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Vastgoeddebat De Tijd / L'Echo @Realty19


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Today, real estate development and mobility are inextricably linked to each other. In the future, where we live will have to be better adjusted to where we work. Moreover, the traffic infrastructure that links both locations will have to be fundamentally altered and the automobile will have to make place for other types of transportation. How can this be addressed concretely? Will it suffice to adjust the current situation or will we have to start with a clean sheet?

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Vastgoeddebat De Tijd / L'Echo @Realty19

  1. 1. The big real estate debate
  2. 2. Dirk Selleslagh Journalist De Tijd
  3. 3. The big real estate debate
  4. 4. Prof. Alexander D’Hooghe Bart Verhaeghe Uplace Jorden Goossenaerts Conix RDBM Architects Joost Kaesemans Febiac
  5. 5. Verkeersinfrastructuur
  6. 6. Vervoermiddelen
  7. 7. Het nieuwe wonen
  8. 8. Beleid
  9. 9. The big real estate debate