Talk Of The Town Introduction to Social Media


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The "Talk of the Town" Workshop Series, in Boone NC, will delve extensively into each mode of social media, and include knowledgeable speakers as well as peer coaching. We will come alongside local small businesses as you navigate the world of new media and customize it to suit your needs.

* Instead of talking into the sea of people and hoping one will hear, learn how to inspire others to talk about you in a positive way!
* Reach out and draw consumers to your message through "permission marketing."
* Discover how to make Social Media work for you, with specifically tailored workshops and peer coaching, abandoning the "one size fits all" approach!
* Teaming with successful bloggers and social media users to promote your message.
* Overcome the publicity challenges unique to a small town!

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Talk Of The Town Introduction to Social Media

  1. 2. Relationship Marketing (70's-80's) Relationship marketing refers to a long-term and mutually beneficial arrangement wherein both the buyer and seller focus on value enhancement with the goal of providing a more satisfying exchange. This approach attempts to transcend the simple purchase-exchange process with customer to make more meaningful and richer contact by providing a more holistic, personalized purchase, and use the consumption experience to create stronger ties.
  2. 3. Traditional Marketing vs. Relationship Marketing <ul><li>Broadcast Message
  3. 4. Company Driven
  4. 5. Advertisements
  5. 6. Scheduled
  6. 7. Distant
  7. 8. Contact Lists
  8. 9. Control
  9. 10. Talk </li></ul><ul><li>Engage Target Consumers
  10. 11. Consumer Driven
  11. 12. Conversations
  12. 13. Real Time
  13. 14. Personal
  14. 15. Relationships
  15. 16. Surrender
  16. 17. Listen </li></ul>
  17. 18. The Art of Listening
  18. 19. Relationship Marketing Then
  19. 20. Relationship Marketing Now
  20. 21. What are Social Media? <ul><li>Blogging
  21. 22. Twitter
  22. 23. Photo Sharing
  23. 24. Video Sharing
  24. 25. Forums
  25. 26. Podcasts </li></ul><ul><li>Social Networks
  26. 27. Chat Rooms
  27. 28. Wikis
  28. 29. Mobile Apps
  29. 30. Virtual Worlds
  30. 31. Word of Mouth </li></ul>
  31. 33. Click to Watch
  32. 35. The Flow of Social Media
  33. 36. Social Media Marketing Essentials <ul><li>Passion
  34. 37. Sense of Humor
  35. 38. A Love of People
  36. 39. Creation of a Community
  37. 40. A Personal Touch </li></ul>
  38. 41. Passion Bald Guy Brew's New Roaster + Clever Caption + People Who Love Their Coffee = A Tale of two roasters begins
  39. 42. 19 Facebook Comments
  40. 43. Sense of Humor
  41. 44. Love of People
  42. 45. Community
  43. 47. How Will We Integrate Social Media into Your Marketing? <ul><li>Blogs </li><ul><li>Will we set up a corporate blog, and/or work with existing bloggers to promote us?
  44. 48. Will we integrate it into our existing website, or create another entity?
  45. 49. Who will write our blog, and why? What will we do if that person no longer works for us?
  46. 50. What should we say on our blog, and will we allow readers to comment?
  47. 51. How will we get people to read it?
  48. 52. What about blogging etiquette? </li></ul></ul>
  49. 53. How Will We Integrate Social Media into Your Marketing? <ul><li>Facebook </li><ul><li>Would having a Facebook presence benefit our company?
  50. 54. Should we have a fan page, group, or personal page?
  51. 55. How should we find fans? What access should we allow them?
  52. 56. Again, who will maintain our Facebook account?
  53. 57. What is standard Facebook etiquette? </li></ul></ul>
  54. 58. How Will We Integrate Social Media into Your Marketing? <ul><li>Twitter </li><ul><li>Is a large portion of my audience using Twitter already?
  55. 59. Do I have immediate information pertinent to Twitter users? Could I?
  56. 60. How will I get followers? Should I follow everyone who follows me?
  57. 61. How do I engage and create relationships on Twitter?
  58. 62. Is there etiquette norms for Twitter? </li></ul></ul>
  59. 63.
  60. 64. “ So, does this Social Media stuff really work? Or am I wasting my time?”
  61. 66. Are you ready?