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How can you get the word out about your webinar series without spending thousands of dollars in time and effort?

In this hour long webinar, Sharon Burton will show you how to write up your webinar description that captures the attention of your target audience. She will then cover specific steps for getting the word out to possible attendees and maximizing your registration. At the end of this webinar, you will know how to:

-Write compelling webinar descriptions
-Find the markets you want to reach, (and do it effectively)
-Increase your attendance by 25%

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Promoting your Webinar

  1. 1. Promoting your Webinars How to get people to sign up and attend your © 2012 Sharon Burton
  2. 2. Thank you for attending! Sharon Burton Been in the Communication industry for 20 years  Content strategy consultant  Run hundreds of webinars  Teach communication at various universities My new book 8 Steps to Amazing Webinars  Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  3. 3. Our problem We want  the most response to our webinar  engaged and excited attendees  qualified leads Really, we’d like everything  Maybe with some chocolate sprinkles, too Sometimes it feels like we threw a party and no one came
  4. 4. So how can we fix this? Let’s start way at the beginning Our write up may be a problem People are busy, and if they can’t understand the write-up, they won’t sign up. Making them think and decode language puts a burden on your attendees that’s simply not fair So let’s start there
  5. 5. A good short description Clearly state the topic for your audience  Not in product-specific terms  Your audiences’ terms “Learn about our new localization product”  Not compelling to your attendees  No reason why they might benefit from learning about your product. “Reduce your translation costs by as much as 80%”  Speaks to a pain point for your audience
  6. 6. Numbers are interesting Numbers are very good For example  An 80% reduction in localization costs is huge It’s an exciting thing for a company to think there may be a better way at half the cost It’s inherently interesting to your audience
  7. 7. Total words Resist the urge to say everything you ever thought of on the topic 150 words, tops  Bullet points Scannable  People can scan the write up and decide
  8. 8. For example “In this fast and exciting interactive hour, you’ll see the industry’s newest technology leveraged to reduce your localizations costs.” Rewrite it into something like this: “During this hour-long webinar, see how you can save up to 80% of your localization costs.”
  9. 9. The reason to attend List three things they will learn by attending Even if they already know one of those things  They see the other two and decide those would be good to learn as well You’re asking for at least an hour out of an already overscheduled day  Let people know up front what they can expect to learn
  10. 10. For example How to improve your localization workflow overall How Product XX streamlines the localization process What standardized content is and the cost benefits it can bring you
  11. 11. Make it easy to see why Use simple and direct words that communicate clearly to the attendee. People are busy, and if they can’t understand the write-up, they won’t sign up. Making them think and decode the language puts a burden on your attendees that’s simply not fair Your signups will be poor
  12. 12. Make it easy to sign up If one of your goals for running a webinar series is to get more leads  Your instinct is to ask everything you can think of to qualify the lead when they sign up Don’t do this Really I’m not kidding Fully qualifying people at signup makes the signup procedure hard and time-consuming  People won’t sign up
  13. 13. Getting the word out Your website Direct emails Social media LinkedIn Other user groups Advertisements
  14. 14. Your website Link from your home page to your Webinars page Include links to recordings of past webinars  Plan ahead for when you have 30+ recordings  Organized by?  Date may not be good ALWAYS have 4 weeks of upcoming webinars  Maybe not 1 every week, but at least 4 weeks out
  15. 15. Direct emails Don’t include the entire write-up in these emails  Makes the email too long to scan Put the name of the webinar and the date and time  Include the first sentence from the write-up Don’t forget support emails and other groups
  16. 16. Social media This is what you’ve all  Pinterest been waiting for!  Good for B2C Facebook  Google+  Great for Business to Consumer (B2C)  No one seems to use it  Bad for B2B  YouTube Twitter  Fab for B2C  Good for both  Maybe good for B2B  Many places restrict YouTube access
  17. 17. Twitter Think hash tags For example:  Free webinar: Reducing your localization costs – June 30 2012 9am Pac #techcomm [insert link to signup page here] Set up different tweets (using HootSuite or  Schedule for different hours and days of the week Use the analytics to see what your audience responds to  Do more of that
  18. 18. Pinterest Visual You need a really good picture People scan for stuff visually I wouldn’t bother with B2B  Not business
  19. 19. LinkedIn Perfect for B2B Lots of professional groups talking about topics Post to these groups Watch the rules  Some groups are touchy about what gets posted by vendors  Don’t just post and never come back  People have questions
  20. 20. Other user groups Depending on your industry  Other newsgroups Yahoo Google Others Follow the rules for posting  Don’t just post and never come back  People have questions
  21. 21. Advertisements Ask for a small mention in advertisements with a link to the webinars page on your website  Maybe a Qcode specifically for the webinar page Don’t mention any specific webinar by name in the ad  You have a new free webinar program available
  22. 22. How often should I post? Timeframe Social Media Groups and lists 3 weeks before 2 times a week 1 time 2 weeks before 4 times a week 1 time 1 week before every day 1 time The day before 3 times 1 time The day of 2 hours before NA After the webinar is an hour later, mentioning NA complete how exciting/full/etc. the webinar was The day after the post with the 1 time webinar recording link The next 3 months, or Once a week with the Once a week with the until you see on-demand link link viewing drop off significantly
  23. 23. How do I get moresignups to attend live? 50% of the total signups usually attend It’s a global world  People sign up knowing they can’t attend live but they want to link to the recording  You have an engaged audience If you are getting a lot of signups from another time zone  Consider doing one for them specifically  Even if that means a webinar at 5am or 10pm for you
  24. 24. 8 Steps to AmazingWebinars  XML Press  Amazon and Barnes and Noble  Available as a printed book or as an eBook
  25. 25. Questions? Thoughts?