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This is a presentation I created for the MY ABC middle school conference last year. I've reworked it and added more Web 2.0 sites. The objective is to give teachers something they can use in the computer lab, beyond games, beyond keyboarding--even if they are not Techies.

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Web2.0 And You Ppt

  1. 1. Technology in the Middle School Classroom.... Plotting a course Lisa Read August 2009
  2. 2. IRP-less in BC Well, there is no IRP for Middle School IT, AFAIK Unless you count the Grade 8-10 (1996) and/or the Grade 11-12 (2003) Seems to me that Technology has undergone a lot of change since 1996... Incidentally, what is Middle School?
  3. 3. Middle School Configuration Grade 5,6,7 Grade 6,7,8 Grade 7,8,9 Grade K-7 and Grade 8-12
  4. 4. Come to that, what is Technology? Strong Bad knows....
  5. 5. Anyway....back to the topic Incidentally, PowerPoint presentation should NOT make up the majority of your IT program
  6. 6. This is OK It’s KeyNote.
  7. 7. What do we need? Consider a plan for a Grade 7 Information Technology course. Working backwards from the Grade 8 IRP Learning Objectives (er.....from 1996)
  8. 8. And now, an excerpt It is expected that the student shall: identify information technology tools used to access information protect information using information technology tools enter information accurately using appropriate keyboarding techniques and software that allows for the storage, retrieval, and editing of material demonstrate the ability to formulate questions and to use a variety of sources and tools to access, capture, and store information use appropriate information technology terminology evaluate a variety of input and output device demonstrate the ability to install software describe and practise appropriate safety procedures when working with information technology tools apply a variety of troubleshooting techniques related to information technology demonstrate an awareness of the impact of information technology tools on society identify careers and occupations that use information technology
  9. 9. Which boils down to: Foundations Processes Presentation
  10. 10. Presentation DOES NOT JUST MEAN POWER POINT!!!
  11. 11. Sorry for shouting really
  12. 12. Ask yourself...what would Lisa do? There are as many course designs are there are students, but here is what I do: What is Technology? Ergonomics Ethics Graphic Design Language/Code Efficient Internet/Keyboard short cuts Presentation-names/collages/Fireworks/Flash Media Literacy
  13. 13. “What does Font mean?” Here is a site that tells you more about baselines, descenders and serifs than you ever thought possible. The basics of Typography
  14. 14. Create your own font http://www.fontcapture.com/ Allows you to capture your own handwriting and convert it to a digital font You just need a printer and a scanner
  15. 15. Software I must have: Apple iLife suite Adobe CS3 (or, of course, CS4) Comic Life
  16. 16. Software I could run a program without: Apple iLife Adobe CS3 (or 4) Comic Life
  17. 17. As long as there is a Web, there is a Way A plethora of Web 2.0 tools at your Finger Tips.
  18. 18. For example: Glogster
  19. 19. Wordle
  20. 20. BeFunky
  21. 21. Don’t have an advanced Draw program? Try Tiny Designer
  22. 22. A Whole Collection of Good Things Techy Tips for Non Techies
  23. 23. Want a simpler photo- editor? Try “Tuxpi”. All you need is one good photo:
  24. 24. This is my one good photo:
  25. 25. And this is how I Tuxpi’d it:
  26. 26. Feeling narcissistic and Time-Travelly? Try Yearbook Yourself
  27. 27. A neat Morphing tool A little clunky to use, but very cool technology Face of the Future
  28. 28. Start with a “normal” picture Use the app to zoom in, set the eye and mouth markers....and transform! Different ages, ethnicities or genders
  29. 29. Use Face of the Future to become a Masterpiece Modigliani Botticelli Manga Or a different animal altogether:
  30. 30. Many more Mashables here: 13 Fantastic and Fun Image Generators
  31. 31. Wait, what about keyboarding? notsomuch
  32. 32. But first, it’s time for An Activity OMG PWNIES!!!! You will see a collection of Acronyms around the room. How many can you decode? What about the L33t phrases? Why is this important? Well, it’s not, especially, unless you want to understand how to communicate with the natives (the Digital Natives, that is)
  33. 33. Hang on...what’s the deal with Keyboarding? Seriously? OK fff jjj ddd kkk sss lll aaa ;;;
  34. 34. Cross Curricular Design class pages (in Moodle, or Blogs, or Wikis) SMARTboard/Notepad projects Character Blogs or Discussion groups Illustrations (Fireworks/Kerpoof) Retellings: Pod casting, Flash, Comic Life Research (of course)
  35. 35. Speaking of Kerpoof Nice little app. Kids can easily create their own stories, or retell stories Limited editing=limited time-loss Kerpoof
  36. 36. The Teaching Lab It is a TEACHING Lab Lock it down-- this is a TEACHING LAB Do you have a bookable lab, roving carts, or stations in the Library? If so, then the TEACHING lab is for TEACHING Assign chairs to stations, set the rules in force Day 1. Lock it down.
  37. 37. Teaching Lab Wish List Remote Desk Top Projector and Screen or white board Groups Folders-- hand in/hand out A Management Plan--seating? lighting? Free Time??
  38. 38. Oodles of Moodle Example: Grade 9 Grade 8 Grade 7 Math 8
  39. 39. More Moodling--screen shots
  40. 40. Play Time or Talk Time? Flip a coin?
  41. 41. The Slide before the Last A few more resources, more for theory and philosophy. Ponder at your leisure....(or is that pwnder?) Top 11 things to know about technology Collection of Canadian education blogs Interesting collection of “Social Media” contests Good article on a “hacker”. Scary. A sobering article about a cyber bully/hacker Ten Photoshop disasters. This would be great for a Media Literacy assignment Probably the most important site on this page. 100 things you should have already seen on the Internet...
  42. 42. Check out Louis CK.... “Technology is wasted on a generation of spoiled idiots.”
  43. 43. Thank you! Lisa Read lread@sd79.bc.ca Twitter: LisaRead Blog: http://readlisaread.edublogs.org/