Where Do Webinars Fit in a Content Marketing Strategy?


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Join experts from Kapost, Vidyard, and ReadyTalk to learn:

-Why content marketing is important to modern marketers
-What types of content work best at each stage of the funnel
-How to tailor your webinar content to persona and stage in the buying process
-Tips on designing your webinar content with reuse in mind
-Creative ideas for repurposing your webinar for ongoing content marketing
-How to drive ROI from your webinar recording long after the follow-up email

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  • Introduce speakers
  • Traditional tactics on how to influence buyer are changing-No more blasting information of product at buyer--buyer resists that information--missile=product information-Buyer can now find all this information on their own--find it annoying and damaging of perception
  • -Webinar usage up 13% from same study in 2012Why the growth in webinars?
  • Video production of an educational product video on youtube-Historically expensive-0-100,000 per video production-Average just under 10,0000$ is a webcam video meant for specific costumer (not for broadcast)-Talks to customer about assets and what they should spend on video-Top vs. bottom not really touched upon
  • Keep production shortBring personality to videoHome depot did a video campaign about installing toilets-Drove traffic which converted to salesSAP did video on what is big dataSuperbowl ads-all about puppies, babies, sexTop of funnel doesn’t have to be about product
  • Not much explanation neededDistribution>Distribution of video content>1000 views per video means company is engaging costumers through video content
  • Recommend not gating -Or can gate for a set time after event (30 days)
  • Biggest youtube library is zappos-Zappos is an e-commerce company-Have a video for every single product they sell-They upload 50 videos a dayEvery video includes tags, a description, a category, and transcriptsGood for SEO
  • Allows viewers to just watch parts they are interested inKeep top of funnel content at 30-90 seconds
  • Candidio will edit/chapter your video for you
  • Future of video is onlineYou can track views and who’s viewing of online video unlike televisionCan also make things interactive
  • When you get into lots of webinarsIf you see content that works, use it moreIf you see a webinar that works, repurpose it and use it moreLose a quarter of your audience after first 30-60 seconds
  • Did they come to your site out of content marketing?-result in contact?-New lead?-Last touch before they bought?-Conversion?10=number of touches before sales get contactedWhere they engaged?Did they share the video?
  • Tracks at the individual use on videos
  • Where Do Webinars Fit in a Content Marketing Strategy?

    1. 1. 1Where Do Webinars Fit in a ContentMarketing Strategy?
    2. 2. 2PresentersToby MurdockCEO, Co-FounderKapost@Kapost / @tobymurdockIan HutchinsonVideo Marketing SpecialistVidyard@Vidyard / @IHutchinsonAnita WehnertDirector of Product StrategyReadyTalk@ReadyTalk / @anitawehnert• Why content marketing is important to modern marketers• What types of content work best at each stage of the funnel• How to tailor webinar content to persona and stage in thebuying process• Tips on designing your webinar content with reuse in mind• Repurposing your webinar for ongoing content marketing• Driving ROI from your recorded assets long after the follow-up email• Video distribution
    3. 3. Brands Must Become Publishers!#RTWebinar , @Kapost
    4. 4. Past vs. PresentInformation Scarcity• Buyers would have littleinformation before buyinga productInformation abundance• Now there is a large amountof information for buyers– Buyers are in control– Almost 2/3 of buying processoccurs before buyer contactsvendor
    5. 5. Marketing Owns Top of Funnel#RTWebinar , @KapostTop of funnelFirst half ofbuyingprocessMarketers mustbe responsiblefor top of funnelactivity
    6. 6. What to Do?#RTWebinar , @KapostNo more blasting information atbuyer
    7. 7. What to do?Buyers resistinformation that is“blasted” at them-Find it annoying-Damaging to perceptionof company
    8. 8. Content: The Force that Moves theBuyer Down the Funnel#RTWebinar , @KapostIT’S ABOUT THE BUYER!Content marketing = SolutionWe must earn our buyersattention with content aboutthe buyer’s interests
    9. 9. site visitorsleadsopportunitiescustomersContentCampaignsTOPMIDDLESUCCESS#RTWebinar , @KapostBOTTOMContent aboutbuyer shouldNEVER leaveprocessBuyer-centric Process
    10. 10. 10@anitawehnert #RTwebinarWebinars are a Top Tactic59% of respondents to a 2013CMI study are using webinars asa tactic in their B2B contentmarketing strategy.
    11. 11. 11@anitawehnert #RTwebinarWebinars are an Effective TacticPer CMI, B2B marketers rankwebinars as the #3 tactic forcontent marketing, with61% calling it effective.
    12. 12. 12@anitawehnert #RTwebinarWebinars are a VehiclePeople don’t want boxes, theywant what’s inside. Think ofwebinars as a delivery vehicle foryour compelling content.
    13. 13. 13@anitawehnert #RTwebinarTarget to Your AudienceRole?Geography?Industry?Problems?As with any other piece ofcontent, having a clear picture ofwho you are targeting with yourwebinar is key.
    14. 14. 14@anitawehnert #RTwebinar• Show Thought Leadership• Build Credibility• Gather Qualifying DataProspect• Stay Top of Mind• Develop the OpportunityNurture• Demo Your Product• Share Success StoriesClose• Train New Customers• Cross-Sell/Up-Sell• Expand UsageOnboardTailor to Buying StageWebinars play a role throughoutthe funnel. Top? Thoughtleadership. Mid? Demos & casestudies. Bottom? Onboarding.
    15. 15. 15@anitawehnert #RTwebinarEasier to Repurpose Harder to RepurposeIndividual capsules w/ discrete ideas Complex ideas that build on each otherMultiple speakers Single speakerTips & best practices that can stand alone One long PowerPoint presentationContent with natural breakpoints A 45-minute diatribeTweetable statements No clear takeawaysDifferent formats like panel discussions An hour-long chunk of contentDesign with Reuse in MindThink about reuse from theget-go. Discrete ideas that canstand alone make it easier torepurpose webinar content.
    16. 16. 16@anitawehnert #RTwebinarHow to Repurpose Webinar ContentTreat webinars as a rich source ofcontent to mine for ongoingprograms. Think SlideShare, blogposts, e-books, transcripts, etc.
    17. 17. 17@anitawehnert #RTwebinarDon’t Forget the Recording!Drive more ROI from yourwebinar recordings by sharing onYouTube, embedding on blogs &including in nurturing emails.
    18. 18. (Avg. around $10,000)Ex. Webcamvideo
    19. 19. ClickMe!Click Me!Bringpersonalityto video
    20. 20. Tip: Gate for a setamount of time (30days after webinar)
    21. 21. Helps with SEOLarge video library*50 videos uploaded a day
    22. 22. Allowsviewers towatchselectedparts
    23. 23. Number of touches before sales gets contacted (usually)
    24. 24. 31@anitawehnert #RTwebinar Visit ReadyTalk Visit Kapost Visit Vidyard Watch more ReadyTalk webinarsTo Learn More…