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Compare SAP to Reach ERP


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See why you should upgrade to from Tally and not SAP. See how a simple Cloud ERP software can save tons of money

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Compare SAP to Reach ERP

  1. 1. When you should upgrade? When you have your office, godown, factory, sales points at different places When you have multiple branches
  2. 2. When is ERP needed? Accounting Software ERP Software SAP, Oracle
  3. 3. What is Cloud ERP?
  4. 4. How ERP software is used by SMB’s across the world.
  5. 5. Why is Cloud ERP better than On-premise ERP?
  6. 6. Before ERP Vs. After ERP
  7. 7. ● Data Input is done from Personal Computers ( also from Laptops, Tablets, Mobile phones etc ) ● Data storage is done on a remote storage device. ● Examples are gmail, dropbox, facebook, salesforce etc) What is Cloud Storage?
  8. 8. Here is how Cloud Storage works!