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ReadSpeaker text to speech for D2L 2016


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ReadSpeaker text to speech is integrated into D2L, supporting UDL concepts, improving accessibility, learning outcomes and motivation.

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ReadSpeaker text to speech for D2L 2016

  1. 1. How to successfully offer and deploy a UDL in D2L w/ ReadSpeaker & Text to Speech Joop Heijenrath ReadSpeaker Co-Founder Paul Stisser Readspeaker, Bus Dev
  2. 2. DID YOU KNOW that one out of two students fail, drop out or don’t complete on-line courses?*
 *AspireEDU (source 2015)
  3. 3. So HOW can we help these struggling eLearners?

  4. 4. By making content more: Accessible ConvenientEngaging
  5. 5. 
 HOW CAN YOU leverage this technology easily and affordably…? +1
  6. 6. TEXT TO SPEECH leverages audio technology to ENHANCE your courses…
  7. 7. No two students learn in the same way
  8. 8. ACCESSIBILITY 20% of the population with: ★ Limited literacy skills ★ Visual impairments ★ Learning disabilities ★ Dyslexia ★ Foreign-born CONVENIENCE ★ Mobile ★ Usability ★ Learning on-the-go ★ Personal preference ★ Busy adult and part-time learners who need to multitask ★ mLearners ENGAGEMENT ★ Comprehension ★ Foreign languages ★ Online learners ★ Universal Design for Learning ★ Vocal assistance for forms ★ Teaching and learning differently ★ Bi-modal presentation ★ PTSD …providing UNIVERSAL REACH and excellent STUDENT EXPERIENCE
  9. 9. Audio tools perfectly fit Universal Design for Learning
  10. 10. 
 Text to Speech is proven to increase comprehension and depth of learning, boost motivation and self-esteem, reduce fatigue and improve learning results.
  11. 11. “When I read aloud, two senses catch the idea: first, I see what I read; second, I hear it, and therefore I can remember it better.” -Abraham Lincoln
  12. 12. 
 ReadSpeaker offers two solutions within D2L’s Learning Environment that are part of the Core Solution. You only need to activate with a ReadSpeaker Customer ID and URL!
  13. 13. But ReadSpeaker TEXT TO SPEECH is more than just checking the accessibility box…
  14. 14. 
 …we provide implementation, deployment and support students, faculty and instructional designers with superior on-line UDL.
  15. 15. Enterprise Highlighting
  16. 16. docReader
  17. 17. Course Packets Faculty TrainersStudents Created by Dr. Sheri Hutchinson A member of MnSCU faculty and ReadSpeaker’s Implementation and Adoption Manager
  18. 18. 
 And ReadSpeaker goes that…. +1
  19. 19. ReadSpeaker TextAid
  20. 20. Ubiquitous TTS services for every need.
  21. 21. STRATEGY ANY Where ANY Time ANY Conte ★ Compatible with all browsers and devices ★ Device independent ★ 45 plug-ins for CMS/LMS ★ Expert development team in the tech hub of Uppsala SW ★ Any Device ★ 99.92+% uptime ★ Over 150 servers (US & Europe) ★ Scalable for 10,000+ customers ★ Customers can have millions of listens per day ★ Online & offline ★ Web pages, online documents and forms, apps, digital books, eLearning materials, devices, and more
  22. 22. STRATEGY Secure Service Support ★ Dedicated hosting, maintenance, servers and team ★ Step-by step implementation instructions, best practices, statistics and reports ★ System is secure, redundant and scalable ★ Customers include banks, government agencies, educational institutions who don’t compromise on security or availability ★ Expert in-house support team with extensive TTS and web development knowledge ★ Most support tickets answered in less than 1 hour
  23. 23. 9 WE ALSO BUILD OUR OWN VOICES ReadSpeaker is a global TTS platform that builds its own high quality voices.
  24. 24. We control THE TOTAL DELIVERY CHAIN. TTS ENGINE CUSTOMER & END-USER Using feedback to structurally improve the voice quality at all levels.
  25. 25. STRATEGY Powerful TTS The Best Voices Linguists ★ More than 40 languages and 150 of the best voices on the market ★ We build our own voices ★ Pronunciation corrections based on feedback (names, special words…) ★ Relationships with major TTS providers ★ Multi-layer pronunciation correction per language, voice, client ★ Customizable dictionaries ★ Web-based services have no capacity limit compromises ★ Our linguists are experienced scientists with global experience ★ Improvements at various levels from engine to dictionaries and library ★ 25% of the team’s time is spend on R&D
  26. 26. “Show Me your Friends and I’ll Show You Your Future.”
  27. 27. USE THE POWER OF SPEECH TO TAKE YOU INTO THE FUTURE CONTACT US to learn more: || (585) 330-0922
  28. 28. SaaS IS OUR DNA. We invented the space for Speech as Service in 1999.
  29. 29. 
 Missouri Assistive Technology Study on TTS ★ 95% graduated on time (one completed a trade program) ★ 85% improved academic achievement (improved grades) ★ 55% increased time in regular education and decreased time in special education ★ 95% decreased reliance on human assistance ★ 55% increased parent satisfaction (unsolicited positive parental contact) Performance measures of the IDEA State Performance Plan (SPP)