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A Tour of RTI Applications


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RTI is the Industrial Internet of Things Connectivity Company. Trusted by the world's most mission-critical systems, Connext DDS software enables IIoT applications to work together as one.

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A Tour of RTI Applications

  1. 1. A Tour of RTI Applications The Industrial Internet of Things Connectivity Company
  2. 2. The smart machine era will be the most disruptive in history Gartner
  4. 4. THE IIoT DISRUPTION “You don’t compete against competitors. You compete against market transitions.” John Chambers
  5. 5. "GE Healthcare chose the DDS standard because it can handle many classes of intelligent machines. RTI Connext DDS satisfies the demanding requirements of our devices and supports standardization on a single communications platform across product lines.” J Gustavo Perez, General Manager for MI&CT Engineering BUILD COMMON PLATFORMS
  6. 6. “BK Ultrasound is truly redefining Medical Ultrasound Imaging where the traditional single user / single system approach is being replaced with fully scalable and distri- buted multi-user systems…We selected RTI Connext DDS as this gives us all the flexibility and the abstraction needed.” Jesper Lomborg Manigoff, VP of Engineering TRANSFORM PRODUCT ARCHITECTURES
  7. 7. IMPROVE PATIENT SAFETY Hospital error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. DocBox is developing clinical process management solutions for hospitals in order to prevent errors, increase patient safety and reduce costs. As the connectivity framework, Connext DDS ensures medical data is handled safely, securely and in real time.
  8. 8. ENABLE IIoT STRATEGY • Hundreds of device types • 1,000+ patients • 200,000+ devices • Wired/wireless/ISM • WAN/LAN • Moving patients • Real-time video and waveforms • 100% uptime • Security
  9. 9. ENSURE RELIABLE COMPLEX SYSTEMS Mevion’s Proton-Beam Radiation Therapy system zaps tumors with accelerated protons. The treatment must be continuous for 30-40 days; downtime endangers treatment success. With Connext DDS, Mevion delivers dependable treatment at low cost.
  10. 10. DELIVER FAST DATA ON TIME The Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery (MIRS) system at DLR coordinates three robots to perform delicate heart surgery. RTI enables new medical techniques.
  11. 11. Physio-Control supplies emergency response medical equipment to 60% of the world’s emergency vehicles. “Physio-Control is utilizing RTI Connext DDS to exchange critical patient care information throughout the system of care.” Dale Pearson, VP Data Solutions CONNECT MOBILE TO CLOUD
  12. 12. GUARANTEE FAULT TOLERANCE The LPD-17 Ship-Wide Area Network (SWAN) runs machinery, damage control, steering, magnetic signature, mission control, navigation and communication. Redundant networks, data, sensors and RTI Connext DDS provide non-stop reliability.
  13. 13. FUTURE-PROOF ARCHITECTURE RTI powers the SPY radar and combat management system for Aegis. This highly distributed system of radar, weapons, displays and controls complies with the Navy Open Architecture. A standards-based, high-performance framework avoids vendor lock-in and future-proofs the architectural design.
  14. 14. ASSURE REAL-TIME PERFORMANCE The Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) is the “last line of defense” for the U.S. carrier fleet. It coordinates high- speed radars, targets defensive missiles and directs 1,000+ rounds/sec at incoming cruise missiles. RTI delivers data in real time.
  15. 15. EASE SYSTEM INTEGRATION RTI is the leading vendor of combat management systems connectivity. RTI Connext DDS connects disparate systems, merges multiple languages on multiple operating systems, and handles DIL links and legacy interfaces. RTI enables easy, large-scale integration.
  16. 16. EXTEND SCALABILITY AND EVOLUTION Raytheon uses RTI software to control the new Zumwalt DDG 1000 destroyer. The system connects hundreds of computers, 1,500 teams building thousands of applications, and more than 10M publish-subscribe pairs.
  17. 17. SPEED DEVELOPMENT General Atomics Advanced Cockpit Ground Control Stations deliver real-time data acquisition, analysis and response for unmanned aircraft systems. GA selected RTI Connext DDS to simplify application code and speed development.
  18. 18. AUTOMATE FLIGHT Aurora Flight Sciences ALIAS (Aircrew Labor In-cockpit Automation System) is a minimally-invasive robotic copilot. It combines manipulation and machine vision to actuate aircraft controls, and perceive aircraft instruments. RTI Connext DDS integrates advanced software and controls into an open, adaptable architecture.
  19. 19. RTI leads in defining standard architectures for unmanned vehicles. RTI is key to the architecture and data model efforts for both UCS (ground stations) and FACE (avionics). DDS enables component- based smart systems. LEAD AUTONOMOUS ARCHITECTURE STANDARDS
  20. 20. UPGRADE LEGACY SYSTEMS Boeing’s AWACS provides airborne surveillance, command & control for battle management. The AWACS upgrade design is more open and supportable. Open and extensible connectivity software lowers maintenance costs.
  21. 21. • Separates UAS flights from Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and Visual Flight Rules (VFR) aircraft • Certified using RTI’s RTCA DO-178C DAL A safety certification evidence for Connext DDS • Multiple use cases: aircraft separation, disaster relief, forest monitoring, training and testing ALLOW UAS IN NATIONAL AIR SPACE The US Army Ground-Based Sense and Avoid (GBSAA) system enables Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) to safely operate in FAA-controlled U.S. National Air Space (NAS) with other commercial, private and military aircraft. Management: US Army UAS Project Office System integrator: SRC, Inc.
  22. 22. SHARE ARCHITECTURE ACROSS DIVISIONS NASA’s Human-Robotic Systems Program prototypes robots for extraterrestrial surfaces. The project coordinates four NASA centers building different robots to operate in realistic environments including over low-bandwidth, high-delay communi- cations. Connext DDS provides these systems with one common architecture.
  23. 23. LINK OVER ANY TRANSPORT NASA proved RTI Connext DDS for low-bandwidth, high-delay, lossy space-earth communications from the International Space Station (ISS). RTI connectivity software communicates over disadvantaged links.
  24. 24. ENABLE LARGE-SCALE SYSTEM CONTROL RTI Connext DDS reduces complexity for NASA’s Launch Control and Data Systems through a DDS data exchange infrastructure that provides fault tolerance through passive process replication, message traceability, persistence profile, and content subscription profile capabilities.
  25. 25. ADVANCE PRECISION SCIENCE European Southern Observatory’s new 39-meter Extremely Large Telescope (currently in development) will be the world’s largest optical telescope. It precisely synchronizes hundreds of servo mirrors and scientific instruments. RTI software coordinates precise control and measurement. Thor’s Helmet Nebula Credit: ESO/B. Bailleul
  26. 26. INTEGRATE SYSTEMS IN REAL TIME The AN/SPY-6 Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) will form the core of the Navy’s next-generation air, missile, surface and ballistic defense. RTI software tracks thousands of objects, and coordinates many ships and planes. This will be the Navy’s most modular, scalable and capable radar.
  27. 27. COORDINATE OPERATIONS RTI Connext DDS runs ground control at most major airports in the SE China Region (Shanghai PVG). Operations are extending to air traffic control in the future. SHANGHAI AIRPORT AUTHORITY
  28. 28. BAE Systems selected RTI Connext DDS as part of the $1.2 billion AUD Upgrade to Australia’s Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN). With Connext DDS, the JORN Phase 6 Upgrade Program will modernize the system, significantly increasing the radar coverage area and information gathered for the Royal Australian Air Force, strengthening the protection of Australia’s northern borders. MODERNIZE WIDE-AREA SURVEILLANCE
  29. 29. *available soon Assure Safety-Critical Operation Connext DDS Cert • Stringent SWaP requirements • Complete certification evidence • Full interoperability with Connext DDS product line Flight Management Systems DO-178C Level A Road Vehicle Functional Safety ISO 26262* Medical Devices IEC 60601 Class 3*
  30. 30. INTEGRATE SMART ARMORED VEHICLES "We are the first company in Israel that uses all data from the vehicle and integrates it into an open DDS architecture. This architecture enables rapid and reliable information exchange, enabling safer operations and autonomous functionality.” Baruch Dilion, Vetronics and Integration Division Manager
  31. 31. The Mercedes Autonomous Car controls all vehicle dataflow with RTI Connext DDS. The databus combines perception, decision, display, logging, mapping, traffic, navigation and high-performance vehicle control over a single bus. It connects onboard and cloud modules. MEET THE DATAFLOW CHALLENGE Status Feb 2016
  32. 32. Audi’s hardware-in-the-loop simulation feeds realistic data to components to test hundreds of ECUs. RTI software enables a modular environment that scales to test entire vehicles and complex scenarios. UNIFY SIMULATION VENDORS
  33. 33. VW uses RTI Connext DDS for advanced vehicle projects including the Driver Assistance and Integrated Safety System, and V-Charge Autonomous Electric Vehicle. RTI enables advanced reactive systems in transportation. INTEGRATE INTELLIGENCE
  34. 34. “Fielding autonomous vehicles to consumers requires not only performance and flexibility today, but the safety, security and reliability to deploy at scale. For systems that need to operate for billions of miles over decades, we rely on the proven pedigree of RTI's Connext DDS.” Daniel Gandhi, Director of Autonomous Vehicles CONNECT AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS
  35. 35. CONTROL FUTURE TRANSPORT Virgin Hyperloop One is the only company in the world that has built a fully-operational hyperloop system. The RTI Connext Databus connects the Hyperloop One faster-than-sound transport.
  36. 36. ENABLE A SAFE FLYING CAR Airbus Vahana is developing the first certified, electric, self- piloted vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) passenger aircraft. RTI Connext DDS addresses diverse systems with the same technology, greatly simplifying design integration and modularity.
  37. 37. Cubic develops intelligent traffic and transportation management systems, enabling authorities and agencies to manage demand across the entire transportation network – all in real time. Cubic’s NextCity™ vision incorporates city management, integrated traveler payment and system information. SCALE INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION
  38. 38. ENABLE MOBILE NETWORKING Wi-Tronix systems wirelessly monitor high-value mobile assets, such as locomotives and industrial equipment. RTI addressed critical issues including optimized flow and discovery process over a wireless network.
  39. 39. ADVANCE REAL-TIME CONTROL “By replacing our previous messaging software with RTI Connext DDS, we were able to increase efficiency by 30% while providing a secure, open architecture that will make it easy for us to monitor the system remotely into the future.” Tab Mong, System Architect Wabtec and GE Transportation announced a plan to merge in 2018
  40. 40. OpenROV is bringing a robust underwater drone platform to consumer, research and industrial markets. “The Connext DDS framework enables us to rapidly enhance interoperability between the technical aspects of our products.“ ENABLE RESEARCH EXPLORATION Charles Cross, Embedded Systems Engineer
  41. 41. SHM is a Norwegian technology company in the maritime, offshore and aquaculture industries. “RTI Connext DDS was the ideal foundation for our platform because it’s the proven data connectivity standard for the IoT and the only technology able to solve complex technical challenges.” Rune Volden, Founder and R&D Manager FACILITATE INTELLIGENT, SUSTAINABLE AQUACULTURE
  42. 42. MODERNIZE SHIP ARCHITECTURE The Ulstein Bridge Vision combines: • 360 degree sensing • Modern bridge controls • Advanced HMI • Redundant networking • Assisted maneuvering
  43. 43. SHARE WIDE-AREA VOICE AND VIDEO Harris provides command & control systems for fire, police and emergency response. RTI Connext DDS meets the critical scalability, routing and recording requirements. It connects GUIs to servers that route voice and video between mobile and fixed points.
  44. 44. SWITCH WIDE-AREA VIDEO STREAMS Harmonic transmission and video switching equipment delivers worldwide video-on-demand. RTI handles the real-time switching logic – thousands of clients connecting millions of messages. Connext DDS enables high-performance scalability and future extensibility.
  45. 45. Komatsu is the world’s largest mining equipment manufacturer. RTI Connext DDS provides reliable, fast connectivity enabling control, debugging and system health monitoring for continuous mining. WORK IN HARSH ENVIRONMENTS
  46. 46. "When you are operating on critical infrastructure that is thousands of meters below the ocean's surface, performance and reliability are crucial because the smallest mistake could lead to a multi-billion-dollar disaster. We rely on RTI to support us with the real-time connectivity required.” BRING AUTONOMY TO DEEP WATER Bijou Abraham, Chief Software Engineer
  47. 47. AUTOMATE FOR COST AND ENVIRONMENT Well drilling automation: • Supports complex, higher-quality wells • Decreases time and costs • Protects the environment from groundwater problems • Decreases downtime and equipment failure
  48. 48. INCREASE SPEED AND SAFETY Nabors uses RTI Connext DDS in its Canrig drilling equipment to reduce manual operations for flexible drilling. The robotics system automates all operations on the drill floor, replacing slow, dangerous operations with fast and safe handling.
  49. 49. ENSURE CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE RELIABILITY RTI controls the 6.8 GW Grand Coulee Dam, the largest power plant in North America and the fastest-responding power source on the Western Grid. Connext DDS met the extreme availability, security and real-time challenges. USACE is deploying the design across the 75-dam U.S. hydropower system.
  50. 50. FIND AND DELIVER THE RIGHT DATA Wind turbine farms can include 500 turbines with 100M blades. Turbine control requires fast local loops and maintenance data collection. RTI-controlled wind turbines today generate ~14GW.
  51. 51. RTI lives at the intersection of functional artificial intelligence and pervasive networking
  52. 52. By enabling a new generation of intelligent distributed systems, RTI boldly seeks to transform entire industries. We particularly seek applications that promote a sustainable, safe, green and healthy planet. Why: We Make the World Run Better
  53. 53. Epictetus Roman Philosopher Tentative efforts lead to tentative outcomes. Therefore, give yourself fully to your endeavors. Decide to construct your character through excellent actions and determine to pay the price of a worthy goal. The trials you encounter will introduce you to your strengths. Remain steadfast, and one day you will build something that endures; something worthy of your potential.
  54. 54. RTI commits to making our customers successful through products and services that exceed expectations. Delivering high-quality results is a core responsibility of every employee. RTI’s commitment to process-based management and continuous improvement through management review ensures achievement of our Mission, Strategy and Company goals. RTI QUALITY POLICY
  55. 55. Stay Connected Free trial of Connext DDS @rti_software @rti_software rtisoftware connextpodcast