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RealZips GeoData Platform for Salesforce Lightning


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RealZips is certified for Salesforce Lightning. Learn more at Download free trial at

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RealZips GeoData Platform for Salesforce Lightning

  1. 1. Lightning Experience August 22, 2015
  2. 2. RealZips GeoData Platform – Lightning Experience Quick-take • 100% native Aloha app • Auto-enriches all CRM data with GeoData, such as market potential and sales territories • 3+ million datapoints out of the box • Available data: 10+ billon datapoints across B2B and B2C market potential Life Sciences Sample • 17,000 Neurosurgeons – Leads • 4,800 Hospitals – Accounts • CT Brain scan data by Zip code • Physicians offices by Zip code • Demographics • Geographic structure and sales territories
  3. 3. View all RealZips. Sort by Neurosurgeons. Identify top potential
  4. 4. Search any City or Zip code. Click Zip code
  5. 5. Review Key data for Zip code
  6. 6. One-click link: Review Zip code border
  7. 7. Check territory ownership and demographics Scroll down for Datasets and real-time Key Metrics
  8. 8. Review / plan visits with all Leads in the Zip code Check all Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Cases in a RealZip
  9. 9. One-click link: Review Neurosurgeons on Google Maps
  10. 10. Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Cases are automatically enriched with GeoData: - Link to RealZip page - Ownership correction - Sales territory - Time zone and and custom datapoints
  11. 11. View Dashboard Analyze Sales regions, territories, cities, counties by: • Population • CT Brain Scans • Neurosurgeons • Activities • Sales Compare ratios between market potential, sales activities and generated sales
  12. 12. Run Report from Dashboard • Cross-analyze market potential, sales activities and sales results • Drill down to Sales territories, metropolitan areas, counties and cities
  13. 13. Lightning Experience