10 Tips for Live Tweeting Webinars


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Here’s how to live tweet a webinar in a way that will have people lining up to attend the next one:

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10 Tips for Live Tweeting Webinars

  1. 1. ReadyTalk Blog 10 Tips for Live Tweeting Webinars It’s become so common for Twitter users to report live events through their tweets that there’s now a phrase for it—‘live tweeting’.
  2. 2. ReadyTalk Blog About The AuthorVisit ReadyTalk’s Blog! Bo Bandy PR and Marketing Communications Manager Bo is the marketing communications and PR manager and manages corporate branding and messaging, content marketing, social media and customer engagement. Prior to working at ReadyTalk, Bo managed external communications activities including media relations, marketing promotions, social media strategy and execution, special events, and web activities for both B2B and B2C technology companies. She still reads books that are printed on paper, wants to be a race care driver (Formula 1). She loves spending time outdoors with her husband and dog. You can find her on Twitter, @bo_knows_, and LinkedIn.
  3. 3. ReadyTalk BlogCompanies have also started live-tweeting webinars and other events inorder to give followers a taste of what’sgoing on and to entice them into signingup for the next event. Here’s how to livetweet a webinar in a way that will havepeople lining up to attend the next one:
  4. 4. ReadyTalk Blog 1) Advertise beforehand. Just as the actual webinar will be promoted in the days leading up to it, the live tweeting of it should also be advertised prior to the event. Post a few tweets explaining whats going to be happening and include the date and time.
  5. 5. ReadyTalk Blog2) Ask for retweets.Don’t be afraid to directly ask influential followers to spread theword about the upcoming web event and tweeting session.
  6. 6. ReadyTalk Blog3) Count down.On the day, whip up excitement by countingdown to the start time. Every few hours,tweet something like, “just x hours untilwe’re tweeting live from today’s webinar!”
  7. 7. ReadyTalk Blog4) Tell attendees about the tweeting.At the start of the webinar, announce that thecompany has a Twitter account and will be live-tweeting the session. Attendees can then followalong with the tweets while also participating inthe event itself.5) Invite questions.Most public audio conferences includeQ&A sessions, as this is a great way ofengaging an audience. Ask attendees andnon-attendees alike to tweet theirquestions to whoever is live tweeting.This tweeter can then submit the 6) Use a hashtag.questions just as an attendee normally Create a hashtag that conveys what the webinar iswould. about and tag all live tweets with it. Ask people to use the hashtag when answering questions, asking questions or just generally tweeting about the webinar.
  8. 8. ReadyTalk Blog7) Ask questions.Don’t just tweet the content of thewebinar verbatim; ask open questionsbased on the content in order to create amulti-way discussion that followers canget involved in.
  9. 9. ReadyTalk Blog8) Use ‘you’ and ‘your’ a lot.People like responding to any tweet thatincludes 2nd person pronouns, as it’s clear thatthe tweeter is talking to them rather than justbroadcasting. 9) Retweet all appropriate replies. Show appreciation by retweeting comments. 10) Tweet attendees afterwards. Tweet thank you notes to attendees. Tell them about any upcoming events they might be interested in.
  10. 10. ReadyTalk BlogStart using these strategies and itwon’t be long until followers startsigning up for webinars simplybecause of what they’ve seen onTwitter.Wed love to hear how yourorganization is promoting webinarsvia Twitter. Share with us@ReadyTalk or in the commentsbelow.
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