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  1. 1. Welcome toFedora and the Infinity design logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc.
  2. 2. Standard Linux Protocols - Beautified Add/Remove SoftwareFedora, and all Linux systems, use a package manager to organize software packages, and to get them allfrom one place, similarly to an app store for a mobile device. The Fedora package manager is both easyand fun to use, with over 20 different categories, varying from Games to Fonts to Programming toEducation. Because there are many different items, it also provides filters, to only show packages matchingcertain criteria.
  3. 3. Standard Linux Protocols - Beautified Software UpdateIn conjunction with a uniformed protocol to download programs, there is also one to update them. Thefront-end splits updates into categories such as security, bug-fixes, and others. The list shows lots ofinformation about each update, and a checkbox whether or not to download this update. Unlike withUbuntu and similar flavors, no authentication is needed to update!
  4. 4. Standard Linux Protocols - Beautified TerminalThe terminal is an essential part of any Linux distribution. It provides access to the command line side of thecomputer, sometimes doing tasks that cannot yet be done by GUI programs, or are harder to do. The commandline is classically a white-on-black interface. Fedoras Konsole program can hardly help being much nicer thanthat, with an aesthetically pleasing black-on-white color scheme, and even different sizes to snap to. All this iscustomizable, of course, including text color, background color/image, default size, and window title. It canalso be a tabbed window, to run multiple commands at once.
  5. 5. Wonderful Window Management WorkspacesLinux has a feature called workspaces, where the user can organize their open windows to their heartsdelight. With Fedora, theres no need to set the amount – just open a window on the blank workspace, anda new one will be created! Firefoxs Tab Groups (Panorama) feature is likely based on workspaces. Window PreviewIn the center ofthe screen is a listand preview ofthe windows inthe selectedworkspace. Itshows thewindow and thetitle. Hoveringover one producesan X to close it.Clicking willswitch to it.
  6. 6. Wonderful Window Management Launch BarThe launch bar is the easiest way to open your favorite applications. It lists programs that the user hasmarked as their favorite, along with all open applications. Clicking on an open application can sometimesbe the fastest way to switch workspaces.
  7. 7. Amazing Applications Default SetFedora comes with a host of useful applications by default. These include Firefox, GIMP, andLibreOffice. There are photo viewers and audio players. There are tools to take screenshots, calculate,customize your computer, and report bugs. Several games are also provided, including the AisleRiotsolitaire package, Mines, and Sudoku.
  8. 8. Amazing Applications Categories The default set of applications are sorted into 9 categories, along with “all”. The programs have the category coded in. When a new application is downloaded that has a non-existing category (such as WINE), it is created. SearchIn case there are toomany applications toeasily find the neededone, a search bar isprovided. It searchesboth the shown name,and the technicalname. Typing fromanywhere in theActivities viewactivates the search.
  9. 9. Fedora Keeps you on Track EvolutionFedoras calendar displays events set in the Evolution calendar client. Checking yourschedule is just a single click away. Evolution also serves as a mail client.
  10. 10. Fedora Keeps you on Track EmpathyThe Empathy chat client is integrateddirectly into Fedora. The status canbe adjusted directly from theusername dropdown. When enabled,notifications can pop up on thedesktop. Empathy can show contactsfrom several different accounts all atonce, when configured.
  11. 11. Security-Enhanced Linux Leading in Linux SecurityFedora is one of the leading distributions in SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux). SELinux keepsyour computer secure from hackers. With Fedoras implementation, you hardly notice it! Upstream ChangesFedora does even betterthan implementing amazingsecurity for their ownoperating system. Theysend their advancementsupstream, to be included inall Linux distributions!
  12. 12. Security-Enhanced Linux AuthenticationBefore running any scripts that could compromise your computers security and integrity, anadministrator password must be given. This includes modifying files outside of your homedirectory, and installing packages other than from the package manager.
  13. 13. Choose Your Desktop Environment Lots of Spins Aside for the main desktop environments, there are several other “spins” of Fedora. Some of these are Games, Designer-suite, and Robotics. Each spin has a unique design goal, but all of them have the power of Fedora behind them. KDE, LXDE, Xfce There are several official desktop environments that Fedora supports as spins. The one shown at left is KDE. All CustomizableBeing Fedora Linux at the core, almost all of the spins are customizable to the users content.Spins are a personal Fedora, just for you.
  14. 14. Easy to Install Try Before Installing Not sure you want to install Fedora to your hard drive yet? You can run it from live media without modifying your computer. At any time you can install. 10 Step Installation Virtual MachineInstalling Fedora is only a 10 step process! After Even on a virtual machine, installing Fedora isclicking install from the live disk, you receive quick and easy. Its a great way to try Fedora,built-in expert guidance, including advice which and it doesnt even cost a blank CD!options to choose.
  15. 15. EnjoyMade by Scimonster for the Google Code-in 2012.All screenshots by Scimonster, with the exception of: the background of this slide, which is from Wikipedia; SELinux,also from Wikipedia; and the install screenshot, from more about Fedora, please visit