Part 4 - Quiz


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Reach Out Pro Module - Connecting Our Worlds
Part 4

Use this quiz to test your knowledge of the content from Part 4 of this education module.

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Part 4 - Quiz

  1. 1. Part 4 QuizPart 4 - B) The issues faced in using technology are similar to those experienced in face-to-faceProfessional issues, consultations but need less stringent guidelines than those of face-to-face consultations C) The issues faced with technology should beboundaries, privacy guided by professional codes of conduct and emerging guidelines. Where in doubt supervisionand guidelines should be sought. D) There are no ethical considerations with using technology1) Which of the following social networkingsites can be used without consideration for the 6) Which of the following are not issues toprofessional implications of your posts? raise when discussing the use of electronic communications with clients?A) FacebookB) Twitter A) The size of emails your server can holdC) MySpace B) Privacy of informationD) All social networking sites may impact on C) Security of informationprofessional identity D) Likely outcomes of the client’s contact2) Which of the following is not true about 7) According to Finn (2006), the confidentialityFacebook of how many clients’ were compromised due to email use?A) Clients can find your profile and request to bea friend A) 1 in 10B) Facebook is an absolutely secure network B) 1 in 20C) The photos you post can be accessed by C) 1 in 50others D) 1 in 100D) Your status updates may be visible in googlesearches of your name 8) What types of communications need to be recorded in the client’s file?3) If you are unsure how to manage an unwantedrequest from a client, what should you do? A) Email B) SMSA) Ignore the request C) All of the aboveB) Raise it with your supervisor D) None of the aboveC) Refer to your professional and/ororganisational code of ethics 9) What information needs to be included in anD) B or C email signature?4) When allowing a client to contact you A) Contact detailselectronically, which of the following topics should B) Emergency contact detailsyou discuss? C) A privacy statement D) All of the aboveA) Appropriate useB) Response time 10) Which of the following is not a recommendedC) Recording of communication step for high risk communication?D) All of the above A) Ignore it5) Which of the following statements is most true B) Respond to the client within the timeframeabout using technology in practice? C) Escalate the contact to telephone or face-to- face assessmentsA) The issues faced in using technology are D) Record the contact in the client formthe same as those experienced in face-to-faceconsultations Part 4. Professional issues & guidelines