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FACE-ing Reality: Maintaining our Military Edge in the Modern World


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Modern warfare is undergoing dramatic change; we may have already witnessed our last conventional war. In light of disruptive technological evolution along with severe economic realities, we have reached a point where we must holistically reconsider our approach to specifying, procuring, and developing avionics systems. While efforts such as FACE hold great promise toward the future, we must also consider the role of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) technologies in the development of next generation avionics systems. This presentation will contemplate how commercial software products such as operating systems and middleware can contribute to maintaining our edge in the skies.

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FACE-ing Reality: Maintaining our Military Edge in the Modern World

  1. 1. Your systems. Working as one.FACE-ing Reality: Maintaining ourMilitary Edge in the Modern WorldCurt SchackerExecutive Vice President and Chief Commercial OfficerReal-Time Innovations
  2. 2. About RTI• Market Leader – Over 70% DDS mw market share1 – Largest embedded middleware vendor2• Standards Leader – Active in 15 standards efforts – OMG Board of Directors – DDS authors• Real-Time Pedigree – Founded by Stanford researchers – High-performance control, tools history• Maturity Leader – 500+ designs – 350,000+ licensed copies – TRL 9 1Embedded Market Forecasters 2VDC Analyst Report
  3. 3. RTI Excels at Smart Systems
  4. 4. The World has Changed• Worldwide defense budgets under tremendous pressure• Enemy acquiring more sophisticated weaponry faster• From FACETM: “Current DoD Acquisition structure does not support the process of software reuse across different programs”1 Business as usual is not an option! 1FACE 101, The Open Group
  5. 5. FACE Objectives • Establish a standard common operating environment to support portable capability-based applications across Department of Defense (DoD) avionics systems – Determine a strict set of Open Standards for the environment – Build upon Open Architecture (OA), Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) and Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) – Portable, Modular, Partitioned, Scalable, Extendable, Secure • Reduce life cycle costs and time to field • Obtain Industry and DoD Program Management endorsement • Facilitate conformance with standards to maximize interoperability between applications within the avionics system5 Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release
  6. 6. FACE Objectives Obtain Industry and DoD Program Management endorsement6 Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release
  7. 7. The Role of Commercial off the Shelf(COTS) Technology in Achieving the FACEObjectives
  8. 8. COTS as the Foundation for Innovation Personal Computers SOA Cloud Computing The Internet MobileEmbedded The Industrial InternetComputing Client / Server
  9. 9. The COTS “Blueprint”:The Common Operating Environment Common Operating Environment
  10. 10. Exception: Military Systems “Our requirements are special…” “It’s cheaper to build it ourselves…” “No COTS technology does what we need…”
  11. 11. The Value of COTS-based Ecosystems COTS Ecosystem provides a technical and economic foundation for Innovation Common Operating Environment
  12. 12. The Value of COTS-based Ecosystems Domain Experts deliver value and differentiation by focusing on market-specific problems
  13. 13. The value of COTS-based Ecosystems forMilitary Systems• COTS-based solutions enable a divide and conquer environment – COTS technologies used to satisfy non-functional Key Performance Parameters – Defense Primes focus on functional Key Performance Parameters• Leveraging everyone else’s investment – Saves time and money – Spreads the risk – Fosters innovation
  14. 14. Example: RTI Connext DDS• Hundreds of design wins across multiple industries• Hundreds of thousands of deployed, mission- critical systems• Every use case imaginable• 200+ person-years of investment No substitute for real-world experience
  15. 15. Not all COTS are Created Equal:The Role of Standards• Proprietary Technologies – Vendor Retains Control • Portability and Interoperability at Vendor’s Discretion – Examples • Apple IOS, Microsoft Windows• Open Standards – Customer Retains Control • Portability and Interoperability can be mandated by the customer – Examples • DDS, TCP/IP, SQL, POSIX• Proper use of standards – Help to avoid vendor lock in – Ensure maximum technology re-use and return on investment – Keep the focus on innovation
  16. 16. What should the FACE community expectfrom COTS Vendors?• A Roadmap – Putting our own skin in the game• Active Engagement with FACE – Don’t trade stovepipes for ivory towers• Transparent Business Model – No surprises
  17. 17. RTI and FACE Roadmap DO-178C Level A Certifiable DDS-RTPS compliant; interoperable with non-FACE DDS apps Security Profile
  18. 18. RTI and FACE Engagement• Active participation in FACE consortium – RTI is a principle author of the FACE standard – Actively involved in Technical Working Group and Data Model Working Group – Chair the FACE UCS-FACE Alignment Committee – Collaboration with other COTS providers – Hosting the June F2F at RTI in Sunnyvale• Educational Offerings – Introduction to FACE – FACE “Deep Dive”• Professional Services Offerings – FACE Requirements Analysis -> TSS System Requirements Review – FACE Infrastructure Design -> TSS Critical Design Review – FACE TSS Implementation -> TSS Implementation
  19. 19. New RTI IC Business Model• Infrastructure Community – An organization with a goal of adopting and broadly promoting a common software infrastructure across companies, groups, programs, systems, or applications• Source code provided free of charge• Per Developer license fees as low as $1,000• Royalty-free for distribution
  20. 20. FACE Demonstration GE IP Platform DDS Esterel DDS In Display + Mediation Graphics APEX WR 653 Partitioned OS Shows a combination of existing COTS SW and HW to provide a demonstration of the different layers of FACE Uses a custom mediation layer within the first 653 partition
  21. 21. Summary• FACE represents strategic change – Different, not just better• Requires new government-industry partnership – Standards-based COTS is critical• COTS vendors have to carry their share of the load