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Accounting software


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Accounting Software backed by expert accountants who help you finish accounts and file tax returns

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Accounting software

  1. 1. And This is my Story… Hi. I’m Suresh, I run a Logistics Business
  2. 2. But I realized that, I had no track of my Income & Expenses.. In two Years, My Business grew.
  3. 3. I realized, What a loser I was, spending most of my time writing accounts, which I could otherwise spend on growing my business I sat down to do it myself, using a pencil and paper…
  4. 4. It helped, but was not enough… I tried using Spreadsheets..
  5. 5. I was spending even more time on understanding and learning the software I bought an Accounting Software… No.1 “ Jolly“ Accounting Software
  6. 6. In the next 3 months, I had 6 of them, none stayed… So, I hired an Accountant..
  7. 7. Now. I was Back to Square One… I wished I had a very easy accounting software, which integrated with my workflow and a super cool accountant to back me up
  8. 8. He created helped me sign-up on As if these guys heard me, The next day I met Robin from Reach Accountant
  9. 9. A bookkeeper helped me set-up the account, and 1. I raised some stunning Invoices with my logo and branding 2. I recorded my unpaid expenses alone It was an accounting software backed by expert accountants.
  10. 10. The Accountant did the rest. He finished my account and filed my tax returns. And “Presto” I saw some great reports I just did the basic stuff and end of the month, I send my Bank-statements to the acccountant
  11. 11. My Business.. Now I’m back to doing what I like the most…
  12. 12. Btw..You would want to speak to them…I recommend.. Call 9841214554