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All Data Connects - RealZips and Informatica Webinar


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Webinar hosted by:
Don Tirsell VP Alliances Technology & Fredrik Widarsson. Founder & CEO of RealScenario, Inc.

The unique RealZips GeoData Platform was recently awarded App of the Week on the Salesforce AppExchange.
The RealZips GeoData Platform instantly adds Zip codes and millions of geographic data points to Salesforce. Combining geographically oriented data points provide endless data models that can open new markets, saves time, lives and money. Plus additional integration with Enterprise Systems can greatly enhance your competitive advantage.
The joint seminar with Informatica will showcase the value of the RealZips GeoData Platform, and the Informatica integration with RealZips. Informatica Cloud unlocks crucial Enterprise data from many different types of sources from On-Premise to Hybrid including Amazon, Microsoft Azure, SAP, Oracle, Workday, NetSuite, and more.

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All Data Connects - RealZips and Informatica Webinar

  1. 1. All Data Connects™ Integrating with RealZips GeoData Platform for Salesforce and Informatica Cloud Link to play webinar:
  2. 2. AllDataConnects™
  3. 3. AllDataConnects™
  4. 4. AllDataConnects™
  5. 5. RealZips - Awarded App of the Week
  6. 6. Webinar Agenda 1. RealZips app core functions. 2. RealZips native GeoData. 3. Connect your data to RealZips. 4. Connect external data to RealZips. 5. Push GeoData to existing systems. 6. Deliver your Big Data vision. Now. 7. Informatica Summary. 8. Q & A.
  7. 7. 1. RealZips app core functions
  8. 8. Instantly add Zip codes and 3,000,000 points of GeoData to Salesforce.
  9. 9. Easily manage territories by Zip code.
  10. 10. Search GeoData in Salesforce.
  11. 11. Display GeoData across Salesforce.
  12. 12. One-page view of CRM data by Zip code.
  13. 13. Immediate owner check and adjustment.
  14. 14. 2. RealZips native GeoData
  15. 15. Demographics. Native in RealZips.
  16. 16. RealZips Business Density for field sales.
  17. 17. Native GeoData automatically added across Salesforce.
  18. 18. Instantly enrich reports with GeoData.
  19. 19. 3. Connect your data to RealZips
  20. 20. Display Channel Partners by RealZip. Connect to existing partner databases.
  21. 21. Shipped products by RealZip. Configure live feed from ERP systems.
  22. 22. Service Contracts by RealZip. Live feed from your contracts database.
  23. 23. Configure Key Metrics across every Zip code. Combine Salesforce and ERP metrics.
  24. 24. 4. Connect external data to RealZips
  25. 25. Add market potential. Customized aggregated Zip code market data.
  26. 26. Emergency Care visits reimbursed by Medicare.
  27. 27. Add real-time weather across Salesforce. Connected feed of weather data and indexes.
  28. 28. 5. Push GeoData to existing systems
  29. 29. Push RealZips GeoData to ERP and Business Intelligence systems.
  30. 30. Deliver RealZip lookup for external websites.
  31. 31. PushGeoDatatoexistingsystems
  32. 32. 6. Deliver your Big Data vision. Now.
  33. 33. Aggregate data from IoT devices by RealZip. Cross-reference with Sales and Demographics.
  34. 34. Aggregate health monitor data by RealZip. Cross-reference with demographics and weather.
  35. 35. Sample: Jawbone wearable devices. Aggregated IoT data by geography.
  36. 36. Run RealZips-based Google Adwords campaigns. Use connected RealZips Metrics.
  37. 37. Mobilize sales teams with RealZips GeoData. Company providing allergy drugs to pharmacies can update sales team on expected pollen levels… in real time.
  38. 38. Why Informatica? Broad Range of Connectors Integrated Security Maturity of Solution Ease of Implementation Ease of Business & Flexible License Models
  39. 39. Informatica Cloud OEM Program Features: • Flexible OEM Models • Value added bundles • Certification Options • Flexible REST APIs • Supports Mixed Deployment Models • Access to Marketplace Go-To-Market Opportunities: • Shared Events • Whitepapers • Webinars • Social Media • Informatica World Sponsorships Cloud Cloud Applications
  40. 40. Start free trial of RealZips & Informatica Cloud.
  41. 41. Free trial: and
  42. 42. Key Contacts • RealZips • Fredrik Widarsson – Founder & CEO • • • Informatica • Don Tirsell - VP Alliances Technology • • AllDataConnects™
  43. 43. Resources
  44. 44. In-depth articles on LinkedIn
  45. 45. Reviews: Salesforce Admins using RealZips Killer app! “Our team couldn’t be happier with this tool! Geographic target lists that normally take an hour+ to generate, are done instantly. It is an amazing tool! You will love it!” - C. Kote A top 5 app for a sales heavy org “Do you have multiple reps covering the same geography? Does one of them cover Major accounts and another cover SMB for the same state? Do you get requests to be able to route leads by zip code? Do you wish you could identify accounts that are owned outside a sales rep's territory? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I highly recommend that you check out RealZips.” - B. Treseder Fantastic app! “With the amount of data that RealZips can provide, we can begin to assimilate its demographic data with our database to see what are target regions where to focus sales and marketing efforts, as well as track progress at a whole new level!!” - E. Mahle Killer app! “Implementing RealZips gave our marketing ops team 15% of their week back and enabled another team! We've saved time and money and the RealZips team is so great to work with -- superb customer service!” - A. Olesen RealZips and our Web-To-Lead Forms "We use RealZips to distribute new leads by zip code as they come in through our web-to-lead forms. It works great! This app delivered exactly what we were looking for.” - R. Cheal
  46. 46. App: Help: Slides: Book Meeting: Email: Phone: 1-855-REAL-BIZ 1-855-732-5249 The company RealScenario, Inc. is marketed as: RealScenario - Cloud Business Apps™ RealScenario, Inc. is a Salesforce AppExchange Program Partner.
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