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How to Leverage Your Automation Tools to Read your Customer’s Mind


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Learn how to discover what your customers are really thinking, and how to react to their thoughts using automation tools.

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Published in: Marketing
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How to Leverage Your Automation Tools to Read your Customer’s Mind

  1. 1. HowtoLeverageYour AutomationToolstoRead YourCustomer’sMind
  2. 2. Imagineifyouhadthekeytoeverymarketersdreams– Whatif youcouldreadmindsonline? Readingmindswouldallowforbusinessestoautomaticallytap intothewants,needs,andannoyancesoftheirtarget audiences,topassonallofthetedioustestingandcontinuous analyzingandgostraighttotheaction.
  3. 3. TheTruth About Reading Minds Even with no words, you can make a fair guess regarding the state of mind of the three people there. The woman in the left is probably looking at or thinking of something that she disapproves. The man on the right is probably mind wandering. The woman in the middle is probably in the world her book is taking her. Humansarealreadyquitegood.
  4. 4. Marketers Whatthismeansfor Body language and facial expressions actually give us more clues regarding state of mind than words ever could (as words can be deceiving or forced). Even if we have not been trained to read body language, our minds are amazingly good at perceiving physical clues and incorporating these clues into our judgment of intent.
  5. 5. Digital World In the digital world we’ve tried to read minds by relying on past actions or extrapolating what we know about other people with a similar profile. If I want to know what you’re thinking now, and to do this I look at who your friends are or what sport you played in fifth grade, I would fail at learning anything of value to our buyer-seller relationship. Yet, we keep throwing millions of dollars at such futile attempts, disguised under the fancy names of 'big data or 'marketing stack'. Mindreadinginthe
  6. 6. BuilttoRead Minds What you know and the automation tools you use to optimize for past behavior and affinities is the foundation of becoming emotionally intelligent through your digital touch points. Now you need to add the final touch – a method to read digital body language and react to it as it happens. Don’tthrowawayyourbigdata oryourmarketingtoolsjustyet.
  7. 7. Our companyequipsmarketerswitha powerfullysimplewaytoadd emotionalintelligenceto increaseengagement, resultinginhigherconversion rates.
  8. 8. We’vebuiltourtechnologyaround thefollowing3principlesto actuallymakeemotional intelligencepracticaland effective:
  9. 9. 1.Putmarketersincontrol oftheironlinecontent Untilnow,thecoreofyourdigitaltouchpointscan’tbe adjustedinrealtime.YouwouldneedadedicatedIT teamorateamwhocanmanageyourmarketingstack 24/7. Reactfulturnsthatonitsheadbyaddingasnippetof codetoyoursite,blogandmarketingautomationtools thatletsyouprogramhowyourcontentwillreactto visitorbehavior. Withonetooltrackinguser’semotionsandreading behaviorinrealtime,youcanprogramanypartofyour contenttoreacttolivebehavior,andcaptureuser informationasithappens.
  10. 10. 2.Enableeasy programmingofif-then actions Justasitdoesn’thelptoreadpeoplethroughtheirpast data,guessingintentbasedonsegmentationoruser historyisafarcryfromgatheringrealuserintent. Reactfulempowersyoutoprogramreactionsthatare triggeredbyuserbehaviorasithappens. Frominterestandengagementtoconfusionand informationoverload,thesystemprovidesyouwithan easyandquickwaytoeducateyoursite,blogand landingpagestoreaddigitalbodylanguageandreact accordinglybyadjustingyourowncontenttowhat visitorsneedinrealtime.
  11. 11. 3. Providetimely feedback Youshouldn’thavetowaitforresultsofpastactionsto adjusttofuturebehavior. Yoursite,landingpagesandblogneedtogettimely feedbacktolearnandadjust.We’vebuilttheReactful systemwith“intelligenceloops” that: a) Provideyouthefeedbackyouneedtomake adjustment, b) Giveyourdigitaltouch-pointsfeedbackto automaticallyadjustreactionstouserbehaviorwithout evertouchingit.
  12. 12. TryReactfultoday! Wanttoofficiallytaketheguessingoutoflearningyourtargetaudience’s emotions?