Relevant Conference 2010: Working with Brands as a Blogger


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This presentation was compiled and presented by SarahPinnix, of and Alyssa Francis of, at the Relevant Christian Blogging Conference in 2010.

These are the basic talking points, but if you have questions or need clarification, please contact Sarah or Alyssa through their websites!

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Relevant Conference 2010: Working with Brands as a Blogger

  1. 1. Working with Brands
  2. 2. Working with Brands Getting Started ●Decide IF you're going to work with brands. How many? ●Build your community with great content first! ●What is your purpose for working with brands? ●Set standards as a believer for which types of brands to work with. Preserve the integrity of your message. ●Will you do reviews, giveaways or both?
  3. 3. Working with Brands ●Have an easy to find, clear method to contact you through your blog ●Have a thorough “About Page” ●Have an “elevator pitch” and consider creating a media kit. ●Be active on social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, place it prominently on your blog ●Instead of saying “PR Friendly,” consider having a “Partner with ____” section/button.
  4. 4. Working with Brands Review Networks ●MomSelect ●Mom Central ●Team Mom ●One2One Network ●My Blog Spark ●Collective Bias ●MomSpark ●Global Influence ●Join a review network to get initial experience working with brands.
  5. 5. Working with Brands ●Most blog reviews are non-compensated, except for product samples ●Consider Return on Investment for your time when deciding to accept a review Reviews ●Have a plan for what to do with negative reviews. ●Write reviews in your own voice and style. ●Try to include at least one thing the company can improve upon. ●Be sure to disclose all complimentary products or compensation
  6. 6. Working with Brands Content Creation ●Create content for a brand on your own site or on theirs, usually compensated ●Where reviews are objective, creating content requires you to share their message, on their schedule. ●Have a multi-faceted approach so you can offer blog posts, video, podcasts or other media.
  7. 7. Working with Brands Protect yourself ●Get a contract or written terms/agreement ●Keep all emails. ●Be clear about what you will do, and what they expect: Number of blog posts, approximate number of Tweets/Facebook, or length of time ●Place approppriate value on your insight. Consulting is a service you offer, not a chance to “pick your brain.” ●Keep records of what you receive for tax documents
  8. 8. Working with Brands Get on the Radar ●Interact with the brand on social media. ●Volunteer support a cause, ministry or non-profit ●Create awesome content! ●Avoid negativity on your blog, and social media outlets ●Pitch them! ●Sponsor a giveaway yourself. ie: Purchase the product.