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RealZips on Salesforce1 Mobile


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Unique app for

- RealZips adds Zip codes to Salesforce.
- Structures and enhances all CRM data.
- Immediate deployment on Mobile and web.
- 100% native app on the Salesforce platform.

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RealZips on Salesforce1 Mobile

  1. 1. RealZips on Salesforce1 Mobile © Copyright 2015 RealScenario, Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks / dotcoms owned by RealScenario: RealZips, GeoData Platform, RealScenario, Cloud Business Apps, All Data Connects.
  2. 2. RealZips speeding up CRM workflows
  3. 3. What is RealZips? Unique app for • RealZips adds Zip codes to Salesforce. • Structures and enhances all CRM data. • Immediate deployment on Mobile and web. • 100% native app on the Salesforce platform. Rewards and certifications • Rewarded “App of the Week” by Salesforce. • No. 18 to receive Salesforce1 Mobile certification. • Nominated for Informatica Innovation Award 2015.
  4. 4. RealZips solves critical CRM data issues Pain points of not having Zip codes and GeoData: • Unbalanced territories and incorrect data issues – Misconceptions regarding local market potential, creating unbalanced sales territories. – Lack of shared data on territory ownership, leaving thousands of customers owned by the wrong sales reps. • Incorrect commissions paid – Incorrect payment of sales commissions and bonuses, demotivating sales teams. – Sales team unhappy with process, not given a clear picture of territories, territory potential and customer ownership, commissions and quotas. • Leads unreliably assigned. Marketing activities are ineffective. – No reliable method to assign leads and customers to the right salespeople, leaving the field open for the competition. – CRM data geographically unstructured, rendering marketing and sales activities ineffective.
  5. 5. RealZips Mobile Empowering Your Sales Team
  6. 6. Drive Sales with RealZips • Enrich CRM Data – Speed up sales workflows with GeoData. • Manage Territories – Empower everyone with shared territory data. • Route Leads – Connect instantly with prospective customers. • Verify Ownership – Immediately align customer records with the right sales people.
  7. 7. RealZips on Salesforce1 Mobile Empowering field teams • Maximize sell time with Zip code data. • Search all cities and Zip codes. • Review sales key metrics and plan visits. • Instantly review all customer data in the area. Compatibility • RealZips Mobile runs inside Salesforce. • Runs on Apple iOS and Android.
  8. 8. Related Items Instantly access related CRM data within a RealZip. Sell in areas with greatest sales potential.
  9. 9. Drive sales with key metrics Review business key metrics by Zip code • Identify areas with greatest growth potential. • Track performance, using aggregated Zip code data in real-time. • Develop business in each area, using key metrics for immediate guidance.
  10. 10. Search CRM data in the field Search CRM data geographically • Search by Zip, city, county and more. • Review ownership and key information. • List CRM data by city or Zip. Connect with the right customers in the right geographical areas. Faster.
  11. 11. Check and adjust ownership Ensure ownership across all CRM data • Visual guidance shows if records are own by the right person. • Instantly correct ownership across all CRM data. • Drive trust in CRM data throughout the team. Make sure commission is paid fairly across the sales team.
  12. 12. Powerful mapping View borders of Zip codes, cities and counties. Review and plan activities within exact geographical areas.
  13. 13. Real-time graphs Visualize key metrics across sales potential, lead generation, activities, marketing spend, opportunity pipeline and revenue growth for the RealZip. Instantly jump from the graph to a list of leads or customers.
  14. 14. Sales teams must have mobile territory data Issues avoided with RealZips: • Territory: Have my territory borders been changed? How can I instantly check who is calling on a Zip code or a town? • Leads: When leads come in, are they instantly and properly assigned? • Prospects: Where in my territory will I be able find the best prospects? • Account ownership: Are customers assigned to me based on my new territory? • Commission: How can I check if I am getting sales credit and commission for all sales?
  15. 15. Instant territory information Share Zip code territory data across org • List sales team members, support teams, channel partners, franchise partners for all Zip codes. • Eliminate questions related to territory ownership. • Instantly connect customers with the right sales person.
  16. 16. List Leads across geographic areas Instantly plan visits and calls: • View data across exact geographic areas. • Powerful search and sort. • Ensure owners are assigned correctly. • Check sales performance.
  17. 17. Connect with legacy systems • Connect RealZips to existing data – Connect to Oracle, SQL Server, Amazon, SAP, Netsuite, Microsoft Azure, Concur, Google Analytics and more. • Push data to RealZips Mobile – Real-time connectivity to existing apps. – Channel Partner data by Zip. – Sales and shared commission. – Shipped Products analytics. – Service contract location and status.
  18. 18. Prepare for Sales Success • Identify Potential – Rank geographic areas based on market potential. • Target Locations – Focus on areas with greatest potential and close more deals faster. • Track Performance – Identify and track key metrics that drive marketing and sales success. • Mobilize Sales – Use geographic data before, during, and after each call.
  19. 19. RealZips Mobile Peace of Mind for Your Sales Team
  20. 20. Fred Widarsson Founder / CEO 954-980-8830