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Presented at the 2013 MBSE Technical Forum in Huntsville, Alabama.

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  1. 1. Your systems. Working as one.Your systems. Working as one.Welcome!MBSE, RTI, & FACEStan Schneider, CEO
  2. 2. © 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.2
  3. 3. Government Business Model Challenge© 2012 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. 33GVA DEF STAN 23-09
  4. 4. Management’ssole strategicimperative isto engagecompetitionBill Barnett, StanfordGSB© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.Permission granted to distribute with thislegend.4
  5. 5. Government Business Model© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.5
  6. 6. OA is About Changing Competition© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.6
  7. 7. © 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.How? Interoperability.7BusinessModelsInteroperability
  8. 8. UNCLASSIFIED - Pubic Release 12-S-1669OA Acquisition ObjectivesTo remove the traditional barriers to Effective Competition in theUAS Control Segment and provide market access to a broad,heterogeneous industrial base of software providers in an agileacquisition and integration environment.Pubic Release 12-S-1669
  9. 9. © 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  10. 10. © 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  11. 11. Data Transport Evolution© 2012 RTI • COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 11Point-to-Point Client/ServerBrokeredESBDaemonPublish/SubscribePub/Sub MessagingData-CentricPublish/Subscribe (DCPS)Data-Centric
  12. 12. RTI Builds Smart Systems© 2012 RTI Confidential
  13. 13. Reliable Operation• The LPD-17 Ship-WideArea Network (SWAN)runs machinery,damage control,steering, magneticsignature, missioncontrol, navigation,communication• Redundant networks,data, sensors and RTImiddleware providenon-stop reliability© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  14. 14. Real-Time Performance• The Ship Self DefenseSystem is the “last lineof defense”• SSDS coordinates high-speed radars, targetsdefensive missiles, anddirects 1000+rounds/sec at incomingcruise missiles• SSDS is at sea now• RTI delivers messages inreal time© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  15. 15. System Integration• RTI is the leadingvendor of combatsystem messaging• RTI connectsdisparate systems,merges multiplelanguages on multipleoperating systems,handles DIL links andlegacy interfaces• RTI enables easy,large-scale integration© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  16. 16. Flexible Connectivity• CAE, one of theworlds leadingproviders ofsimulation andtraining, uses RTI overhigh-bandwidth IEEE-1394 for its flightsimulator• Middleware providestransport portabilityand architectureinteroperability"In the past we probably wouldhave developed an expensive,proprietary system for datacommunications. By using RTI,we were able to deliver aproven, reliable and costeffective solution to ourcustomers.”- Peter Jarvis, Chief Designer© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  17. 17. 24x7 Operation• Air traffic controlrequires 24x7operation. Hot swapservice is criticalhardware or softwarefailures mean flightdelays and substantialcosts• Without disrupting thedata flow, RTI permitsfast addition, updatingand removal of systemnodes© 2012 RTI Confidential
  18. 18. Crisp Interface Design• The 34 ATLANTIDAconsortium organizationsdesign air traffic managementfor Europe• RTI middleware will integratecivilian, military, andunmanned aircraft into acoordinated airspace• DDS will be used in bothground stations andunmanned vehicles• RTI middleware cleanlyspecifies interfaces betweenmodules and defines thedataflow that coordinates thelarge, distributed team© 2012 RTI Confidential
  19. 19. Technology Upgrades• AWACS providesairborne surveillance,command & controlfor battlemanagement• Then AWACS upgradedesign is more openand supportable• Open and extensiblemiddleware lowersmaintenance cost© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  20. 20. Multi-Channel Connections• The BASE TEN RoboScoutunmanned ground vehicleintegrates steering,braking, acceleration,dashboard, mapping, andup to 12 video feeds• “RTI is at the core of ourmodular and highlyscalable environment.”Josef SchröttleHead of Design & DevelopmentBASE TEN SYSTEMS ElectronicsGmbH© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  21. 21. Open Architecture• RTI powers the SPY radarfor the Aegis WeaponSystem• This highly distributedsystem of radar,weapons, displays andcontrols complies withthe Navy OpenArchitecture• Standards-based, high-performance middlewareavoids vendor lock-inand future-proofs thearchitectural design© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  22. 22. Unmanned Vehicle Architecture• RTI is working withthe OSD to define astandardarchitecture forunmanned vehicles• RTI is key to thearchitecture anddata model effortsfor both UCS(ground stations)and FACE (avionics)© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  23. 23. Fast Development• General Atomics AdvancedCockpit Ground ControlStations deliver real-timedata acquisition, analysis,and response for unmannedaircraft systems such asPredator®• GA selected RTI for provensoftware & services• This application wasdelivered in under 14months, significantly fasterthan with alternativesoftware or building inhouse• Middleware speedsdevelopment© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  24. 24. Wireless Links• NASA’s Human-RoboticSystems prototypes robotsfor extraterrestrial surfaces• The project coordinatesfour NASA centers buildingfour different robots. Theyoperate in realisticenvironments, includingover low-bandwidth, high-delay, lossycommunications• RTI middleware allowsthese very differentsystems to share commondata communications overdisadvantaged links© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  25. 25. DIL Connection© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  26. 26. Advanced Tech in Legacy Environments• The VW Driver Assistanceand Integrated Safetysystem combines radars,laser range finders, andvideo to assist safeoperation• It helps avoid obstacles,detect lane departures,track eye activity, and safelynegotiate bends• Advanced safety systemsmust connect to existinghardware. RTI middlewarebridges high speednetworking to the CAN bus© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  27. 27. Hardware in the Loop• A modern car contains100+ CPUs• Audi uses hardware-in-the-loop simulation tofeed realistic data tocomponents in a labfor testing• RTI middlewareenables a modular testenvironment thatscales to work withhundreds of devices© 2012 RTI Confidential
  28. 28. Scalability• Harmonictransmission andvideo switchingequipmentdeliversworldwide video-on-demand• RTI enables high-performancescalability andfutureextensibility© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  29. 29. Database Integration• Light and strongadvanced compositesmake advanced aircraftquiet and efficient• Lund Engineering usesRTI to integrate thecomposite inspectionsystem• Critically, all data mustbe saved for validation;RTI’s databaseintegration saves alldata to permanentstorage© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  30. 30. Precise Control• European SouthernObservatory’s VeryLarge Telescope cansee objects fourbillion times fainterthan can be seenwith the unaided eye• The telescopes usehundreds of servomirrors and scientificinstruments• RTI middlewarecoordinates precisecontrol andmeasurement© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  31. 31. High Throughput Load Control• RTI powers Varian’sNMR and MRIproduct lines• Any one of thesixteen MRI receiverscan saturate a 1Gbitnetwork.• RTI controls andoptimizes networkuse to handlemegabytes of loadwithout losing data“RTI delivered great functionality at a low cost. Using RTI middleware savedus a lot of money, time, and effort compared to our previous in-housedeveloped solution.”© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  32. 32. Reliable Uptime• Mevion’s Proton-Beam RadiationTherapy system zapstumors withaccelerated protons• The treatment mustbe continuous for 30-40 days; downtimeendangers treatmentsuccess• Mevion’s PBRTdelivers dependabletreatment at low cost© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  33. 33. Industry Interoperation• The Integrated ClinicalEnvironment (ICE) standardspecifies interoperability formedical devices• All ICU & operating roomdevices — from blood pressurecuffs to intravenous pumps toventilators — could beinterconnected according tothe ICE standard– Complete logging– Automatic error detection– Better care• The DDS standard and RTImiddleware enables plug &play interoperability acrossmanufacturers© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  34. 34. Fan Out/Fan In• Blue Force Tracker (JBC-P)must process 200,000+tracks.• The legacy design was:– Proprietary– 1.5m SLOC– 12,000 tracks– 11 servers w/88 cores– Unreliable• The DDS design is:– 100% standards based– 50k SLOC– 250,000 tracks– 80% of a single core– Fully redundant– Reliable multicast© 2012 RTI Confidential
  35. 35. Asset Tracking• Wi-Tronix systemswirelessly monitor high-value mobile assets suchas locomotives,industrial equipmentand marine vessels• RTI addressed criticalissues such as optimizedflow and discoveryprocess over a wirelessnetwork• RTI middleware workseffectively over lossywireless networks© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  36. 36. Real-Time & IT Integration• Siemens Wind Powerfields farms of 500turbines with 100mblades• RTI enables fastcontrol withinturbines anddistributed gustmitigation across thearray• RTI will alsointegrate withpredictivemaintenance andbusiness diagnostics• RTI melds real-timewith IT© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  37. 37. Edge to EnterpriseRTI DataBus™ConnextMicroPub/Sub API(DDS subset)Small DeviceAppsConnextDDSPub/Sub API(Full DDS)DDS AppsConnextMessagingMessaging API(DDS++ & JMS)General-PurposeReal-Time AppsConnextIntegratorAdaptersDiverseApps/SystemsAdministrationMonitoringRecordingReplayPersistenceLoggingVisualizationCommon Tools and Infrastructure Services© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  38. 38. DDS: The Software DataBus• Data centric– Structured, accessible data• Independent modules– Supports SOA• Plug and play flexibility– Like a hardware bus• Peer-to-peer performance– Like streaming protocols• Standards-basedinteroperability– Like TCP/IP© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.Data-Centric Messaging BusScalable, high performance, reliable infrastructureDataBus™38
  39. 39. Managing State• Data centric– Single version of truth– Known structure– Clear rules for access, changes, updates• Technologies– Database– Data-centric middleware© 2012 RTI 39
  40. 40. Why a Databus Transport?• Reduces risk– Proven, reusable, certified• Saves money– Coupling limits function & flexibility– Lives as reusable infrastructure (!)• Enables advanced capability– Redundancy, fan out, fan in– Transport, OS, language transparency– Integration, hot-swap, scalability– Security, IoT connectivity© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.Databus40
  41. 41. About RTI• Market Leader– Over 70% DDS mw market share1– Largest embedded middleware vendor2• Standards Leader– Active in 15 standards efforts– OMG Board of Directors– DDS authors• Real-Time Pedigree– Founded by Stanford researchers– High-performance control, tools history• Maturity Leader– 600+ designs– TRL 9© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.1Embedded Market Forecasters2VDC Analyst Report41
  42. 42. 2008Global Support and Distribution© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.42
  43. 43. © 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.43RTI & FACE
  44. 44. FACE Vision: Interoperability© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.44Platform YPlatform XRadio RadioOFP Sensor Display CDU Input Sensor Display InputCDUFACE Application “X”The same FACE application is nowportable across war fighting platformsOFPThe addition ofFACE Computing Platform Softwareenables application portability acrossdissimilar war fighting platformsFACE Computing PlatformFACE Application”X”FACE Computing Platform
  45. 45. PartitionPartitionPartitionRTI TSS Implementation© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.45App AppShared memoryAppRTI TSS RTI TSSApp App AppRTI TSS RTI TSS RTI TSSARINC PortsRTI TSSBus/NetworkNode Node
  46. 46. InnovationIdeas are free,Vision is cheap,Execution is golden.© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.46
  47. 47. FACE Demo© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.47RTI ConnextMicroRTI FACE Transport Service SegmentRTI Data BusAndroid TabletWindriver SBC P4080
  48. 48. The Right Turn• OA enables reuse and efficiency……But it’s only right if it expands horizons• MBSE connects intent to results……But it’s only right if power > cost• FACE is a compelling vision……But it’s only right if executed© 2013 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Permission granted to distribute withthis legend.48
  49. 49. Your systems. Working as one.Your systems. Working as one.Working as OneSM