ReadyTalk + HubSpots: Secrets to a Successful Webinar


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Walk through the steps and tricks to a five-star webinar, brought to you by HubSpot and ReadyTalk

Every business should be producing webinars to generate leads. Webinars are an efficient commercialsway to present large amounts of visual information, and they can produce high-quality leads. However, knowing where to start can be confusing.

HubSpot and ReadyTalk have partnered to walk you through webinar production from start to finish to help you make your next webinar a success. We'll also reveal some pro webinar tips that only the experts are using today. Register for this webinar to learn:
Why webinars are a powerful marketing tactic
Tips on making your webinar flawless
How to repurpose webinar content to get more leads long-term
Spaces are limited so reserve your spot now

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  • Start planning your webinar 6-to-8 weeks ahead of your presentation.*Speakers
  • The average webinar requires 15 to 30 hours of work, minimum.
  • The average webinar requires 15 to 30 hours of work, minimum.
  • Think about your buyer personas. Which persona is your webinar trying to target? Maek sure the content in the webinar relates to that buyers wants and needs. For example, don’t create a webinar on advanced SEO and promote it to your audience that is concerned with introductory social media content. Stock Photo from
  • Discuss How to Avoid Abusing Fluffy Buzzwords.As a marketer, at the end of the day, being clear, direct, and thoughtful with our words is going to work best when communicating to others—in writing and in speech.Say what you mean, and you will be rewarded with better results.Took inspiration from the Hubspot blog post
  • 1% rule of the internet. 90% of participants view content, 9% edit it and 1% create it.* EDUCATE : Do all you can to provide value to your audience. Make into tweetDo these notes work?:Last-chance inviteSocial promotionYour own networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInRamp up to multiple posts per dayHashtags – start the conversation early; submit questionsPost a trailerWrite a blog post to get your audience thinking Include a brief (~2 minutes) recorded trailerSend out a press release (SEO)NewslettersWebsite bannersLeverage partnersLeverage sales - one-to-one invites; call blitzEmail signaturesSubject line ideasCatchy titleBrief abstract – clear takeawaysWho is the target audience?When is it? Time zones!Who is speaking?Social sharing – tap into audience’s networkClear call-to-actionMultiple mailings – last chanceShare through Social OutletsGive folks an opportunity to engage and shareGuest Post from SpeakerGain new visitors and audienceSpeaker can promote in their networkCreate HashtagsBuild up excitement around eventEncourage discussionPromote in Applicable LinkedIn GroupsThey know youDrive qualified traffic to your landing pageInclude in Newsletters and Email BlastsSocial – easy, just do it. Spread it out over your networks. Auto schedulers (hootsuite) try swapping posts at different times to different accounts so you get the most visibility. More tweets, more often. They get lost. - facebook ads - facebook messages - facebook posts 1-2 a weekWork out a guest post from your speaker and offer to post on their blog as wellQ&A type postWhat will be covered / teaser (embed a past webinar that you’ve done with them or that’s similar)Ask speaker to share the postHashtags are an easy way to keep the conversation going before/during/after the event, almost all well thought out marketing webinars have them now (track w/ Twubs – post that feed to your webinar page)Gives people a way to follow the event even if they miss the live sessionLinkedIn Groups – ask questions, don’t just ask people to register. People like have discussions in these groups. Have people post their questions for you to address in the live session. Ask what their pain points are and then use that as a platform to push them to register Post recording links here too afterwardsNewsletters (prospect and customers)Add to Email SignaturesCall-to-action in signatureEncourage Your Sales Team to Promote to ProspectsSend quick email to sales team – ask them to promote the upcoming webinarSend Pre-Written Tweets to PartnersAffiliate networks are very powerfulMake it easy with pre-written tweets User Your Social ImagesChange profile images to advertise theupcoming webinarWrite out sig lines for employees to add to their emailsCreate a template for your sales team to send out to prospects (trackable) – make sure sales is aware of the timeline and you have their buy-in to help promote. Make it easy!We have 6-7 strategic partners that we know have similar audiences that would benefit from the webinar so we’ll create a list of 7-8 pre made tweets for them to send out (again, very easy – they’re not having to committ to a major promotional plan or spend a lot of time – most are very happy to help. Just ask!)They might have a much larger network than you – don’t be too proud to ask. Offer promo help back to them in returnTweets/linkedin groups/ facebookWe do a lot of banner ads to help promote on our website homepage – gets a lot of visibility and rotates through with other adsChange your FB icon (probably the easiest) or if you have a large LINKEDIN following you can swap out your header there as well
  • BRANDON: Is the take away to make these from a webinar? If so, lets make that clear and the image more visually appealing/obvious
  • Deliver on your promisesGraphic slidesVideo clips – testimonial, brief demo, relevant entertaining videoExpert panelMultiple speakersTweetable statementsSpeaker headshots or pictures – connectHashtag on slides
  • Stock Photo from than just keeping the audience awakeLearn more about the audience & qualifyIdeas for using chatExample: ask for audience’s tips or challengesExample: ask them to raise their hand for demoIdeas for using pollingGauge experience level & tailor content on the flyExplore top of mind issues & current challengesLearn about their current provider or environmentUnderstand their level of interest in your solution
  • 60x Higher conversion rates when leads are contacted within 1 hour.*HBR Study.Stock image from your follow-up email content beforehandInclude PDF of slides & recording linkSegment based on attendance timePrep your sales team for follow-up
  • Stock Image from of online views views clicks away in the first 10 seconds33% click away in first 30 seconds60% click away in first two minutesSO BE ENGAGING!!! Recorded Webinar Benefits:Tutorial / Education Resource.Recurring Registration.Simulive Webinars.Building a Pre-Existing Webinar History.Co-Presenter Value.Content Syndication.Transcription & SEO Content.Video Content.
  • Recorded webinar best practicesRecorded Webinar Best Practices:5-second pre/post pauses.Create a storyboard/script.Continuous visual change. The Best Speaker for the Job vs the Speaker with the Best Job.Record Twice, Cut Once. – If possibleFive-Six minute maximum webinar “episodes”. – for promotionSound room with stable signal, power.Thematic, categorized landing pages.Keep in Mind:Registration new and return viewers. – BRANDON- what does this mean? Are we going into lead generation best practices here?Social “triggers” for audience promotion.Transcription services.Engagement analytics.Ownership of recordings.3rd Party versus Integrated.Quality of audio and video.Things to Avoid:Speaker Phone/Cell Phone/WiFi.Low-Resolution Material.Promoting Raw Recordings.Competing Recordings.Sensitive Material.Proprietary Recording / Hosting.Ownership (Terms of Service).
  • RT: Demo of ReadyTalk for Webinars.HS: Free Trial?
  • Filler slide for your CTA! Just picked a URL from your site
  • ReadyTalk + HubSpots: Secrets to a Successful Webinar

    1. 1. Marketers rank webinars as their 3rd most effective content marketing tactic. *2013 CMI/Marketing Profs study
    2. 2. 61% of marketers feel webinars are an effective content marketing tactic. *2013 CMI/Marketing Profs study
    3. 3. Secrets to a Strategy?
    4. 4. This webinar will be recorded and sent out afterward. Please interact with us on Twitter with #webinarsuccess and in the Questions panel. Now, sit back and hear from experts on the 10 Secrets to Webinar Success. #webinarsuccess @hubspot @readytalk
    5. 5. Co-Marketing Manager
    6. 6. Inbound Marketing Manager Strategy?
    7. 7. Plan your webinar content, promotion, follow-up & reuse 6 to 8 weeks ahead of time. #webinarsecrets #webinarsuccess
    8. 8. The average webinar requires 15 to 30 hours of work, minimum. #webinarsecrets #webinarsuccess
    9. 9. Example Webinar Project Plan Develop project plan 6 to 8 weeks prior Finalize topic, title, abstract and speakers 6 weeks prior Setup registration page 4 to 6 weeks prior Begin ongoing promotion 4 to 6 weeks prior Send email invites 15 days prior. Draft slides 2 weeks prior 1 week prior Final slides 2 to 3 days prior Send reminders 2 days prior Pre-conference with speakers 30 minutes prior Edit recording This Webinar Project Plan will be sent to all attendees. Timing Full rehearsal and event dry-run No Need to Copy This. Task Within 24 hours after Send follow-up emails and begin sales outreach Within 24 hours after Promote on-demand recording Ongoing #webinarsuccess
    10. 10. A well targeted webinar audience is an engaged webinar audience. #webinarsecrets #webinarsuccess
    11. 11. Strategy? #webinarsuccess
    12. 12. Create #webinarsuccess
    13. 13. eBook Video Webinar Strategy? #webinarsuccess
    14. 14. Online Video Youtube. Vimeo. Embeddable. #webinarsuccess
    15. 15. Slideshare Pro Account Forms, Analytics & APIs. Embeddable. #webinarsuccess
    16. 16. Downloadable Strategy? Ebooks & Guides. Transcripts (SEO). Whitepapers. #webinarsuccess
    17. 17. Blog Content Webinar Blog series. Webinar Recording. Speaker(s) post. #webinarsuccess
    18. 18. Keep it Your audience, on average, is willing to give you an hour. Make it worth their time. #webinarsuccess
    19. 19. your #webinarsuccess
    20. 20. Contacting webinar leads within 1 hour equates to 60x higher conversion rates. #webinarsuccess #webinarsuccess
    21. 21. #webinarsuccess
    22. 22. Recording Edit your recorded webinars. 60% of online video views click away in the first 120 seconds. #webinarsuccess #webinarsuccess
    23. 23. #webinarsuccess
    24. 24. Strategy? #webinarsuccess
    25. 25. Strategy? #webinarsuccess
    26. 26. Strategy? #webinarsuccess