5 Must-Haves to Make the Web Conferencing Switch


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Presentation on the five things every business should require when transitioning to a new web conferencing service.

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  • In addition to readytalk, you may try a R-HUB web conferencing server.
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  • OR 5 Packing Tips for Vendor TransitionOther title suggestions??
  • According to Gartner, Inc., about 80%of total IT costs occur after the initial purchase of aproduct or service.
  • When we asked for a list ofthe satisfaction drivers for Web conferencing, respondents were clear:100 percentsaid they want the service to make them look professional; 49 percent want it to bealways reliable and there when they need it; 45 percent emphasized the importanceof performance; and 40 percent want it to be very easy to set up. Also important tosatisfaction are ease of use (35 percent) and excellent customer service (33 percent).
  • 5 Must-Haves to Make the Web Conferencing Switch

    1. 1. Need a New Web Conferencing Vendor? Vendor Transition Checklist
    2. 2. Transition Impacts 80% 50% of outages impacting mission-critical services will be caused by people and process issues. of those outages will be caused by service changes and hand-off issues.
    3. 3. Average revenue lost per hour from system downtime. 29% of potential revenue lost when critical systems are interrupted. How much does it cost? $84,000 - $108,000
    4. 4. of IT costs occur after the initial purchase of a product or service. Post-Purchase Costs 80%
    5. 5. Key satisfaction drivers for web conferencing. 33% 16%15% 13% 12% 11% Professional Reliable Performance Easy Set-up Ease of Use Customer Service You had me at “Hello”
    6. 6. Transition Checklist o Action items for you and the vendor. o Detailed timeline. o Tailored deployment instructions. o Flexible deployment options. Transition Manager o Facilitates the entire transition process. o Provisions user accounts. o Coordinates trainings. Full Transition Checklist
    7. 7. Full Transition Checklist Free Training o Tailored trainings. o Easy access to on-demand trainings. Administration Tools o Online portal for account creation. o Access to account information. o Direct access to a live person. Account Information o Wallet card or PDFs of account info. o Automatically sent to new accounts.
    8. 8. –Transition Checklist. –Dedicated Transition Manager. –Free Training. –Intuitive Administration Tools. –Physical & Digital Account Information A new vendor should provide: Transition Checklist
    9. 9. Try ReadyTalk Free for 30 Days Learn More