How ReadSpeaker’s new speech-enabling product extends the reach of your online content


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  • World: US: Prose literacy: the knowledge and skills needed to perform prose tasks (ieto search, use and comprehend continuous texts. Examples include editorials, news stories, brochures and instructional materials.
  • Below basic indicates the lowest levels of performance such as signing a form or adding the amounts on a banking deposit slip. Basic means a person can perform simple tasks such as comparing the ticket price of two sporting events or understanding a pamphlet that describes how a person is selected for jury duty.
  • Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability. Dyslexia refers to a cluster of symptoms, which result in people having difficulties with specific language skills, particularly reading.
  • US: France:
  • World: US : EU : Low vision definition WHO: moderate and severe visual impairment
  • WHO : US: France:
  • US :
  • How ReadSpeaker’s new speech-enabling product extends the reach of your online content

    1. 1. How ReadSpeaker’s new speech-enabling product extends the reach of your online content December 4, 2012 #talkingwebsite
    2. 2. Agenda1. The benefits of adding online text to speech to extend the reach of your online content2. The main features of this new release, including enhanced accessibility and easier customization3. How the more user-friendly design and added functionality benefits your users4. Q&As
    3. 3. Who benefits from adding speech •to online text content? Illiteracy Dyslexia Low vision Seniors Foreign-born Learners Multitaskers Mobile users
    4. 4. Illiteracy US: 41 million (13%) Germany: 7.7 million (9.5%) France: 3.1 million (5%) Netherlands: 1.5 million (9%) Sweden: 950,000 (10%)793 million adults
    5. 5. Illiteracy focus in the US 30 million US adults have below basic understanding of the English language. A further 11 million cannot read or write in English.
    6. 6. Dyslexia US: ~ 47 million (15 %) Germany: 4 million (5%) Italy: 2 million (3%) The Netherlands: 850,000 (5%) Sweden: 400,000 (4%)
    7. 7. Foreign-born US: 39.9 million (12.7%) Germany: 7.3 million (9%) France: 7.2 million (11%) Italy: 4.8 million (7.9%) Netherlands: 3.4 million (20.5%) Sweden: 1.4 million (14.7%)
    8. 8. Low vision  World: 246 million  US: 21.5 million (18+)  Europe: 25.5 million  India: 54.5 million  China: 67.3 millionWorld Health Organization: Some 65% of people with visual impairment areover age 50, an age group that represents 20% of the global population. Asthe world’s population ages, the number of people with age-related visualimpairment is expected to increase.
    9. 9. Aging populations Europe: proportion of 65+ will double between 2010 and 2050  Germany: 15 million (current)  France: 11 million (current)  Italy: 12.5 million (current)  Sweden: 1.7 million (current) Americas: By 2020, 200 million older adults, nearly twice the figure of 2006  US: 41.4 million 65+, 71 million projected in 2030
    10. 10. Older adults and Internet usage US: 53% of Americans aged 65+ use the Internet or email Germany: 33% (65+) France: 26.7% (50+)
    11. 11. Multitaskers
    12. 12. Mobile users with access to theInternet Of the 88% of US adults owning a cell phone, 50%+ use their mobile to go online Europe  Germany: 26 million  France: 22.3 million  Italy: 17 million  Netherlands: 8.6 million  Sweden: 3.5 million
    13. 13. Increasing share of Internet usageon Mobiles and Tablets
    14. 14. Learners Cognitive impairments Poor readers Dyslexia Visually impaired Foreign languages Mobile
    15. 15. Benefits of adding speech to •online text content A convenient access to text needing no downloads from the end-user.
    16. 16. Benefits of adding speech to •online text contentYour website content can belistened to from any connecteddevice, anywhere and at anytime.
    17. 17. Benefits of adding speech to •online text contentYou can reach users whosenative language is not thelanguage of your website.
    18. 18. Benefits of adding speech to •online text contentE-inclusion tool.
    19. 19. Benefits of adding speech to •online text contentBimodal presentation improvesreading comprehension,information recall, and learning/memory enhancement.
    20. 20. Benefits of adding speech to •online text contentInstant new distribution channelfor your content.
    21. 21. Benefits of adding speech toonline text contentImmediateconversion of yourexisting writtencontent into high-quality speech.
    22. 22. Our Solution Listen to any online text that matters to you anytime and anywhere
    23. 23. Introducing ReadSpeakerEnterprise Highlighting 2.5
    24. 24. Why a new version? Web is moving away from Flash and to HTML5 More dynamic content Improved usability Better accessibility Modern design
    25. 25. Better customization Easier to customize  Customers can create their own skins  Customize pre-made skin templates  Better blending with the visual identity of the website
    26. 26. Easier customization The ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting audio player is built with standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS, Javascript). Therefore, it is very simple to create a customized version of the player (to match your organization’s visual identity, for example).
    27. 27. Revamped design Revamped design  Uses fewer images and takes up less space  Larger play button
    28. 28. Customization of skins Our skin color guide provides different options to easily change the color appearance of the player
    29. 29. Easier implementation  Code is simpler and easier to understand  Implementation time decreases  Improved delivery of updates via Cloud
    30. 30. Easy step-by-step implementation “Implementing ReadSpeaker was quite easy. We wish all software implementations were that easy.” Mike Caldwell, Director of Program Development, Idaho Digital Learning, USA “Our technicians have said that it did not take a lot of effort to add it.” Oliver Gliß, Webmaster Media & Communications Dept., VfL Wolfsburg, Germany “Once we got the code, it was a matter of a few hours of work to get it up and running.” Michael Piscopo, Director, Visitmalta, Malta “Implementation was very easy. The turnaround was fast, efficient, and your personnel was amazing in this country and in Europe.” Teresa M. Lee, Webmaster, City of Prattville, Alabama, USA “Since ReadSpeaker is a web-based software, our implication was limited to the initial implementation of ReadSpeaker’s HTML-based code in our CMS. Once the ReadSpeaker code was implemented – and the support we got from the ReadSpeaker team was A-class, our part of the job was done.” Michael Clevestig, Manager Online Marketing, SITA, Switzerland (recommended)
    31. 31. Uses latest web standards  HTML5/CSS  No Flash needed in modern browsers  Works better in more devices (such as iOS and newer Android devices that don’t have Flash)
    32. 32. Enhanced accessibility Fully keyboard-controllable player Text-based Listen button Improved zoom support Easier to download audio
    33. 33. New end-user featuresBetter, moreuser-friendly, andmore completesettings page
    34. 34. New end-user features Automatic scrolling option
    35. 35. New end-user features Autoselection of the best playback technology available
    36. 36. New end-user features Improved text selection
    37. 37. Free demo Contact us to get a free demo: request/
    38. 38. Thank you!