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13 questions keeping sales pros awake


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13 questions keeping Sales Pros Awake. The RealZips App for answers these questions.

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13 questions keeping sales pros awake

  1. 1. 13 Questions keeping Sales Pros awake
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  3. 3. RealZips App for Salesforce. Built to: Empower Sales Pros™
  4. 4. The RealZips App for Salesforce solves these questions:
  5. 5. Question # 13: What are the exact geographic areas that make up my sales territory?
  6. 6. Question # 12: Why can't everyone check which sales person owns a certain zip code?
  7. 7. Question # 11: Is there a history of territory changes, so everyone gets the right sales credit?
  8. 8. Question # 10: Is there any way to automatically check if all my Accounts are still in my territory?
  9. 9. Question # 9: Where in my territory can I find Zips with many Leads?
  10. 10. Question # 8: When changing territory borders, do we have the right data per Zip?
  11. 11. Question # 7: Which Zip codes in my territory have limited or no potential?
  12. 12. Question # 6: Why can’t I sort Leads by County & City?
  13. 13. Question # 5: How do we target customers by county?
  14. 14. Question # 4: How do we get business data & demographics for all Zips, to drive sales focus?
  15. 15. Question # 3: How do I view ALL data in one Zip code?
  16. 16. Question # 2: How can we collaborate in Chatter around Zip Code activities?
  17. 17. Question #1 : How can I track Potential & Performance in each Zip?
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