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Based in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, CA, Realty411 Media and Marketing publishes online and print magazines, e-newsletters and handles marketing communications for companies interested in reaching investors. Our services include: print and online advertising, social media marketing, email blasts, efax blasts, telemarketing, event marketing and real estate education.

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Realty411 Magazine

  1. 1. 411 Print • Online • | Vol. 4 • No. 1 • 2011 A Resource Guide for Investors Discover Why Investors Around the World TrustThe Leaders of the Memphis Market Understand the Needs of Long-Distance Landlords
  3. 3. Realty411 Wealth Real Estate FOUNDER ADVERTISING Linda Pliagas Kelly Global Marketing 310.439.1145 EDITORIAL STAFF EVENTS & EXPOS Lori Peebles Lawrence Ruano Anita Cooper CALIFORNIA DISTRIBUTION Andre Sanchez Professional Distribution Solutions Brianna Bertrand 1.877.418.6500 COPY EDITOR NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION Anita Cooper KJ Banks: 805.377.6328 Andre Sanchez PUBLISHED BY PHOTOGRAPHERS Manifest Media Partners Sam Green John DeCindis SUBSCRIPTIONS/INFO: COLUMNISTS 310.499.9545 Sam Sadat Dave Lindahl Charles Salisbury PRODUCTION Emma Krull Join Our VIP Social Network: Augusto Meneses To Educate, Motivate & Inspire Real Estate InvestorsRealty411 - Real Estate Wealth is published in Santa Barbara County by Manifest Media Partners(550 Pine St., Solvang, CA 93463). ©Copyright 2007-2011. All Rights Reserved. Reproductionwithout permission is strictly prohibited. The opinions expressed by writers and columnists are notendorsed by the publishers and/or editorial staff. Before investing in real estate, seek the advise-ment of a trusted financial adviser, attorney or tax consultant. Real estate investing is risky & mayresult in loss of capital. Please invest responsibly.PRINTED IN THE USA. GOD BLESS AMERICA Connect to our virtual network ~ online 24/7/ PAGE 3 • 2011
  4. 4. Chris & Ruth Property Flipping ExpertsShare their Secrets on how to rehab and flip properties for Big Profits in this great Foreclosure Market in the Southern California Area. BEFORE AFTER Upcoming Property Tour Event Check our website for Calendar of Events in Southern California Only. Free! Receive Chris & Ruth’s “Property Analyzer” and guide to “How To Start Your Flipping Business”562-304-7787 or log on to:
  5. 5. contents10 An interview with Sam Sadat, thedirector of Sam’s Real Estate Club.8 and 22 Top Secrets from master investorand educator Dave Lindahl.13 Guild Mortgage clarifies misconceptionsabout financing. 15 Invest with the Best, Invest with 19 Entrepreneur/Investor Kent Clothier takes the road less traveled and succeeds. 20 Black Belt Investors teaches us how to master the art of the flip. 24 True Wholesale Houses delivers steady returns for investors in a volatile industry. 27 Market Spotlight: Kevin and Alex are at the forefront of multiple top South Eastern markets. 29 Tyrone Jackson wants to diversify your real estate portfolio with stocks.their property rehab secrets. ����������������������30 Christian and Ruth teach Southern Californians ����������������������33 Richard Barrett asks: What is ������������������ ���� ������� ������� ������ ��� ����� ��������your real estate time? ������������������������������ ������������� ����������� ���� �� ������������������������������������������������ ���������� ����� ����� ������� ������������������������������ ����� ��� ����� �������� ����� ������ ���� ���� ���34 In memory: Fred Tingley’s ������� ������ ������ ������� ���������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������last real estate column. ������� �������� �������� ����� �������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������� ������ ������ ����� ������� ����������������������������� �������������������������������������������������35 Market Spotlight: Phoenix, Ariz. ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ����������N ATIONAL R EAL E STATE ����� ���� �������� ���� ���� �������� ���36 Top 20 excuses for failure. ������������������������������� ��� ����� ��� ���� ���� ��� ���� ������� ������������ ������������������������������ I NSURANCE G ROUP , LLC ���������������������������������������������������38 Gary & George’s Monopoly Secret ���������������� �������������� ���������������������������������������������������� ����������������� ������������� ��������������������������������������������������39 to 53 Meet the Hip Real ������������������� ���������������� ����������������������������������������������������Estate Divas of Today: �������� ��� ���� ��� �� ���� ��� ���� ���������������������������������������������������� ����������� ����� ����� ���� ������Powerful gals in the industry give ������������������� �������������������� ������������������their advice and tips. ������ ���������� ��� ���� ��� �� ������� ���������� ����������54 Maximize your legal protection �������� ��������� ���������������� ����������������������57 Inside the cashflow board games ��� ����� �������� �������������� ������������������ ��������������� �������� ��� ����58 Tom Wilson gives his insight on the market recovery. �������������������� ���������������� ��������������������� ����� ��������� ������ ������ ���� ���� ��� ���� ������� ������������������ �������������������������������� ����������� Questions? Need a Referral? ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ������������������������������ ������������������������������� 805.693.1497 or 310.499.9545 ���������� ����� ������� ��� ������������ ��� �������� ���� ����� ����� ��� ���������������������������� ��������������������� ����� ������� � ������������������������������ ������������������������������� Photo credits top right and clockwise: Sam Sadat, Tyrone ����� ������ � �������������������� Kent Clothier and Jay Hinrichs Jackson, Terica Kindred, ������������������������������ �������������������������������� ����� ��������� �������� �� ���� PAGE 3 • 2011 ���������������������������������� �������������������������������� ������ ���� ���� ������� ��� ����� ���� ��� ����������� ��������� ������������� ���������������������������������� ������������������������������������� ��������������������� ���� ������� ����� ��� ������
  6. 6. Actual House Sold CREATIVE REAL /ESTATE INVESTMENTS Zero Money No Money Down All Properties are á Memphis á Jackson Located Out of The á Atlanta á Indianapolis State of California á St Louis á Kansas city We offer real estate investment in Birmingham, Detroit, Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Kansas City. These are real estate investment markets where our creative real estate program produces you positive monthly cash flow. Benefits & Features: • No money down – participate using your good credit alone to purchase a real estate investment • You do nothing - every step of the investment process is handled for you • Best real estate buying prices - you buy property at steep discounts, real estate deals • Hassle free investing - you never have to deal with tenant issues, yet gain the benefits of a cash flowing investment property • Cash Free Investing - the company even pays your mortgage for any vacant month for the first half year • High return - You keep 100% of the final resale net profits and the monthly rental net profits • Huge opportunities - quick resales for up to 10 investment properties per year All of the rent and end sales profits are yours, without any direct involvement in your investment property. This is no fuss real estate investment that works best for
  7. 7. YOUR INVESTMENT IS PROTECTEDWE UNDERSTAND THAT EACH REALESTATE INVESTOR HAS THEIR OWN Great Properties For You To Invest InGOALS AND TARGETS FOR RETURNS What risks do investors take by working with Zero Money InvestmentsON THEIR INVESTMENTS. and how does Zero Money Investments mitigate those risks?We have tailored our programs for your RISK SOLUTIONgoals. Our innovative programs havebeen put to the test and can be put to Depreciation All properties have at least 20% equity to protect against market for you. Discover whichprogram is best for you. Down Zero Money Down up cash and can allow you to Payment purchase multiple investment properties. Stress We connect you with pre-qualified property management companies in the area your investment property is located in. Vacancy We offer a 6 month mortgage guarantee. Repairs Before you close we will rehab the investment property for you. This will minimize your need for immediate repairs. Negative All of our investment properties are positive real Cash Flow estate cash flow with a tenant immediately provided. Beyond Real Estate, A Bigger Vision of Helping 866-488-1820
  8. 8. If Single Family Homes Are Such Great Investments, Why Do Most ‘Investors’ Still Go To Work Every Morning?W by Dave Lindahl ouldn’t you love to discover how to make $9,700+ in passive income month after no income. That’s not financialmonth… and how to reap huge positive flows from real estate – with lessrisk, less money down, and no tenant 4) The government takesheadaches? 33%-50% of your profits! I’ll tell you what, if you want to collect When you hold houses for lessan automatic monthly income of $9,700 than a year, your profits areor more -- without having to get up ev- taxed at the painfully high rateery morning and “go to work” – then you of “ordinary income”. Com-need to know that most real estate ex- pared to my approach, you haveperts are giving you the wrong advice! far less cash to roll into the next See, they rave about buying and selling property. The result: it couldsingle family homes, but they don’t tell take you twice as long to attainyou about the risks and downsides. They financial independence.When you’re flipping houses, you’ve got tokeep working to earn your next “paycheck”.don’t admit that single family homes are tors. Most bargain homes are in disre- If you’ve read the best-selling bookpoor investments for passive income... pair. You’ve got to renovate them, but Rich Dad Poor Dad, you understand thatfor attaining real financial freedom. most contractors are unreliable. You’ve income-producing assets are the key to Now don’t get me wrong, if you can got to oversee everything they do, or risk financial freedom. You also know thatwait a few years for your upside, single paying for their mistakes. And the good Robert Kiyosaki (the book’s author) builtfamily homes have a history of appreci- ones are always booked up for months in his personal fortune through buying andating nicely. And if you’re happy making advance. holding real profits, flipping houses can be Unfortunately, Kiyosaki doesn’t goan exciting business. Over the past eight 2) You lose money for four to six into detail about how he selected, man-years, I myself have bought, rehabbed, months. That’s how long it takes to fix aged, or sold his properties. That’s whyand/or sold 422 houses. If you can pull up a house and resell it. When your con- I’m writing, “The Real Secret…Apart-it off (despite the risks), you can make tractors drag their feet, you’re left help- ment Buildings And How To Managea big profit in four to six months. It can less and stressed out. Every day your 642 Units With One Phone Call Eachbe a good business model. But it’s not house sits vacant, your bank account is Month!”financial freedom. further depleted by loan payments, taxes, Today, I own 33 multi-family apart- When you’re flipping houses, you’ve insurance, and utilities. ment complexes, with 7,322 units in to keep working to earn your next Yet, I never deal with a single tenant,“paycheck”. You’ve got to keep market- 3) Your job never ends. When you their complaints, any repairs, or vacan-ing, buying, renovating, and selling. finally sell, you’ve got to start all over cies. again, marketing, negotiating, and over- My carefully chosen property manag-This is the life of a “house flipper”; seeing your contractors. If you take time ers handle 100% of the tenant manage- 1) You’re at the mercy of contrac- off, or can’t work for awhile, you have ment. I have one phone call per PAGE 8 • 2011
  9. 9. with each of them; that’s it. tion devalues your principal. But when ship program. It’s aim is to take you by Last year, I sold four of my proper- your buildings appreciate and your ten- the hand and share with you the proventies. After paying off my loan balances, ants pay off your loans, you create huge tools you need to be successful in invest-I received four separate checks for over equities, and eventually own them free ing. But with everything in life there is$200,000 apiece. And I used a legal tax and clear. of course a catch. And the catch is thatloophole to pay zero taxes on three of I can’t work with everyone. There isn’tthem. I can show you how to do the same. 4) Hands off management. Because enough time in the day. But my strate-Why haven’t you heard more about apartment houses offer so much income, gists and I can work with a select groupapartment buildings? Because apartment property managers charge an average of of people.investors don’twant the generalpublic to knowabout their suc-cesses. Apart-ment investorsare alreadyw e a l t h y. J u s tlook at the lateRed Auerbach ofthe Boston Celt-ics. He made hisreal money buy-ing apartmentbuildings, thenb r a n c h i n g o ffinto hotels. Like-wise, ArnoldSchwarzeneggermade his firstfortune buyingapartment hous-es in Colorado.Here Are TheBiggest Advan-tages That I SeeIn Apartment Investing: just 4% of the gross rents (versus 10% There is no better time than right now for single family homes). to find out if you qualify for the mentor- 1) Apartment buildings are “cash ing program. To take my brief question-cows”, especially when compared to sin- 5) Cut your taxes in half. Instead of naire to determine if apartment investinggle family homes. For example there is a paying 33-50% in taxes, you’ll pay the is right for you and to see if you qualifysix unit building I own in Brockton, MA, low capital gains rate (now 15%). to become one of the lucky few peoplethat nets me $1,877 per month (after all I will mentor, visit! Think about it, more units in Seventeen years ago, I was fortunate alty411, do it now.each property brings you more income. to have a mentor that showed me the My mentor made me promise that truth about apartment investing and he when I became successful, I would pass 2) You start profiting instantly. Rather was there to take my hand and get me on my knowledge. I hope you are one ofthan being drained for 4-6 months, car- started!. Now whether you have ever the few people I take under my wing torying the costs of a vacant house, you invested in real estate before or if this share these powerful techniques.enjoy positive cash flows from day one. is just something that you have alwaysAnd you can live off that income, so you thought about doing, I would love to take Receive Dave Lindahl’s free report, calldon’t have to go to a job everyday! your hand and share with you the exact 800-559-8590 or visit: strategies and processes that have made 3) Build huge equity and live off the me a multi-millionaire. To read more about Dave and hear a stu-cash flow. If you live off the income Fortunately for you, I have created dents success story visit:from bonds, CDs, or mutual funds, infla- a very successful but limited mentor- PAGE 9 • 2011
  10. 10. Mr. Motivator The founder of Sam’s Real Estate Club in Beverly Hills discusses his start in real estate and explains why his message of abundance is so urgently needed into today’s volatile market. article by Linda Pliagas photography by John DeCindis the nation and eventually made his home base in Santa Monica, Calif. Sam’s passion, other than putting togeth- er real estate transactions, is the study of metaphysics and spirituality. It is this reap- and-ye-shall-sow philosophy, which also permeates at his club, that has attracted many loyal monthly followers to converge at the Beverly Hills Country Club. “I try to shift people’s mindset from scar- city and lack to that of abundance,” reveals the daily mediator. “Most people thinks that motivation comes from the outside, but that is an illusion. The fact is, motiva- tion comes from within.” Sadat began his quest for real estate knowledge shortly upon graduating fromT University of Texas, Austin, with a degree in mechanical engineering. He recalls: “At the time, I was working for corporate he Westside of Los encourages individuals to take action for a America. I took a hard look at my bosses, Angeles is hustling life of fulfillment. who had already been working there for 20 with investor activity. With over 2,000 members throughout to 30 years, and I knew there had to be a Within a five-mile ra- Southern California, Sadat attracts visitors better way.” dius there are no less from up to two hours away. His clubs also In his quest for real estate, he first became than seven real estate hosts some of the nation’s most sought-after attracted to real estate finance because he clubs, serving thou- speakers, such as Than Merrill, Scott Mey- realized that “knowing the numbers,” was sands of investors. But ers, Richard Roop and Reggie Brooks. vital. Part of Sadat’s real estate educationone organization goes way beyond simply Sam’s Real Estate Club founder is Sam led him to start attending real estate clubs.being a club that talks about real estate. It Sadat, a spirited U.S. immigrant of Persian He fondly recalls attending investmentis a self-help investor organization, which descent who has lived in numerous parts of gatherings in different parts of the country, PAGE 10 • 2011
  11. 11. including Colorado. By the time Sadat be- “Fear.” He adds: “That is really the funda- creative transaction, later he found out thegan to live in Los Angeles, he was already mental reason why people don’t act, it’s be- seller was attempting to sell the same prop-experiencing phenomenal success in real cause of fear. The fear of the unkown and erties again!estate finance, including traditional mort- fear of failure are really two of the most “It was a learning experience for me andgage and hard money lending. He was also incredible fears that we have.” for others of what not to do, not havingbuying, rehabbing and flipping properties While Sadat is thankful for the success gone though a traditional escrow causedas a sole investor and also with partners. he has found in real estate, it hasn’t al- me a lot of aggravation and money because It is then that he says he felt a longing ways been smooth sailing. “I lost millions I ended up having to take legal action.”to create his own space. “I wanted to have because of the Northridge earthquake in During emotionally and finan-a forum for me. I wanted to make sure I 1994,” he confides. (Most Californians do cially devastating times, Sadat turns in-could inspire people.” ward for strength and reliesHe carved out a space in on words of wisdom fromVan Nuys and began tohost monthly meetings in The Scoop on Sam’s Real Estate Club the individuals he admires most: Carl Yung, WayneMay 2003. The number Join Sam Sadat the 4th Wednesday of every Dyer, Ralph Waldo Em-of guests soon swelled month at the beautiful Beverly Hills Country erson and Rumi, a Persianinto hundreds of people. poet. Sadat prides himself in Club. Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. and usually Successful attributes inhaving a club where edu- last about 2 1/2 hours. Reserve your seat online life, like in real estate, needcation, not promotion, is for $10 per person, which includes valet parking. to be developed. “I’ve heardthe focus. my shares of ‘no’. I’ve had His goal is to transform Please register for the club meeting online at: to work on myself. It’s a lifeeach one of his members mission.”from being a potential in- For Sadat that callingvestor into an active one. is not merely a personal, “My main focus has become teaching not carry earthquake coverage due to its internal goal, as much as it is an evolvingand mentoring my students because often lack of affordability.) Another tough lesson and fully dimensional manifestation. It isyou have to hold their hand and literally he learned was that no matter what type of an avocation that he says he hopes will el-push them to act upon their knowledge.” transaction a real estate investor does, they evate all those he reaches. When asked why so many people sit on need to hire an independent escrow com-the sidelines when it comes to taking ad- pany to make sure the contract is followed Be sure to visit Sam’s Real Estate Club on-vantage of the greatest buyer’s market of accordingly. Sadat learned the importance line for a schedule of speakers:all-time, he replies with one simple word: of this when he purchased three homes in a “Most people think that motivation comes from the outside, but that is an illusion. The fact is, motivation comes from within.” PAGE 10 • 2011
  12. 12. This is Your Chance to Learn to Be the Bank! Private lending can generate mas- sive cash flow with all these benefits, along with the security to allow you to enjoy the life you’ve always dreamt of. h MEET OURed What is private lending? TEAM A private lender is somebody (who is not necessarily licensed) that under-- GARY BOMERSHINE stands the secrets of private lending, Gary’s strong domain ex- and how to use OPM (Other People’s pertise in creative real estate Money) to make a ‘spread.’de transactions, sales & mar- Gary Boomershine Private lenders borrow money at ade Gary’s strong him a unique in keting, give domain expertise lower rate and lend it out at a higher ability to work with entre- creative real estate to grow preneurs looking transactions, rate, making a nice profit or spread,ide sales & marketing, give him a unique their business. just like the bank! ability to work with entrepreneurs looking to grow their Success in life comes with having GEORGE ANTONE Over the past five years, Mr. the knowledge to make the right George Antone his Antone has established decisions. WealthClasses offers reputation as an expert in Over the past five years, George has fields of private money as an the established his reputation you that knowledge. Let us help lending and trust deed expert in the fields ofbecomemoney investing, and has private a lending and trust deed investing and you build the wealth and the life national speaker and teacher hasthe subjects. on become a national sepaker and you’ve always wanted! teacher on the Banks borrow money at a lower rate and lend it out at a higher rate. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE: Wealth Classes, LLC. ‘spread’ game. Banks make money, and so as private They’re playing ther- 1255 Treat Blvdys lenders we learn to be the BANK, for the same amazing benefits! Suite 230 Walnut Creek, CA 94597
  13. 13. Experienced investors know you need CASHFLOW first This Special SECRET Report Reveals: Investors, Just Imagine This... * Massive Cashflow Without Tenants! * Massive Cashflow Without Using Your Money! * Massive Cashflow Without Owning Properties! * Massive Cashflow Without Having Good Credit! * Massive Cashflow Without Qualifying For Mortgages!Imagine – appreciation without tenants, without qualifyingfor mortgages, without having good credit or using your ownmoney – or even without owning any properties!It’s Your Turn to Beat the Bank!WealthClasses will help you build wealth and the lifeyou always dreamed of; by helping you find the paththat works for you to get you there. You’ll discover howto get started, make money, save money increase cashflows and most importantly Build Wealth! Get Your FREE Report by Visiting: or Calling 1-888-888-3612 ext. 1
  14. 14. Invest with the Best The Market Leader is by Charles Salisbury, MBA Photograph from left to right: Chris Clothier, Brett Clothier, Kent Clothier Jr. and Kent Clothier Sr. “If you commit to getting better every day, your customers will demand you get bigger.”T — S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-Fil-A. his sage advice, as well you plan to invest out of state, you need an out of state investor. as nuggets of gold from to find the right company to partner with Chris continues, “You are looking for other customer focused gu- — someone that has experience, that has someone with all the business acumen to rus, has been adopted into knowledge not only of the industry but of put together all the steps that make sense.”’s own the market, and someone that is a true turn- The Clothier family established Mem- company goals and aspira- key provider.” and her sister companies,tions; namely to be the absolute best turn- While there are many companies who Memphis Invest Renovation Services andkey investment company possible. call themselves “turn-key” (so much so that Premier Property Management on the firm Many investors try their hand at out-of- he feels it has become an overused phrase), belief that out of state investors need ac-state investing only to become frustrated Chris believes that investors searching for cess to proven, qualified professionals whowith the less than stellar returns they expe- a turn-key company to partner with should understand their needs. MemphisInvest.rience when dealing with companies who look for organizations who “own and op- com partners with investors by handling allclaim to be “turn-key” investment compa- erate every step of the equation.” This of the details — from purchasing invest-nies that simply provide contacts, leaving way, investors are not getting a company ment properties to ongoing maintenancecustomer service out of the equation. that says: “buy from me and I will give and property management, helping to al- Chris Clothier of you contacts for renovation, or contacts leviate the stress that often accompaniesoffers his advice for individuals who are for property management or contacts for buying properties far from home.interested in finding a true turn-key com- insurance.” Chris says this is a recipe for Memphis Invest makes investing simplepany for their out of state investments. “If disaster and it is a lot of hands-on work for Continued on pg. PAGE 15 • 2011
  15. 15. for out-of-state investors. “You make onephone call,” states Chris, “and you’ve gotevery department any answer — accessto every single person in this company, so[the process is] very streamlined.” Chris believes that successful investorspossess some common traits — “they haveto be inquisitive, they have to have curios-ity. They shouldn’t ever take everything atface value. They should be inquisitive as towho they’re dealing with, and what mar-kets that they’re looking to buy in. Theyshould be willing and able to do somehomework, look around, and ask the rightquestions. They should also have a longterm mentality. This is not get rich quickby any means. The other thing that inves-tors need to be successful in long-term buyand hold, is they need access to capital. No Top: An out of state real estate investor celebrates purchasing two investment down is not an avenue to success.You have to have access to some capitaland be able to build a long-term portfoliowhether you use straight cash or some kindof leverage.”, possessing a strongcustomer service focus and attitude, makessure that an investor knows, from the start,if this opportunity is right for them. “Idon’t want to waste an investor’s time orraise their hopes,” says Chris. “We are veryup front and very frank when we have ourdiscussions. We need to know the financialstrength and ability of an investor so wecan help make sure they’re successful.” Investors who partner with MemphisInvest will realize that “they have founda great opportunity in Memphis, they’veidentified one of the premier turn-key in- Top photo: Customer Service Team at Carol Henderson, Cyndyvestment companies in Memphis, and McCrary, Ashley Claunch; Bottom photo: Brett Clothier gets ready to speak to a roomthey’ve communicated real clearly exactly full of real estate investors at a buyer tour in Memphis, Tennessee.what they want — from there they just letus do it, and then they buy the opportuni-ties that we bring to them,” says Chris. He continues: “This is about buying cashflow investment property, if an investor tellsus that they need to earn a certain amountof cash flow to pay their bills each month,we are very adamant that they need to lookat other financial opportunities, other finan-cial advice before buying real estate.” For the Clothiers, “There is no saleworth making that’s gonna hurt somebody,just for us to make a little bit of money,”states Chris. Why would an investor choose to partner Continued on next page Continued on pg. PAGE 17 • 2011
  16. 16. with “As a company, we hold in very highregard the customer service that we pro-vide,” says Chris, “we have three dedi-cated employees that provide customerservice, including calling every one of ourclients every month on behalf of our prop-erty management company and on behalfof the Clothiers, as the owners — and theyask the simple question: “What can we dofor you?” Chris shares the reason for Memphis’s amazing growth. “About a yearago we started to take time every singleweek to stop everything, and come togeth-er and study how to get better at customerservice, and at business as a whole.” The investment in customer service haspaid off — in spades. In the first half of 2011, became the larg-est private home sell-er in west Tennessee.The only companieswho sell more homes MemphisInvest.comthan Memphis Investare Fannie Mae and Rental Opportunitythe Department ofHousing and UrbanDevelopment. “ To d a t e , ” s a i dChris, “we closed 163transactions so far in2011. Last year at this time, we had closed 79 transactions.” The integrity and distinction that brings tothe turn-key investment industry is seen clearly by their actions - doesn’t recommend properties that theywouldn’t buy themselves. In fact, their investors buy and own inthe same neighborhoods that the Clothier family buys and ownsin. Traveling to other cities, such as New York, Chicago, Boston,and all major California cities, takes time to Here is one sample property, this home is alreadyvisit their clients face to face. Why? “We’re willing to do whatever sold, but other great rentals are still takes to provide the best service possible and to show our clients Be sure to add one to your portfolio.that we’re there for them,” Chris replies. 3 Bed/2 Bath with 2 car garage Built in 2000 - Sq Footage - 1,601 invites readers to join Purchased for $69,000 them at their events in the following cities: OR $37.41 PER SQUARE FOOT •September 8th-11th - New Orleans $10,000 in full renovation work completed •October 1st - Boston Tax assessed value in 2010 of $104,000 •October 18th - Phoenix Gross yearly Rents Between: •October 29th - NY $9,900 and $10,740 •November 12th - Vancouver Assuming 30% of rents for yearly expenses and •December 1st - San Jose the property has a cash on cash ROI •December 3rd - San Diego of approximately PAGE 18 • 2011
  17. 17. Kent Clothier Chooses to Follow the Road Less TraveledO ne conversation with Kent wants to do, has been the Clothier will open your eyes to key to Kent’s success. a fatal flaw found in many real “If you’re willing to do estate programs: Most of the what others are not, then yougurus who pitch the products don’t actu- will find that success willally utilize them. Well, here is some inside usually follow,” said Kent.scoop: Kent Clothier (and his entire fam- Kent believes that his suc-ily and team) actually use the systems Kent cess, and that of his family,promotes. As owner of 1-800-SELLNow, the Clothiers, “...lies in thethe systems Find Cash Buyers Now and fact that we’re willing to doFind Private Lenders Now, and as co-own- something that others aren’t. “If you’re willing to do what others are not, then you will find that success will usually follow...”er of, Kent Clothier We are always willing touses the same knowledge that he shares send someone down to thewith his clients, many whom have already county clerk’s office to siftseen great success in their own right. through property records to “The industry is filled with people find cash buyers, people thatwho want to tell you how to do it,” notes are in our back yard, that we Kent ClothierKent, “but they’re not doing it themselves. get to know, and by doing that we’ve built aThere’s a lot of people who want you to buy very successful business, not a hobby.” learn how to “run their business like a busi-this program, or buy that program, [but] When Kent and his family shared the ness.”the actuality is, very few of them are doing methods they utilized in growing their “In our real estate education classes, wedeals. Not only do we educate people, but business with others in the real estate in- only spend 20 percent of our time teachingwe’re also buying and selling three to four vestment industry, they were surprised at people on real estate, and we spend prob-hundred houses per year.” the reactions they encountered. Individuals ably 80 percent of our time educating them Kent got his start in real estate after a were amazed that the Clothier’s could find on how to be an entrepreneur, or how tosuccessful career in the wholesaling busi- cash buyers, and build a brand for their in- actually get in the game the right way,”ness with a multi-billion dollar company in vestment business. said Kent.the grocery industry. After leaving the gro- Kent’s businesses were “born out of our Rather than wait for the elusive (readcery business, he was, like many individu- own investing interest,” said Kent. “We “non existent”) “perfect” time to invest,als, “sucked into” the real estate industry realized that what we were doing was so Kent advises his clients to realize thatby those infamous late nite “infomercials”, unique, that we needed to share it with “there will never be a better time, [your]however unlike so many who try their hand other people.” inaction is costing [you] the opportunity ofat real estate investing and fail, he put ev- Investors who purchase their systems are a lifetime!”erything into his businesses and has grown provided with access to a wealth of infor- “There’s never going to be another op-three successful ventures in addition to mation on real estate investing, including portunity like this,” said Kent, “and yes, it’sworking with his family’s business, Mem- webinars, access to online cash buyers, supposed to be scary, it’s supposed to be aphisInvest, a truly wholesale investment continuous customer support and access to little unnerving, but it’s also what makescompany. private lenders; virtually everything a seri- it exhilarating, it also makes it very excit- A focus on creating a relationship with ous individual needs to grow their invest- ing, it also makes it so rewarding when youtheir clients and meeting their needs, as ment business. finally get there, when you finally achievewell as always doing what’s necessary, More than just great customer service the level of success you desire. ”even the “dirty work” that nobody else and access to fantastic products, PAGE 19 • 2011
  18. 18. Disciplined InvestingMastering the Art of the Flip by Anita CooperMastering the art of wealth creation takes a transaction - you’re flipping real estatetime, it takes dedication, and most impor- without the risk. get passed that obstacle, whether you havetantly, it takes direction - guidance from Black Belt Investors is unlike many oth- to go around it, over it, through it or undera wise investor who has himself mastered er real estate consulting, educa- it. If you can learn that from your coach,his own destiny through smart investment tion and investment firms. you will find yourself in a profitable posi-strategies. “I truly believe that if you tion. I know with a few of my realty-based Sensei Gilliland, Founder and Presi- want to become a real es- techniques, you will be able to pass anydent of Black Belt Investors, has trained tate entrepreneur and cre- obstacle and get paid.”hundreds of investors to grow their ate your real estate cash “One thing about Black Belt Investors,”wealth through his “action oriented and machine,” shared Sensei, shared Sensei, “is that one of our primaryresults focused” training programs. Uti- “you need proper training goals is keeping our investors engaged alllizing discipline gained through years of by an experienced instruc- the time. We’re not a fly by night companymartial arts training, Sensei has created tor that practices what that trains students for 3 days and leavesa program designed for all levels he teaches. You them to do the work on their own. We’re aof investors who need guid- also need company that reaches out to help the stu-ance and direction and the instruc- dent to get to the next level. We accom-who desire to create a tor to take plish this through my coaching programreal estate business you from which is directly with me and not throughthat is cash flowing classroom a call-in center that answers questionstens of thousands instruc- from a script. We also keep investors en-of dollars every tion to gaged through multiple free webinars,month. applying workshops, on-site mentoring and my Every experi- the tech- free monthly real estate club meetings inenced, or “black niques in the Southern California, which keeps me ac-belt” investor, was trenches to help countable as I must show my face thereonce a “white belt” you develop every single month. If I was over promis-(beginner). He did not your newly ing and under delivering, then I would beattain to his advanced posi- acquired skills exposed at that club meeting. Our inves-tion overnight; his knowl- and put you on tors keep coming back because they’re en-edge increased as he put the fast track gaged, and when they’re engaged they be- Deals are not going to fall in your lap, deals are created.his training into practice. He also did not to getting paid. There’s a lot of real estate come more successful. The only way nottrain on his own, rather he had a teacher trainers and gurus out there that just pro- to be successful after one of my trainingsthat led the way. mote fluff and stuff. They glamorize real is if you were to unplug yourself.” It’s vital that you find a successful men- estate to be extremely easy and profitable You will learn by doing. “If I were totor, someone who is interested in helping all the time, and yes, real estate can be ex- train you to wholesale properties, weyou achieve your business goals. If you’re tremely profitable, but the reality is, you’re would develop a battle plan, grab yourlooking for immediate cash, wholesaling going to have to do some work. Deals are hand to lead you onto the field, and startis the best place to begin. Black Belt In- not going to fall in your lap, deals are cre- doing the business. There is nothing bet-vestors will train and coach you on how ated. Just know that you will have some ter than hands-on training,” shared Sen-to control properties and create immediate deals that are extremely easy that will put sei. “Think about it, if you were to learncash without the use of cash, without the cash in your pocket quickly and with oth- how to kickbox, and I had a kickboxer thatuse of credit, and without the use of loans. ers you’re going to run into obstacles - it’sBasically, you become the middle man of up to you as an investor to learn how to Continued on pg. PAGE 20 • 2011
  19. 19. A Way to Effortlessly Flip or Rent Cash Generating Properties in the Hottest Markets Across the Nation We call it Remote Rehabs! Almost everything has been done for you, we have: • Strategically Targeted Markets to Buy cheap, Fix Easily and Sell Quickly • Generated a Revolving Inventory of Deeply Discounted Properties starting at $20K • Taken Away the Headaches of Deal Searching, Pencil Pushing, Rehabbing and Sales • A Success Manager to Keep you Abreast and Coach You Throughout Your Deal • Basically Put Time Back on Your Side to Rehab Houses without Lifting a Hammer • “Gain Complete Control Over Your Life and Spend Less Time on Doing Things You Hate Doing By Using Remote Rehabs, a 100% Hands-Off Fix and Flip System.” “Exceeded Expectations” “Wow! Just wow! I don’t even know where to start with all the things that Remote Rehabs has done for me. Know that list of benefits that Black Belt Investors offers? Well they are all completely, one hundred and fifty percent true! All I know is that Remote Rehabs is the simplest and most profitable program I have ever experienced.” - Pek Lee Choo - Chicago, IL “Simply Amazing” “Here is what I did: I enrolled in Sensei’s program Remote Rehabs, he found me a deal and his team did all the work A-Z. Soon after the rehab and listing the property, I was amazed to receive offers on my investment! At first I put it off to blind luck, but within 45 days I receive a check for over $17,000 in net profits and I’ve been smiling since.” - Lynn McCloskey - Concord, CA 27 Days! Cash Flow 51 Days! Sold in Equity & Sold in Indianapolis, IN Phoenix, AZ Indianapolis, IN Purchase Price: $43,000 Purchase Price: $45,300 Purchase Price: $36,500 Repairs & Misc.: $32,000 Repairs & Misc.: $4,200 Repairs & Misc.: $22,700 List Price: $110,000 Fair Market Value: $71,000 List Price: $99,900 Sold Price: $110,000 Equity Position: $21,500 Sold Price: $95,000 Net Profit: $25,100 Cash Flow: $725 mo / 8,700 yr. Net Profit: $27,250 Cash-on-Cash Return: 33% Capitalization Rate: 18% Cash-on-Cash Return: 38%Black Belt Investors’ Remote Rehabs program is a truly unique and phenomenal wayto build cash quickly. Believe that Remote Rehabs is without rival in any shape and form.Black Belt Investors stake their reputation on the fact. By getting involved today, you willbe receiving a profitable and automated hands-off rehab business with its time tested meth-ods, as well as Black Belt Investors’ 15 years of experience. Trust me... This is one chanceyou cannot afford to pass up; Take Action Now!Office: 951-280-1900
  20. 20. Dave’s RE Tips Wealth Real Estate Fro m th eP ub lish ers of Re alt y4 11 Vol. 1 • No. 3 • 2011 How could a real estate “investor” flip houses for eight years, only to wind up with no assets, no cash flow, and no income? by Dave Lindahl Serving the Needs of Accredited Investors - INSIDE: Information to Grow and Maintain Your Wealth 8 TurnaaProfitable Business 10 Be a Private Lender, 18 Zero DownSecret Recipe into Real Estate Hobby Learn to make BANK! Learn Our InvestmentsI started working in real estate with ture appreciation. After all, he always got expenses. The result: at the age of 65, his my friend, Walter. We both started $5,000 plus upfront in “option consider- net worth is only about $33,000. And that’s out rehabbing houses, but there were ation” and he always sold his houses and not the worst part... two big differences between us. First, made a profit. Over a three year period, he If he stops buying and selling, he’ll haveI was a lot younger; I was 32, Walter was grossed an average of $109,00 per year. no income to live on! That’s because he58. Second, I grew my net worth and cre- Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? has no income-producing assets. No posi-ated a hands-free passive income. Walter, Unfortunately, the IRS calls him a “deal- tive cash flow. No annuity. And no contrast, got hooked on buying and er”. That’s because he rarely holds a house Now he looks back at all of those years andselling. Why? for more than a year. So his profits are realizes he made a big mistake. He was afraid of tenants, so he rarely taxed at the painfully high rate of “ordinary Most of the homes he bought in the mid-rented houses. When he did, it was always income”. For example, he sold a house 90’s have doubled in value, but he soldon a “rent to own” basis. (He offered the for a $29,000 profit, that’ll cost him about them all before they had a chance to appre-tenant a lease option). After all, single $10,000 in taxes. ciate. He gave away hundreds of thousandsfamily homes don’t generate much posi- After overhead costs and taxes, Walter’s of dollars in appreciation. (And the IRStive cash flow. “take home pay” is only about $60,000 per took a third of his profits). He never bought Walter didn’t mind giving up his fu- year. And every dime pays for his living Continued on pg. PAGE 22 • 2011
  21. 21. TrueWholesaleHouses, LLC “Equity Day 1, True Cash Flow, Peace of Mind”We are proud to offer a proven cash flow investment with substantial instant equity. The investor receivesthe best of both worlds a true turnkey investment backed and managed by a team of life long real estateprofessionals.The Genesis of True Wholesale Houses, LLC is taken from a deep understanding of cash flow real estateinvesting properties and what it takes for the passive investor to succeed. The investor that chooses toinvest with True Wholesale Houses, LLC will enjoy a predictable monthly cash flow and instant equity.True Wholesale Houses, LLC takes the work and worry out True Wholesale Houses, LLC bringsof owning a rental property, while maintaining a proven cash investors Wholesale to Wholesale dealsflow to the investor. as opposed to Wholesale to RetailNo more worrying about:1. Collecting Rents. HERE ARE SOME OF OUR NEW ADDITIONS TO2. Maintenance Emergencies. OUR SELECTIVE INVENTORY3. Finding a Tenant.4. No more worrying about managing property and managing your managers.5. Property Taxes.6. Finding the right home in the right neighborhood.7. Insurance.True Wholesale Houses, LLC is your Equity Partner for thelife-time of the transaction. Our partners on the groundhave a stake in the home, the tenants, and preventing main- Atlanta, GA - $19,500 Equity DAY 1 Net Investor Cash Flow $340/Mo • Note Price $51,000tenance problems by doing a quality re-habilitation on theproperty before we place a tenant.True Wholesale Houses, LLC pays monthly cash on cash 9%return for the term of the note. If the home has a vacancy,we still pay you every month.As your partner, True Wholesale Houses, LLC will managethe property and sell it when the market recovers. If youwish to keep the cash flow and the 9%, you as the investorcan dictate an extension on the note, holding the home in Jackson, MS - $17,500 Equity DAY 1the caring hands of True Wholesale Houses, LLC. Net Investor Cash Flow $262/Mo • Note Price $35,000True Wholesale Houses, LLC is here to work with you to giveyou the best value for your money. We are your true whole-sale partners so we can all prosper together.For information, contact:888 285 1900 Atlanta, GA - $20,000 Equity DAY 1 Net Investor Cash Flow $309/Mo • Note Price $53,000 Join True Wholesale Houses, LLC ! Now Website:
  22. 22. True Wholesale Houses Offers Investors Security & ReturnsT by Anita Cooper ruly unique, truly up front. Our profit is deferred un- amazing, truly one Rock-Bottom Prices, Secure til the property sells. And like the of a kind. True Returns & Built-In Exit Strategy triple net lease, we offer the same Wholesale Houses thing – investors get their payment is different from ev- monthly, regardless of whether it’s ery other investment rented or you’ve come across. With this program investors Jay Hinrichs, managing owner of Step 1 never have a cash call and theyTrue Wholesale Houses is uniquely True Wholesale Houses, don’t have to worry about any of LLC acquires a foreclosedqualified to provide investors with the maintenance. True Wholesale or REO propertytop notch investment opportuni- Houses deals with all the manage-ties that promise consistent returns. ment headaches associated of own-Hinrichs is both a licensed mortgage Step 2 ing and managing an asset.banker in the state of Oregon, and a Partner Company, Unlike other investment com-licensed real estate broker in Cali- Portland Funding LLC panies, Hinrichs says that at True makes a loan at Truefornia, Oregon and Mississippi. Wholesale Houses, both the prop- Wholesale Cost Hinrichs shared his reasoning be- Creating Instant Equity erty manager and the rehabberhind True Wholesale Houses’ cre- are owners of the property. “Ouration; “As a lender, back in 2008 guys on the ground are vested in Step 3and 2009, like every other lender at True Wholesale Houses the properties. They have an own-the time, we had foreclosure prob- does a complete Reha- ership interest, and they too arelems, I looked at the model and bilitation of the property. working for the equity bonus whensaid, ‘There’s gotta be a better way Creating a problem and we sell these properties.”to protect the investors than just let- maintenance free “Our ownership interest in the propertyting them go off on their own.’” Step 4 properties, assures investors that Concerned about this trend, Hin- True Wholesale the assets are being managed torichs devised the current model that Houses tenants the their highest potential for profit,” property creatingTrue Wholesale Houses follows: Hinrichs maintains. His forecast of instant cashflowThey provide professional invest- the market is explained: “We be-ment and property management lieve we’re in the middle of a ten Step 5experience that guarantees both year cycle, and that in 3 to 5 years The investor buys the notethe company and the investor yield from Portland Funding, we’re going to be coming out ofsubstantial profits from their col- gaining First Deed of Trust that cycle and once we see a chancelaboration. on the property, and a to sell our properties at a substan- “We’ve combined my years of 50% equity position. tially higher amount than what thelending knowledge and my years of note values are, that’s when we’llbuying and owning rental proper- Step 6 start to roll out of the properties,ties, and combined that knowledge Monthly interest because that is where our big profitinto a hybrid model that gives the checks are sent is lying.”conservative investor, who’s look- to the investor There is steep learning curveing for the utmost in protection Step 7 for individuals who are exploringand equity preservation, another 3 - 5 years later, TWH investing in real estate. Accordingavenue.” sells the property and to Hinrichs, what True Wholesale Hinrichs shares one key differ- investor gets 50% of the Houses does is “mitigate the learn-ence between his company and equity built, on top of the ing curve, give a real return based monthly returns from themost other investment companies: on years of experience owning and cash flow generated by“At the end of the day, none of these the tenants renting rental properties, and giv-investment companies have an own- ing the utmost consideration toership interest in the property going principal preservation. We’re notforward, they’ve taken their profit going to lose money. You’re PAGE 24 • 2011
  23. 23. ing with people who do this for the property is maintained in front, and the investor is bank- tensive experience in mort-a living. We stay in these trans- a peak performance standard ing on property values going gage banking and real estate,actions for the long haul and for throughout the life of the trans- up. “If the investor comes in he shares advantages that histhe life of the transaction.” action.” with us, they already got equity company has over its competi- “I have put this model to- According to Hinrichs, when because we’re putting them into tors. His partner, Mike Hanks,gether so that everyone is a one invests with their model, the asset for literally 20, 30, 40 is a successful home builder instake holder and have skin in they can expect a nine percent percent less than anybody else Oregon. He has built over 500the game. As long as we buy in cash on cash return with no is going to sell it to them for,” homes. Hanks also has an ITthe area we want to be in, re- downside, for the life of the in- said Jay. background and has set up prop-hab to our standards, not just to vestment. Then, when it is sold, In addition to Hinrichs’ ex- erty administration systems forrental standards, treat our ten- (they believe that timeframe to Guardian Management, whichants like gold, like they are, the be within three to five years), had 11,000 units, so they haverest falls into place. Our cash there’ll be another 30 to 50 the tools to manage hundredsflow is great, and our investors percent equity payday for the and hundreds of houses.get taken care of.” investor. “Our partners on the ground The reward is a real estate in- Compared to houses offered are people that we’ve knownvestment with a steady, unwav- by other investment com- for years. They are highly ex-ering return, which may sound panies, Hinrichs says these perienced and very excited tolike an oxymoron. When asked properties are truly “whole- be part of the team and have anhow this is possible, Hinrichs sale.” For example, in Jackson ownership interest in the house,replies: “We assure investors of Mississippi, they were able to other than just managing thea consistent monthly cash flow, offer a home to an investor at house for somebody else andregardless of whether the prop- approximately $30,000 less not owning any of it.”erty is rented or not. We achieve than a similar home offered by Please note:this by using a conservative another investment company. Investors will be provided, upon request,vacancy and maintenance re- In other business models, with banking references to validate Trueserve allocation that assure that the retailer takes the equity up Wholesale Houses’ financials.
  24. 24. We Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Investment!Carolina Liquidators helpsinvestors like yourself find the bestdeals on properties in your area.Along with providing a resource tohelp you find investment propertywe also pride ourselves in havingthe ability to educate you on makingsound investments and helping yourmake the most out of your business. 1825 Remount Rd. Charlotte. 3 bed 2 bath homeCarolina Liquidator and it’s affiliates are primarily Real Estate Wholesalers. for $55,500.00 • Tax Value $101,900.00With over 40 years combined experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage in- $593.00 Net cash Flowdustry we are able to help you achive your Real Estate Goals that may have nototherwise have been possible. Pricing Property Location Features $55,500.00 1825 remount Rd Bedrooms: 3We have a full staff of people hunting, researching, marketing, inspecting and Charlotte, NC 28208 Bathrooms: 2negotiating these deals. Companies like us can supply you with deal after deal;why not let us do the work for you? We have the time and resources to find these This home is located near downtown Charlotte NC. It is a newerdeals that most likely will not be available to you. 3 bed 2 bath home and will rent for $850.00 a month. With the sales price being half of the current tax value it’s a steal atWe can provide everything an investor would need to make $55,500.00 and netting $593.00 a month cash flow. It is near schools, employment and shopping and less than 5 minutes toa sound decision. We have you covered every step of the down town Charlotte. Don’t let this one slip away.way from planning, based on your financial goals, toproperty acquisition and property rehabilitation. Breakdown: Rent: $850.00 Total Expenses: $257.00We have been doing Real Estate Investing for the last 18 years and mortgage Approximate taxes: $122.00 Net Cash Flow: $593.00for the last 15 years. We have the experience and know how to get deals done. Insurance: $50.00 Cash on Cash Return: 14%Whether your looking for a home to make a quick return on, or homes that Property Management: $85.00produce a constant cash flow. We will find you what you are looking for! “ ” Carolina Liquidator made the buying process so easy. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is looking at investing in a home...www.CarolinaLiquidator.com803-325-1925
  25. 25. Market Spotlight: Rock Hill, SC LOCATIONS: Rock Hill, South Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina Atlanta, Georgia as much a part of the team as anyone else is figure out what you are looking for and COMPANY: involved. It is kind of shocking to some what your goals are and we put scenarios Carolina Liquidator of the investors when they come out to together that will help you achieve those CONTACT: visit our office because we have so much goals. We have a great team that works Kevin & Alex community support, we have churches and daily on achieving the goals of our inves- ph: (803) 325-1925 community leaders that work with us to tors. Our team includes our research spe- help keep the areas clean and safe. cialist, Emily Harris; property manager/ office manager, Cherry Stegall; and gen- Question: What kind of opportunities Q: Why should investors buy rentals in eral contractor, Bennett James. These three are you seeing in your market? your area? work to keep the daily operations of our of- Answer: We currently have a 67 house A: Investors should buy rentals in our area fice moving so that we can continue to find package that we are working on. It is not because we have good, hard working peo- deals for our investors. only a great opportunity for us but for in- ple living in our homes. People who rent Q: How long have you personally been vestors who are interested in this package. About half of the homes are currently rent- ed and we should be able to place tenants in the other homes very easily. This is a once in a life time deal for our company, to buy so many of these homes, rehab them, and get tenants in them. It is a big challenge for our company, but we have a great team, and we are up for the chal- lenge. This is just one of the projects that we have currently going, we have many smaller deals also, many in the $30,000 dollar range. Q: How is your market handling the eco- nomic slump? A: Being based in the Charlotte, NC area, we haven’t felt the effects quiet as heav- ily as other cities, but we have noticed an increase in the number of tenants interested in our rent to own program. More people in the area are looking to rent but still have a desire to own their own home. With a rent- Alex Franks and Kevin Burrell to-own program, we are able to place good tenants in these homes who will pay each our homes are mostly blue collar workers investing in real estate? month because they want to own the home. who make a living by working anywhere A: Alex Franks started his real estate in- This is real simple, the properties values from retail stores to our local industrial vesting in 1999 as a way to generate pas- are down and the rents are staying the same plants. sive income and long-term wealth. Starting or even going higher than previous years in For a very small investment, you can out wholesaling deals is something he con- some occasions. Just to give you an idea, turn a very good income. Literally for what tinues to actively pursue today. By 2006, we have several homes available in the mid you could buy a car for, you can buy real he made the leap from wholesaler to a full- $30,000s that are net cash flowing over estate in our markets with a net cash flow time real estate investor. $400 a month with cash purchases. of more than $400 a month. Just about ev- Kevin Burrell has 18 years experience in ery home we have is under $50,000, with Real estate and 15 years in the mortgage Q: What is the best part of being an in- the majority being in the $30,000 range. lending business, after he bought his first vestor in your city? house in 1994, Kevin was hooked on real A: We handle everything for the investor; Q: What makes your company unique? estate investing. it is a total turnkey process for the passive A: We don’t just sell real estate to people, In 2008, Alex and Kevin joined forces to investor. We take care of our tenants just we create portfolios, we are currently in create Carolina Liquidator, LLC. They both as well as we take care of our investors. the Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill, SC, and the specialize in being able to quickly analyze After all, these are the people who are put- Atlanta GA, areas and we are still expand- ting money into your retirement. They are ing into the florida market. What we do Continued on pg. PAGE 27 • 2011