Reaxis Corporate Brochure


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Reaxis Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Corporate VisionAt Reaxis, our mission is to provide the highestquality products and services to our customers,working together in a partnership to solve problemswith innovative solutions. We aim to be a globalsupplier of specialty chemicals that meet or exceedboth domestic and international environmental andquality standards. Our highly qualified people arecommitted to achieving our vision.Technical CapabilitiesThe technical staff at Reaxis has extensiveexperience and versatility in developing a widerange of standard and specialty products basedon inorganic and organometallic chemistries.Production takes place at our ISO 9000 and 14000certified manufacturing locations in Pittsburgh,PA. Our broad capabilities include processes forhandling raw materials and products with a widerange of chemical characteristics. All processesand activities are supported by the proventechnical capabilities of our QA/QC and productdevelopment labs. Additionally, we have state-of-the-art R&D labs and pilot capabilities, rangingfrom 30 to 3,000 liters, supporting our product andprocess development. Our technical staff bringstogether a broad background of knowledge andexpertise to reinforce existing operations and fosteropportunities for future growth.Chemistries and ApplicationsReaxis products are used in numerous industries,including plastics, coatings, elastomers, adhesives,sealants, personal care, hydrogen peroxide, oil/gasdrilling additives, electronics and lubricants. Ourspecialty products are applicable in a wide rangeof chemistries, including catalysis of esterification,transesterification, polyurethane and polysiloxanereactions, as well as surface finishing, complexationand redox chemistries.
  2. 2. Corporate Commitment to Responsible CareWe at Reaxis Inc. recognize our responsibility to protect human health and the environment. We believe thatEnvironment, Health, Safety, Security, Responsible Care and sound business management are mutually achievableobjectives. We accomplish these objectives with our commitment to the following principles:• Compliance• Monitoring• Waste Minimization• Pollution Prevention• Product Stewardship• Employee and Community Education• Partnerships with Stakeholders and PublicThe entire corporation is committed to the preservation of health, safety, security and a sound environment for ouremployees, community and customers.Reaxis Inc.941 Robinson Highway technical service techservice@reaxis.comMcDonald, PA 15057 customer service csr@reaxis.comTel: 1-800-426-7273 sales sales@reaxis.comFax: 724-796-3160www.reaxis.comAll information and statements contained herein are believed to be accurate, but Reaxis Inc. makes no warranty with respect thereto, including but not limited to any results to be obtained or the infringement of any proprietary right. Use ofapplication of such information or statements is at user’s sole discretion, without any liability on the part of Reaxis Inc. Nothing herein shall be construed as a license of or recommendation for use which infringes any proprietary right. All sales aresubject to Reaxis Inc. Corporate Standard Terms of Sale.RC-3013