Strategic Plan 2014-2017 - by Inspire Foundation


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Strategic Plan 2014-2017 - by Inspire Foundation

  1. 1. STRATEGIC 2014-2017 PLAN “Thank you so much for supporting Without what you have helped to create, I wouldn’t be here” Becca, 19 1
  2. 2. FROM OUR CEO by Inspire Foundation exists to help young people be happy and well. We continue this mission at a time of great change in technology and community understanding of mental health. Whilst the prevention of mental illness is a crucial part of our mission, we must also help young people flourish, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and resources to thrive in a changing world. Since we launched in 1998 our organisation has achieved great things. Our service has helped millions of young people get the information, support and help they have needed to get through tough times. In the process, we’ve been pioneers in the field of e-mental health and launched the service in Ireland and the US. We’ve also developed initiatives that have provided mental health resources to thousands of high school teachers across Australia, whilst educating the mental health workforce on how can improve the care they provide young people. We’ve delivered this with a strong commitment to youth involvement and evidence-based service development. In addition, we’ve taken a lead role in the establishment of a Cooperative Research Centre that will push our work and the work of others to new heights. Whilst we can be proud of what we have achieved to date, we know there is much more to be done. This Strategic Plan is a roadmap for the coming three years to meet our ambitious goals of reaching one in two young people, and transforming the way in which youth mental health services are delivered in Australia. We know that with greater resources, we can do so much more to reach and help young people. None of this will be achievable without the community of people who believe in our mission and support our work. To each of you we say thank you, and invite you to join us as we help even more young people be happy and well. Jono Nicholas CEO STRATEGIC 2014-2017 PLAN
  3. 3. OUR MISSION THE CHALLENGE Helping all young people be happy and well. • 1 in 4 young Australians live with a mental health difficulty1 • 75% of people with mental health difficulties will experience its onset by the age of 242 • Suicide is the leading cause of death for young Australians aged 14-253 • Over 80% of young males and nearly 70% of young females with mental difficulties did not access any mental health services4 OUR GOALS FOR 2017 • At least 1 in 2 young people are aware of • is accessed by at least 3 million visitors annually • At least 90% of young people who visit get the help they need 3
  4. 4. HOW DOES REACHOUT.COM WORK? WE ARE RELEVANT, ENGAGING AND TRUSTWORTHY The world’s 1st online mental health service (est. 1998) 1.4 million unique visitors per year5 Youth driven and evidence based Available to young Australians 24/7 Fact Sheets Evidence based information on wellbeing and mental illness that helps young people understand what’s going on and what they can do about it Apps & Tools A range of self-help tools that assist young people to care for their own mental health Community Forums Peer support that fosters a sense of community and belonging Referral Pathways Clear steps and pathways for young people requiring additional support, directing them to places and services that can help Personal Stories Honest, relatable stories from other young people who have improved their mental health and wellbeing Youth Involvement Program An offline program involving young people in every aspect of the service DELIVERING AN EARLY INTERVENTION ONLINE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE STRATEGIC 2014-2017 PLAN
  5. 5. Universal All young people, regardless of mental health status PROVIDING POSITIVE IMPACTS AND OUTCOMES Selected / Indicated Young people at risk of developing mental health problems Immediate Impacts Increased mental health literacy Increased ability to recognise problems Increased knowledge of how to get help Early Intervention Young people with early signs and symptoms of mental health problems FOR ALL YOUNG PEOPLE Desktop Site Mobile Site Social Media platforms ACCESSIBLE ACROSS MULTIPLE DIGITAL PLATFORMS Long-term Impacts Increased belonging + social connectedness Increased resilience + self-esteem Decreased stigma Ultimate Outcomes Decreased psychological distress Prevention of serious mental health problems Increased wellbeing and quality of life For young people visiting during a tough time, 91% said the service provided the information they needed6. Of the young people visiting experiencing high psychological distress, 60% had not sought formal help from a professional. 41% of those young people reported they would be more likely to seek additional help after using 5
  6. 6. WHERE IS REACHOUT.COM GOING? 2017 A seamless, self-driven pathway with individualised choices of support and care Integrated access to a range of mental health services and professionals 2015 Optimised for high speed broadband and mobile Plus... A suite of evidence-based self-help apps and interventions And... A personalised online mental health experience NOW Australia’s leading online youth mental health service for information and support STRATEGIC 2014-2017 PLAN
  7. 7. OUR STRATEGIC PRIORITIES DESIGN AND DEVELOP THE NEXT GENERATION OF REACHOUT.COM USING HIGH SPEED BROADBAND AND MOBILE LEAD TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE TO GIVE YOUNG PEOPLE THE HELP THEY NEED, WHERE AND WHEN THEY NEED IT Future service: Design and develop a seamless integrated online mental health service using the full advantages of online delivery Reach: Significantly increase the awareness and trust of among young people, educators, mental health professionals and the community Evidence based and effective: Research, develop and implement new products to better help more young people through Innovation: Pioneer new thinking and research that prepares the youth mental health sector for future service delivery models Helping the hard to reach: Ensure that reaches young people unlikely to access traditional mental health services such as young men and LGBTIQ young people Collaboration: Collaborate with partners to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of mental health service delivery for young people BUILT ON ... A HIGH PERFORMING ORGANISATION THAT EFFECTS SOCIAL CHANGE People: Provide the capabilities to deliver our strategic priorities through developing our people and attracting new talent Finances: Diversify and increase sustainable funding across both government and non-government sectors Processes: Maintain first class systems, policies and procedures 7
  8. 8. OUR VALUES Generosity – Compassion – Inclusiveness – Responsibility - Fun by Inspire Foundation is a values driven organisation. Our values govern the way we work with each other and with young people. Our Organisation: Our Services: + 61 2 8029 7777 For Young People Sydney Office Ground Floor, 97 Church Street Camperdown NSW 2050 Perth Office 10/444 Beaufort Street Highgate, Perth WA 6003 For Mental Health Professionals and Teachers 1 ABS Media Release for 4326.0 - National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results, 2007, ABS, Canberra. 2 McGorry, P.D. et al (2007) ‘Editorial: Investing in youth mental health is a best buy’ in Medical Journal of Australia 187 (7 Suppl), 2007, S5-S7. 3 ABS (2013) 3303.0 – Causes of Death, Australia, 2011, Australian Government, Canberra. 4 ABS (2008) National Survey of Mental Health & Wellbeing, 2007 Cat. No. 4326.0 5 2012 Annual unique visitors to - Google Analytics. 6 User Profiling Survey 2012