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Bet Tracker, the premiere mobile sports betting and tracking application enables Sportsbooks to capitalise on the latest mobile technology. Integrates into any Sportsbook\’s existing backend. Tracks bets in-play with live game statistics and advanced win/loss probability calculations.

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  • Excellent website. Thank you for this post. Social betting Create your own bets Fun betting Create my own bets,Betting for fun bet-trackerCreate your own betsBet tracker Create my own betsFun betting,Betting for fun Social betting, Create your own bets, Fun betting, betting for fun, Bet tracker,bet-tracker. Stakemate is a social betting platform, where the users are the bookmakers and their friends and everyone else are the pundits. No money is involved. Only respect at stake.Bet on everything. The weather, sports, the night out, politics etc. Select an opponent among your friends and determine: - Your win chance (in percentages) - What's at stake? (points) - When is the bet stop for your opponent and 3rd parties, who wants to bet on the outcome of your bet? - Should the bet be visible to everyone, only your network or perhaps just you and your opponent? - What's at stake for people joining the bet as 3rd party? As an opponent you have the opportunity to counter the bet, before you accept.
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Bet Tracker presentation

  1. 1. Bet Tracker - Transforming the mobile sports betting industrySportsbooksAn unrivalled experience for sports betting customers Bet Tracker Features • Track bets placed through Sportsbooks • View Win/Loss Probabilities, In-Play • Live game scores and statistics • View schedules of all major sports games • Retains all bet history to analyse later
  2. 2. Bet Tracker - Transforming the mobile sports betting industrySportsbooksTake your business to the next level
  3. 3. Bet Tracker - Transforming the mobile sports betting industryMaximize GrowthIncrease volume and betting frequency Sportsbook Features • Logo and brand visible on screens • Sportsbook game lines and odds • Integrates with any Sportsbook backend • Patent Pending Security
  4. 4. Bet Tracker - Transforming the mobile sports betting industrySimple IntegrationIntegrates with any Sportsbook system
  5. 5. Bet Tracker - Transforming the mobile sports betting industryHow it worksBet Tracker and Bet Taker 1. Customer places bet 2. Bet syncs with Bet Tracker and sportsbook system 3. Game starts, Bet Tracker displays live feeds 4. Bet Tracker calculates the placed bets probability of winning 5. Bet results are con rmed once Sportsbook settles the bet 6. Customer retains information and bet history to analyse later
  6. 6. Bet Tracker - Transforming the mobile sports betting industryGo ViralNew tools to expand your customer base • Works on all smartphones and tablets • New sports betting leagues • New update with added sports games • International time zones and odds • Widget for Sportsbook’s website
  7. 7. An opportunity for exponential growth in mobile sports betting