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The Social Media Gender Gap


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Published in: Business
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The Social Media Gender Gap

  1. 1. The Social Media Gender Gap Starring: Auren Hoffman CEO Rapleaf
  2. 2. Women are more active on social networks than men
  3. 3. Source: Facebook (Sept 25, 2008) 56.2% of people on Facebook are women
  4. 4. Most social networks are 60% women
  5. 5. Women have more online friends
  6. 6. Fastest growing demographic on social networks: Moms
  7. 7. Men are more transactional
  8. 8. Men are from video games
  9. 9. Social media sites are geared toward women
  10. 10. Prediction: more women social media executives
  11. 11. Rapleaf: a search tool used to learn about a client’s consumers, and their footprint on the social web
  12. 12. 657 Mission St Suite 600 San Francisco, CA Contact: Auren Hoffman [email_address] 415.786.3477