FACE Integration Using Wind River Technology


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Presented at the 2013 MBSE Technical Forum in Huntsville, Alabama.

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FACE Integration Using Wind River Technology

  1. 1. Building for futureinteroperability…FACE™ Integration usingWind River PartnerTechnologyLarry Kinnan, Principal Technologist for Avionics and Safety Critical Systems
  2. 2. Objectives of FACE™Enable RapidDeployment• Openarchitecture• More capabilitysooner• Interoperabilitywith multiplevendorsEnable Re-Use• Saves onCosts• Supportsmultipleplatforms• Integrate future& legacysystemsEnsure Safety &Security• Industryconformant setof libraries• Relies onindustrystandards forsafety andsecurity| © 2013 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.2
  3. 3. Smart Phone Analogy FACE™ introduces smartphone application andportability concepts to defense avionics while addingvariability (and competition)Commercial MilitaryTM| © 2013 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.3
  4. 4. FACE™ Architectural Segments| © 2013 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.4• Portable Components Segment• Portable Applications• Portable Common Services• Transport Services Segment• Platform Specific ServicesSegment• Platform Device Services• Platform Common Services• Graphics Services• I/O Services Segment• Drivers• Operating System Segment
  5. 5. FACE™ Solution Segments
  6. 6. The FACE™ Consortium was formed in 2010 by The Open GroupSponsors:• Lockheed Martin• Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)• US Army PEO Aviation• Rockwell CollinsAssociates:• AdaCore• Barco Federal Systems• Brockwell Technologies• CALCULEX• ChesapeakeTechnology Int’l.• CMC Electronics• CoreAVI• CTSi• Curtiss-Wright ControlsDefense Solutions• DDC-I• Defense Photonics• Esterel Technologies• FMS Secure Solutions• GE Intelligent Platforms• GoAhead Software• Johns Hopkins AppliedPhysics Lab• L-3 Communications• LDRA Technology• LynuxWorks• Objective InterfaceSystems• Physical Optics Corp.• Presagis• Real-Time Innovations• Richland Technologies• Stauder Technologies• Symetrics Industries• Support SystemsAssociates• Thomas ProductionCompany• Tucson EmbeddedSystems• Tresys Technology• TTTech• ViaSat• Zodiac Data SystemsFACE™ Consortium MembersPrincipals:• ATK• BAE Systems• Bell Helicopter• Boeing• Elbit Systems ofAmerica• GE Aviation Systems• General Dynamics• Green Hills Software• Harris Corp.• HoneywellAerospace• Northrop Grumman• Raytheon• Sierra Nevada Corp.• Sikorsky Aircraft• Textron Systems• US Army AMRDEC• UTC AerospaceSystems• Wind River| © 2013 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.6
  7. 7. Joint FACE™ COTS SolutionWind River SBCP4080
  8. 8. Joint FACE™ Demo8C AppRTI FACE Transport ServiceSegmentPowerPC CPUVxWorks 653RTI Connext DDSMessagingJava AppDDS-RTPS Wire Interoperability ProtocolRTIConnextDDS MicroARM CPUAndroid OS| © 2013 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9.  Delivers an open architecture that enables rapiddeployment and re-use of software across platforms Includes both a technical specification and a business model Enables more capability sooner, on more platforms Expands software supplier choices and enables interoperability Creates a platform for integrating both future and legacy systems Provides an industry library of conformant software andsupporting safety / security evidence to accelerate usage FACE™ delivers more capability at lower costFACE™ Summary| © 2013 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.9
  10. 10. 10 | © 2013 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.