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Accelerating Safety and Security Certification with FACE™ COTS Solutions


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Complying with safety security certification standards and requirements in any market is an expensive, tedious, and time-consuming task, but it saves lives in the friendly skies and can be a force multiplier on the battlefield. Meeting those requirements is often more efficient through open architecture designs and the use of common standards much the way the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) consortium is doing in the military avionics realm. New certification benchmarks such as DO-178C are also enhancing the safety compliance process. This e-cast of industry experts will discuss how designers can manage today's aerospace and defense software safety and certification requirement demands through improved modeling tools, common computing platforms, code analysis tools, and more.

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Accelerating Safety and Security Certification with FACE™ COTS Solutions

  1. 1. Accelerating Safety and SecurityCertification with FACE™ COTS SolutionsChip Downing, Senior Director of Aerospace and Defense, Wind RiverDavid French, Director of Business Development, GE Intelligent PlatformsDr. Edwin de Jong, Director of Product Management and Strategy, RTIBernard Dion, CTO, Esterel Technologies
  2. 2. Quick Introduction to FACE™NAVAIR Public Release 2012-1233 Distribution Statement A Chip Downing, Wind River "Approved for public release FACE Outreach Working Group Chair distribution is unlimited” FACE™ is a Trademark of The Open Group
  3. 3. FACE - Purpose • Delivers an open architecture that enables rapid deployment and re-use of software across platforms  Includes both a technical specification and a business model • Enables more capability sooner, on more platforms  Expands software supplier choices and enables interoperability  Creates a platform for integrating both future and legacy systems • Provides an industry library of conformant software and supporting safety / security evidence to accelerate usage3
  4. 4. Overlap of Capabilities Helicopter Bomber Cargo • Nav • Comm • SA Fighter •… UAS Applications written to Baseline Profile would run on ALL platforms (Extremely Portable but may not leverage fuller capabilities of some platforms!)4
  5. 5. FACE Consortium MembersSponsors: Associates: • LDRA Technology • AdaCore• Lockheed Martin • LynuxWorks • Aitech Defense Systems • Objective Interface• Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) • Barco Federal Systems Systems • Brockwell Technologies• US Army PEO Aviation • Physical Optics Corp. • CALCULEX • Presagis• Rockwell Collins • Chesapeake Technology • QinetiQ North America Int’l. • Real-Time InnovationsPrincipals: • CMC Electronics • Richland Technologies• ATK • Honeywell Aerospace • CoreAVI • Stauder Technologies • CTSi• BAE Systems • Northrop Grumman • Curtiss-Wright Controls • Support Systems Associates• Bell Helicopter • Raytheon Defense Solutions • Symetrics Industries• Boeing • Sierra Nevada Corp. • DDC-I • Thomas Production • DornerWorks Company• Elbit Systems of • Sikorsky Aircraft • Draper Laboratory • Tresys Technology America • Textron Systems • Esterel Technologies • TTTech North America• GE Aviation Systems • US Army AMRDEC • FMS Secure Solutions • Tucson Embedded • GE Intelligent Platforms• General Dynamics • UTC Aerospace Systems • Johns Hopkins Applied • Verocel• Green Hills Software Systems Physics Lab • ViaSat• Harris Corporation • Wind River • L-3 Communications • Zodiac Data Systems The FACE Consortium was formed in 2010 by The Open Group5 Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release
  6. 6. Smart Phone Analogy FACE introduces smartphone application and portability concepts to DoD avionics while adding variability (and competition) to all segments of the FACE Architecture TM Commercial Military6
  7. 7. FACE Architectural Segments • FACE Portable Components Segment • Portable Applications • Portable Common Services • Transport Services Segment • Platform Specific Services Segment • Platform Device Services • Platform Common Services • Graphics Services • I/O Services Segment • Drivers • Operating System Segment7
  8. 8. FACE™ COTS Solution Segments
  9. 9. FACE – Program Adoption • Although only formed in June, 2010 FACE already has significant program support: • Navy Next Generation Jammer Technology Development • Navy C-130T • Army Airborne Radio Control Display Unit (CDU) Replacement • Navy H-1 HMD • Navy ADDS • Navy Full Motion Video • Navy RNP/RNAV Portable Software Component • Army Joint Multi-Role Technology Generator Phase 2 • Navy AACUS • Army Air-to-Air Targeting of Turreted Systems • Navy FACE Software Reference Architecture • Navy AMCD/MSC 2nd OSP Upgrade See current program tracking at:
  10. 10. FACE Summary • FACE is supported by both industry and government • FACE solves the military platform reuse challenge • FACE delivers more capability at lower cost10
  11. 11. FACE™ COTS Solution Segments
  12. 12. GE IntelligentPlatformsMilitary and Aerospace Embedded Computing June 2011
  13. 13. FACE™ and COTS MOSA Hardware Operating System Segment FACE Portable Components FACE Portable Components FACE Portable Components … FACE™ Transport Services SegmentArchitecture Platform Specific Services Segment I/O Services Segment Device Drivers COTS Modular Open SystemsArchitecture
  14. 14. FACE™ Board & System Support (preliminary) FACE Architecture GE Intelligent PlatformsOperating System Segment Drivers HPEC P2P Transport Services OS API for GE Segment Network SRIO FABRIC AXISFlow Stack 1-10GE Services Support IB Platform Specific OS API for ESP1 Services Segment Common GE ESP2 AXISView Processing BSP/ESP Services other 1553 GE AXIS - I/O Services Segment Advanced 429 Multiprocessor Integrated Serial Software other
  15. 15. FACE™ Deployed Test (preliminary) Operating System Segment Platform Specific Platform Common Services Services Segment Configuration Services ARINC 653 Health Monitoring Reports GE Intelligent Platforms BCS Reports Background Condition Screening : NON- INTRUSIVE CBIT / IBIT functions GE Intelligent Platforms BIT Power-Up / Initialization BIT functions; INTRUSIVE for highest coverage
  16. 16. FORCE1™FACE™ Open Reference Computing EnvironmentSBC312 Freescale P4080 processorGPUI/O  Dual DVI, VGA output  2x USB  3x Gigabit Ethernet  2x RS232 serial comms  28 VDC input powerSoftware  VxWorks 653  Wind River Hypervisor 2.0 – With VxWorks (AMP/SMP) Guest OS, Linux Guest OS  VxWorks MILS
  17. 17. FORCE1™ Block DiagramFACE Open Reference Computing Environment DDR 2x DVI 3 2x VGA DDR GPU 3 PCIe- PCI-X x4 PCIe Filter PSU DDR DDR DDR 3 DDR 33 2x USB 3 DDR DDR P4080 2x RS232 DDR 3 DDR 3x 1000BASE-T 333 PHY
  18. 18. FACE™ COTS Solution Segments
  19. 19. Wind River A&D Solutions Portfolio Land Sea Military Aviation Space Commercial Aviation Simics Workbench Networking, Graphics, Security, and Connectivity Middleware Partner Wind River Wind Software VxWorks Android RiverEcosystem Linux Services Wind River Virtualization Optimized Hardware Integration 20
  20. 20. Wind River VxWorks 653 ARINC ARINC 653 POSIX VxWorks 653 Application Application Application Health Management VxWorks 653 Optimized Hardware Integration21
  21. 21. Wind River Hypervisor Vision FACE ARINC FACE Minimum Linux Android 653 VxWorks General Safety Purpose Profile Profile Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest Guest OS OS OS OS OS OS Wind River Hypervisor Optimized Hardware Integration22
  22. 22. Simics System SimulationCustomer Efficiency and Productivity Processor SoC Devices Complete Boards Devices, Complete Systems and Memory Racks of Boards, and Networks and Backplanes System Complexity
  23. 23. Wind River  Proven leader in aerospace and defense  Wide range of COTS solutions  Ready to respond to large industry trends and migrations
  24. 24. FACE™ COTS Solution Segments
  25. 25. Peer-To-Peer/Portable Databus OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) Sensor Data Commands Sensor Data Control Display Sensor Sensor Actuator App App
  26. 26. Data-Centric Messaging Distributed Data Model and System State Source Latitude Longitude Altitude (Key) RADAR1 37.4 -122.0 500.0 UAV2 40.7 -74.0 250.0 LPD3 50.2 -0.7 0.0
  27. 27. Hundreds Of DDS Applications
  28. 28. Introducing RTI Connext DDS Micro• Scalable product line for constrained environments• Certifiable component – Targeting DO-178C Level A – ~25K ELOC• Follows OMG DDS specification• FACE Transport Services Interface
  29. 29. Flexible and Highly Portable FACE TSS Portable FACE Portable FACE PSS PSS App App Component Component RTI Connext DDS Micro Transport Services (unicast, multicast; Shared memory communication (inter-partition) Other/Custom process, intra- (e.g., bus, DIL) intra-process ARINC Ports inter-node) Optimized partition) Sockets (inter- FACE Security Profile (upward compatible with Safety and General-Purpose profiles)
  30. 30. FACE™ COTS Solution Segments
  31. 31. Esterel Technologies mission Provide critical system and software developers with model-based development solutions that reduce cost, risk and time-to-certification32 © 2013 ANSYS, Inc. March 27, 2013 © Esterel Technologies - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company - Confidential & Proprietary
  32. 32. What is unique about SCADE ? •SCADE is developed specifically to be able to address critical system and software applications •SCADE Suite and Display Code Generators are certified/qualified according to the following international safety standards: • DO-178B / DO-178C (2013) qualification up to Level A – Aerospace & Defense • EN 50128 certification up to SIL 3/4 – Rail Transportation • IEC 61508 certification up to SIL 3 – Industrial & Energy • IEC 60880 full compliance – Nuclear Instrumentation & Control • IEC 62304 full compliance – Medical Systems • EN 13849 full compliance – Industrial Machines Safety • ISO 26262 certification up to ASIL D – Automotive (2013) •Same products qualified at the highest level of safety across 5 market segments by 10 safety authorities, worldwide33 © 2013 ANSYS, Inc. March 27, 2013 © Esterel Technologies - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company - Confidential & Proprietary
  33. 33. SCADE Product Family Model-Based System Engineering Control System Architecture, HMI System Verification Software Design Software Design Prototyping, Design, Prototyping, Design, Verifi Verification, Qualified System & Software cation, Qualified Code Generation Lifecycle Mgt Code Generation Certification Plans, Metrics, Requirements, Configur ation Management, Documentation Generation34 © 2013 ANSYS, Inc. March 27, 2013 © Esterel Technologies - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company - Confidential & Proprietary
  34. 34. The ARINC 661 Use Model Binary Definition Files 0110101 CDS SUPPLIER 0100011 1001010 1000101 0111101 6 A 6 R 1 UA1 UA2 UA3 I Set Parameter (e.g. FMS) (e.g. ATC) (e.g. TCAS) N A661 RunTime Server Notify C Embedded Embedded IMA System Cockpit Display System (Logics) (Graphics) UA SUPPLIER Pilot inputs35 © 2013 ANSYS, Inc. March 27, 2013 © Esterel Technologies - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company - Confidential & Proprietary
  35. 35. SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Cockpit Display System: Configurable ARINC 661 Server Generation Widget UA Logic Logic / UA Page Graphics Custom A661 Creator (SCADE Suite) Coupling Creator Widget Library + Widget Library SCADE Suite UA UA DF A661 Server Creator KCG Conf SCADE Suite & Display KCG) Adaptor Generator C XML BIN C Custom A661 Code DF Widget Library A R Custom A661 A661 Request Configurable Embedded SCADE SCADE Other /Notify I Widget Widget A661Server A661 Server Library UA1 UA2 UA3 N Library (e.g. FMS) (e.g. TCAS) (e.g. ATC) C Embedded 6 Cockpit Display System Embedded IMA System 6 (Graphics) (Logics) 1 UA SUPPLIER(s) / AIRFRAMER CDS SUPPLIER / AIRFRAMER36 © 2013 ANSYS, Inc. March 27, 2013 © Esterel Technologies - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company - Confidential & Proprietary
  36. 36. SCADE Solutions for IMA Manual or legacy Code Application1 Application2 Application3 (e.g. FMS) (e.g. FCS) (e.g. TCAS) IMA Partitions Partitions Partitions Configuration Table IMA Usage Domain A653 API (Platform Constraints) IMA Operating System IMA Platform provider IMA HW Platform (CPU, I/O, Networks: AFDX, ARINC 429…)37 © 2013 ANSYS, Inc. March 27, 2013 © Esterel Technologies - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company - Confidential & Proprietary
  37. 37. What is in SCADE for FACE? • SCADE provides a complete set of solutions for efficient implementation of applications in the FACE environment: o Code generation: SCADE Suite KCG • DO-178B/C certified and automatic code generation from SCADE models (Portable Components) • Automatic wrapping of SCADE generated code with FACE communication layers/API (i.e. TS) o CDS and User Applications: SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems • Full implementation of the ARINC 661 standard to generate the Cockpit Display Server and the User Applications (Portable Components) • Support Direct or In-Direct Graphic Rendering with OPENGL SC/ES graphic drivers o IMA: SCADE Solutions for IMA • Description of ARINC 653/IMA architecture and automatic generation of IMA configuration tables38 © 2013 ANSYS, Inc. March 27, 2013 © Esterel Technologies - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company - Confidential & Proprietary
  38. 38. FACE™Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) April 2, 2013 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Holiday Inn Dayton Fairborn Over 25 FACE Consortium vendors will display their products at this event
  39. 39. Joint FACE™ COTS SolutionDemonstration at WPAFB TIM
  40. 40. Audience Q & AChip Downing, Senior Director of Aerospace and Defense, Wind RiverDavid French, Director of Business Development, GE Intelligent PlatformsDr. Edwin de Jong, Director of Product Management and Strategy, RTIBernard Dion, CTO, Esterel Technologies
  41. 41. Thanks for joining us Event archive available at: us at:
  42. 42. The FACE Consortium Steering Committee Chair: Bob Matthews Advisory 50+ FACE (NAVAIR) 575 Individual Board Consortium Vice Chair: Jeff Howington Members Participants (Rockwell Collins) Judy Cerenzia (The Open Group) Enterprise Architecture Business Working Group Steve Davidson Technical Working Group Chair: Dennis Stevens (Raytheon) Chair: Rob Sweeney (Lockheed Martin) (NAVAIR) Vice Chair: David Boyett Vice Chair: Kirk Avery (US Army AMRDEC) (Lockheed Martin) FACE / UCS Alignment Bill Antypas (Real Time Innovations) Conformance Library Outreach Verification Data Model & Reference Security Business Model Subcommittee Subcommittee Subcommittee Matrix Data Definition Implementation Subcommittee Subcommittee Steve Goetz David Boyett Chip Downing Marcell Padilla Jeff Hegedus Guide Joe Neal Gabriel Flores (US Army (US Army (Wind River) (NAVAIR) (Raytheon) Kirk Avery (Harris)(Northrop Grumman) AMRDEC) AMRDEC) (Lockheed Martin)
  43. 43. FACE Consortium Contacts Bob Matthews, PMA209EA Judy Cerenzia, The Open GroupFACE Steering Committee Chair FACE Program Director (301) 995-4971 (814) 234-2234 Mike Hickey, The Open Group Membership Contact (512) 343-9159 Website: