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Annual General Assembly 14 September 2011 - Corporate Governance


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Annual General Assembly 14 September 2011 - Corporate Governance

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Annual General Assembly 14 September 2011 - Corporate Governance

  1. 1. Corporate Governance<br />General Assembly 14 September 2011<br />
  2. 2. Annual Report:Corporate Governance Declaration<br />Board of Directors<br />Audit Committee<br />Nomination & Remuneration Committee<br />Executive Management<br />New item: Remuneration Report<br />External and internal audit<br />New item: Internal control Systems <br />Shareholders<br />General meetings <br />Comply or explain<br />Risk factors<br />
  3. 3. Remuneration Report<br />Law 6 April 2010<br />Mandatory information<br />Policy: history; modifications; strategy changes; new proposal<br />Transparency <br />directors fees<br />executive management compensation<br />C.E.O.: full details about fees<br />New policy executive compensation<br />Current scheme based on 1 year targets<br />Growth strategy to be applied to long term targets<br />Claw-back clause<br />
  4. 4. Internal Control Systems<br />Governance Code 2009<br />Law 6 April 2010<br />Description main characteristics<br />Internal control<br />Risk management systems <br />Part of annual report as related to financial reporting<br />Details about control environment, risk management, control activities, information & communication and follow-up<br />
  5. 5. For more information:<br />visit our website WWW.REALDOLMEN.COM<br />or contact:<br />Thierry de Vries<br />Secretary-general<br />TEL.:+32 2 801 55 55<br />FAX: +32 2 801 55 99 <br /><br />Follow us on:<br />This presentation is available on:<br />Thank YOU<br />Or scan this QR code with your Smartphone to immediately go to the website<br />