Tips for Self Storage Owners


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Do you own a SELF STORAGE Facility? Read great tips here by Kevin Rollings, CCSM.
These suggestions could revolutionize your business and make it much more profitable. A free consultation is offered at the end of this article so be sure to download it today!

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Tips for Self Storage Owners

  1. 1. Market Your Self Storage Facility at Maximum Velocity! by Kevin Rollings, CSSM©Wow, you have the keys! •Community sponsorship; i.e., churches, •Let them know about extended services: community sports, parades... NOW WHAT? need a truck? How about a business center? Boxes? No problem we offer those •Media: do you have a Facebook or Twit- here. Let them know everything that they You are at YOUR self storage facil- ter account? Air spot on the radio, TV can do in your one stop location.ity. Even though occupancy is lower than news commercial?you want it to be, suddenly you feel your •Have them fill out a visitor’s card andexcitement level building. Why? This is •Your current clients: Did you let them the show them around, let them know theyour dream, you are an entrepreneur now. know that there was a change in manage- units available in the size they want.You see the future, your dream and are ment, have you asked them to tell friends? **Extra tip: follow up with them if theyready to make it happen. Have you let them know you appreciate leave and reach out asking if they found What does the average renter think them? what they needed. If not you are still thereabout when they think self storage? to help.Downsizing? De-clutter? Too much stuff, •Are you promoting it: car wash, freebut want to keep it? dump day, customer appreciation day? You can bet that “in the day of the life” Think about how often you see self Typically when visiting a self storage unit of a self storage owner or manager, it willstorage facilities. It must be a busy busi- facility, you will be greeted by the self rarely be a dull one. It takes patience andness with people storing their treasures, storage manager or owner. the outstanding ability to communicatebecause self storage is everywhere. well with both agencies, your staff and It would be nice if those of us in self First impressions are always the BEST! your had a magical self storage wand to Customer service, that’s a huge key to Your potential hinges on happy tenants.wave and “Voila, we have 100% occu- success in this industry. We go through a With the right tools and the right educa-pancy!”. checklist in our training, it goes something tion or coaching, your experience as a Self Unfortunately the average is 76% oc- like this: Storage Owner or Manager can be thecupancy. Why? Because we do not use start of a rewarding career in the self stor-everything available to us. So, how do I •Find out the needs: large vs. small, long age industry.promote my facility. What will make my term vs. short termplace stand out and above the rest? Kevin Rollings, Owning or managing a self storage •Why do they need self storage? Then CSSM© is the ownerfacility will allow you to get to know the appeal to them on that level: moving, busi- and CEO of Alcatrazcustomer service industry up and close ness, divorce, downsizing, college student. Storage, Hoosiersand personal. BUT, it goes beyond that!!! Self Storage, and •Have you told them about the discounts, Self Storage Facility How do you spread the word about perks and added advantages you offer? Management.your facility? Do you do any of these? 24 hour security, easy rental payment, temperature controlled units. Whatever the situation is Kevin and his•What is your web presence? Do you have team have the answers! Visit online at:a website? Is it accurate? Does it do what •Don’t forget to tell them about how they www.selfstoragefacilitymanagement.comyou want? Have you tried local advertis- can save money: referrals, upgrading, first and get your 30 minute evaluation FREE!ing? Flyers, newspapers and signs. month free, savings for auto PAGE 38 • 2012