Media Strategy• Lady Gaga• Rihanna trumping Lady Gaga• Eminem & Adele hitting digital platinum• Lil Wayne encouraging sharing
  14. 14. Links•• turntable-nailed-the-gamification-challenge/• djs/?WT.mc_id=obinsite#RfADsp-7a1s• Turntable-fm-grown-so-rapidly-with-no-marketing••