Realisor overview march 2013 v1.4


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Realisor overview march 2013 v1.4

  1. 1. Realisor® and BRM Fusion Realisor Overview
  2. 2. Prosper by understanding what you and your clients valueMaking anticipated benefits clear, business driven, achievable and then banked is criticalto your customer’s or sponsor’s confidence in you.Realisor® is an intuitive application that allows you to gain the necessary support forchange and then see it through successfully. This is because the critical relationshipbetween costs and returns, action and results is clear. Options and the trade-offsbetween them can be verified in near real time.Our business is growing fast because we operate in this way; our client’s tell us thatRealisor® is the best tool they see on the market. We listen to them ensure we stay aheadof their needs. Here’s what we have to say about PwC’s analysis:PwC research1 identified “delivering change with the intended benefits” as one of key fiveperformance indicators alongside budget, time, quality and scope. Budget Key Performance Scope Business Time Indicators of Successful Change Benefits QualityTooling to support benefits realisation must enable achievement of these key performanceindicators and also help you innovate; measure progress, value, and risks; and confirm thatthe right change can be delivered in alignment with strategic objectives.Realisor® will help you…… estimate benefits and costs over time… plan for varying quality and understand the impact on scope, budget, time and benefits… meet or exceed delivery of projected business benefits… be warned early of issues to benefit milestonesRealisor® helps optimum value to be delivered from change.1 2012 PwC Insights and Trends: Current Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Practices. The third global survey on the current state of project management.© BRM Fusion Limited 2013 ROV0313A
  3. 3. How Realisor® worksRealisor® simplifies, integrates and clarifies the entire benefits realisation cycle withoutthe need for additional tools. People using Realisor® can easily represent both visual anddata driven information needed for business cases, planning decisions and control indelivery. Identify & Quantify 1 Benefits Realisation Cycle Value & Supported by Realisor® Review 5 Appraise 2 Mapping. Identify and quantify benefits by using the most popular Realise Plan 4 3 mapping approaches or create a variation that’s right for you. (1)Data. Quantify and capture data needed in one place. Multiple import and export optionssupport integration with existing systems and processes. (1)Stories. Appraise and interrogate maps to understand connections and dependencies.Present, communicate and engage audiences using different stories and reports. (2)Business Case Options. Plan using an ‘insight generator’ that interactively shows you theimpact of different options over time. Understand and compare expected benefit, cost andresource needs. (3)Project Plans. Automatically produced plans show costs, resources and milestones for eachoption. Export to MS Project or use to choose the business case option to implement. (3)Track and Report. Capture data and see if benefits, costs or resources are realised asexpected or outside of tolerance. See RAG status and key data on maps, dashboard viewsand reports. (4)Evaluate Change. Understand the impact of change and different quality levels on forecastbenefits, budget, time and scope and make informed decisions. (5)Realisor® is simple to use with minimum information and at different levels of expertise.Use for simple situations or those with extreme complexity and constant change.© BRM Fusion Limited 2013 ROV0313A
  4. 4. Differentiating our Customers with Realisor® Our clients are winning more business and investment by making better bids or arguments for investment. They evidenceWhat Realisor® Delivers results, identify risks early and make informed decisions to deliver maximum value and lowest impact when situations change.Benefits of Realisor® include: People we support are reducing failure rates and building  reduce wasted effort by up confidence with the people that matter. Realisor® is a rich and to 80% comprehensive tool to get greater change results and reduce failures. It does this in a fast and low risk way, engaging people  cut timescales from project in the process and proving value. inception to benefit realisation by up to 75% Deliver results fast. Realisor® helps identify dependencies on the  1 minute to re-calculate RoI, achievement of benefits and the plans to achieve them. through-life costs, benefits and business case options Reduced failure. Uncover and address risk to the achievement of benefits and get early warning performance. Get clear sight of  1 minute to see what changing dependencies and make informed decisions. activities/ programs add least/ most value Less time and resources. Challenge the level of benefits needed  2 minutes to create a visual in addition to budget, time, quality and scope quickly and easily. map for a specific Save cost, time and effort in implementing benefits realisation. stakeholder  report on benefits, costs, Connect stakeholders and change. Realisor® is an engagement resources, stakeholders, tool providing transparency, fact-based sharing and encouraging risks, costs, value and essential questioning. Insights gained create more supportive dependencies through the stakeholders who are kept up-to-date before and during change. life of change and into operation Save cost. Identify areas where cost could be cut with minimum expected impact on benefits. Understand trade-offs between using less/ different resources on cost and benefits over time. Realisor® includes change best practice to provide the most comprehensive and coherent toolbox for results delivery. © BRM Fusion Limited 2013 ROV0313A
  5. 5. Realisor® include many areas in a single toolChange involves many areas to be understood and balanced. Realisor® pulls thesetogether in a single tool.Through taking the best parts of portfolio, programme and project management, analysis,design, finance and business change and aligning them together, Realisor® is a completetoolkit for results delivery.Realisor® has the functionality to be effective and efficient in these areas and is compatiblewith PMI2, APM Group and UK Government guidance and good practice, for example:  PMI PMBOK® guide and standards  MSP (Managing Successful Programmes),  MoV (Management of Value),  P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices),  P3M3 (Portfolio, Programme, Project Management Maturity Model),  MoP (Management of Portfolios) and  Managing Benefits.2 Project Management Institute© BRM Fusion Limited 2013 ROV0313A
  6. 6. Realisor® screensRealisor® has many screens, a small sample of these are shown below. Identify and Quantify: Create a simple visual map that shows the path to success. Names, sizes, shapes and colours can be changed to suit how you want to represent things.Value and Appraise: Flesh out with work, resources,costs and measurable objectives to show whatmoney is being spent on and why. Everything on thevisual map can have significant amount of datacaptured for it.Data can be exported and imported from Realisor®quickly and easily. Value and Appraise: Expand the simple visual map to show how important requirements, assumptions, risks, stakeholders and more link into the programme. Complex pictures can be simplified easily to clearly communicate key messages.© BRM Fusion Limited 2013 ROV0313A
  7. 7. Plan: Appraise different options and schedules to compare the costs and benefits of different delivery plans. Plans are automatically created and resources scheduled to deliver expected benefits when required. Realise: Create reports to show progress against targets and demonstrate success. Identify performance issues and understand the potential impact of corrective actions.© BRM Fusion Limited 2013 ROV0313A
  8. 8. Realisor® and BRM FusionFind Out MoreBRM Fusion provides software and services to help organisations get started quickly withprofessional training, support and resources.For more information on Realisor® and associated services please contact us© BRM Fusion Limited 2013 ROV0313A