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Learn About FACE Aligned Reference Platform: Built on COTS and DO-178C Certifiable Components


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Originally aired 4/13/2016
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Learn About FACE Aligned Reference Platform: Built on COTS and DO-178C Certifiable Components

  1. 1. Your systems. Working as one. FACE Aligned Reference Platform: RTI TSS Reference Implementation built on Connext DDS Cert Dave Stringer, RTI April 2016
  2. 2. Contents • FACE TSS – Transport Services Segment Specification • RTI TSS RI – RTI FACE 2.1 TSS Reference Implementation • Connext DDS Cert – DO 178C Level A Product
  3. 3. TSS Context within FACE • Data Model – Central to FACE Architecture – Captures Semantics – Shared Data Model for all Applications • Configuration – Simple APIs assist in Portability – Complexity resides in Configuration Data • Conformance – UoP – Unit of Portability – UoP author to provide a UoP Data Model – RTI TSS RI conforms to FACE Safety Base Profile
  4. 4. Transport Services API • C++ API • 8 + 1 Functions – FACE::TS::Initialize(…) – FACE::TS::Create_Connection(…) – FACE::TS::Receive_Message(…) – FACE::TS::Send_Message(…) – FACE::TS::Register_Callback(…) – FACE::TS::Unregister_Callback(…) – FACE::TS::Get_Connection_Parameters(…) – FACE::TS::Destroy_Connection(…) – FACE::Read_Callback::send_event(…)
  5. 5. RTI TSS Reference Implementation RTI TSS Type Plugin Config Plugin QoS Plugin Configuration Mgr ConfigEntry ConfigEntry Config Entry Connection Mgr ConfigEntry ConfigEntryConnection Entry Logger Connext DDS Pro / Connext DDS Micro / Connext DDS Cert FACE UoP FACE TS API DDS Databus DDS RTPS
  6. 6. Connext DDS Micro & Cert • Data-centric Pub-Sub middleware – Loose coupling between data producers and data consumers • Support resource constrained environments – Require as little as 41KB RAM, 350-500KB library size – Low CPU load (< 10%) • Distributed as highly portable source code – Known to run on at least 11 operating systems – Supports bare metal with no OS • Certified to DO-178C Level A – Evidence is available • Common interaction semantics regardless of IPC mechanism – E.g., Shared memory, ARINC ports, UDP ockets • Follow OMG DDS specification – RTPS wire protocol compatible – Peer-to-peer interoperability with other DDS implementations – Subset of standard DDS API 18-Apr-16 6
  7. 7. Modular and Configurable Architecture User Application DDS API Subset Transport API Base-line configuration OS API Queue API Discovery API Listeners Reliability Durability & History Other QoS Optional APIs Compile-timeoptions Fully Dynamic Discovery UDPv4 Linux Mobile Static Endpoint Discovery Plug-in components Linear Queue Keyed QueueShared memory RTOS RTPS Windows 18-Apr-16 7
  8. 8. Connext DDS Inherently Well-Suited to Safety-Critical Systems • Non-stop availability – Decentralized architecture – No single point of failure – Support for redundant networks – Automatic failover between redundant publishers – Dynamic upgrades • No central server or services • Version-independent interoperability protocol • Control over real-time Quality of Service • Visibility into missed deadlines and presence • Proven in thousands of mission critical systems 818-Apr-16
  9. 9. High-Assurance Safety: DO-178C/ED-12C • Guideline • Used by FAA, EASA and others to certify airworthiness of civil aircraft • Also required for integration of drones into civilian National Air Space • Generally acknowledged as most stringent safety standard 18-Apr-16 9
  10. 10. DO-178C Level A Certification Evidence • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification (PSAC) • Software Development Plan (SDP) – Requirements standards – Design standards – Code standards • Software Verification Plan (SVP) • Software Configuration Management Plan (SCM) • Software Quality Assurance Plan • Software Requirements Data • Design Description • Traceability • SQA Records • SCM Records • Software Configuration Index • Software Verification Cases and Procedures • Software Verification Results • Software Accomplishment Summary Certification evidence can be re-used across programs 18-Apr-16 10
  11. 11. Connext DDS Cert Slashes Certification Costs • Minimizes code for which certification evidence must be generated – Eliminates custom connectivity code – Rich capabilities reduce and simplify application logic • Minimizes recertification effort as systems evolve – Encourages modularity – Decouples software modules and subsystems – Isolates changes 18-Apr-16 11
  12. 12. Summary • RTI FACE 2.1 TSS RI – Reference Implementation – Builds on Connext DDS product family – FACE OS Safety Base Profile • Connext DDS Cert designed for safety-critical applications – Code is certifiable to DO-178C/ED-12C Level A – Certification evidence is reusable 18-Apr-16 12