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What do you LOVE about B2B marketing?



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What do you LOVE about B2B marketing?

  1. 1. What do you LOVE about B2B marketing?    #LoveB2BMarketing
  2. 2. Did you know the average person spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime? *Happiness at work, Psychology Today #LoveB2BMarketing  
  3. 3.   ThatÊs 10 whole years of your life! #LoveB2BMarketing  
  4. 4. 10 years of this⁄ #LoveB2BMarketing  
  5. 5. And this⁄ #LoveB2BMarketing  
  6. 6. Probably this too⁄ #LoveB2BMarketing  
  7. 7. LetÊs take a moment to consider⁄ #LoveB2BMarketing  
  8. 8. What makes us spend years of our lives in the realms of B2B marketing?   #LoveB2BMarketing  
  9. 9. We asked and this is what you told us⁄ #LoveB2BMarketing  
  10. 10.   „The thing I like best about marketing is that itÊs an area of business that is really focused on people: what they need, feel, how they think, work etc.‰ (Jérôme Delacroix, Owner) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  11. 11. „I love how my messages have the chance to spread like wildfire!‰ (Brandon Schaefer, CEO) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  12. 12. „I love the real-time conversations and collaboration of social! It's a fantastic open forum of thoughts and ideas, it's pushing us to learn and grow every single day‰ (Afton Negrea, Social Media Strategist and Consultant) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  13. 13. „I love the ability to develop a strategy and view results in real-time. Thus offering you the ability to change what isn't working, and highlight what does. Also, the opportunity for instant feedback is great‰ (Carlos Russo, Social Media Coordinator) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  14. 14. „The information you can learn about it is endless⁄which is also a bad thing‰ (Daniel O Brien, Business Development Executive) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  15. 15. „As a marketing generalist I love the fact that one day I'm working on a new website, the next organising an event and the next corporate branding. I don't think there's many jobs that allow such a regular mix of challenges‰ (Jacqueline Speirs, Marketing Manager) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  16. 16. „I am a marketing student and I love marketing because it is an incredible mix of art and science, it is an area of blend innovation, interaction, strategy, execution and business return‰ (Wenes Carter, Marketing Student) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  17. 17. „I love the buzz when one of your ideas sparks the excitement in others (clients, managers etc...) and comes to fruition as an event or campaign‰ (James Weavin, Marketing Assistant) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  18. 18. „I love integrating my passion for dynamic storytelling in business with my classic background in marketing and brand building‰   (Claire Taylor, Director) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  19. 19. „I love that it keeps evolving – keeps you on your toes!‰ (Jen Picard, Digital Marketer) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  20. 20. „It requires thinking, analysis and creativity. It focuses your company on its most important asset, customers and prospects. The work is fun, and the people involved are usually fun to work with, so it's really not like work, it's enjoyable‰ (Rob Garber, Account Planning and Business Development) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  21. 21. That in a great twist of fate - Mr Keating is an anagram of 'Marketing'. It doesn't help me one bit and only works if I refer to myself as Mr - and who does that? but none the less, it's cool if you are a direct marketing geek like me.‰ (John Keating, List Broker) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  22. 22. „For me, itÊs the HUMAN side to business and making a successful difference‰ (Pamela Bustard, Social Media Executive) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  23. 23. „I love being able to see the direct contribution I am making to the growth of the business‰ (Hayley Snow, Marketing Assistant) #LoveB2BMarketing  
  24. 24. Monday mornings are much easier to handle when youÊre reminded why you love your job⁄   #LoveB2BMarketing  
  25. 25. What do you LOVE about B2B marketing? Click this page to tweet us your answer and weÊll add you to the deck!   #LoveB2BMarketing