Part 3 - Conversations


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Reach Out Pro Module - Connecting Our Worlds
Part 3

This document provides examples of conversations you might have with young people when using technology in practice.

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Part 3 - Conversations

  1. 1. Conversations Part 3. Using technology in practice
  2. 2. Part 3. Using technology in Educational Module 1. Using websites to assist with developing rapport How your conversation might go... HCP: Sometimes some of the young people I see find it hard to talk about themselves in appointments like this. And I notice you’re a bit quiet. Do you find it a hard to tell me about the stuff I’m asking about? YP: ahuh HCP: Something that I’ve found useful is getting people to show me the websites they like to use. It lets me see a different side of them and can really help answer some of the questions I was going to ask today. Usually, the young people I see use stuff like a blog, Facebook or twitter, do you use anything like that? YP: I have a blog. And Facebook…of course. HCP: How would you feel about us having a look at it together? You wouldn’t have to show anything you’re not comfortable with. YP: Yeah OK...It’s about skating HCP: Sounds great! I know nothing about skating! YP: Cool <laughs> Page 2
  3. 3. Part 3. Using technology in Educational Module 2. Using SMS to enhance engagement How your conversation might go... HCP: Part of helping you to feel like you can reach me when you need to means that I have a mobile you can contact me on. I have this phone with me during work days, so from Monday to Thursday, and from 8am until 6pm. Is this something you want to know more about? YP: Yeah, I guess so… HCP: Great, well I use the phone to remind you of your appointments, or for you to let me know if you can’t make our appointment. I might also use it to send you a message to remind you about your homework, or to let you know about anything else I think you might need to know. YP: Ok. Can I text you back if I need to? HCP: I’m really glad you asked that. You are more than welcome to text me back, or even to contact me if you need a little bit of support. But you also have to remember that when you text I may be busy with another client and will respond as soon as I can, usually around the hour mark. If it’s taking me more than that I might be off sick. So if you need something urgently, or if you are feeling unsafe, you need to ring the clinic or use the contact plan we developed earlier. YP: OK HCP: So are you happy for me to contact you on 0404 040 404? YP: Yep HCP: Great! Now some people are a little shy about texting the first few times so why don’t we have a trial between now and our next session. I reckon that you should text me about something that is going well or any questions you have some time this week, before our next session. What do you think? YP: Alright. I’ll give it a go. Page 3
  4. 4. Part 3. Using technology in Educational Module 3. Fun ways to provide psycho- education How your conversation might go... HCP: Part of being able to beat depression is understanding what causes it, and what keeps it going. I’m just wondering if you have looked online for any information about depression and it’s causes? YP: Yeah, a bit…. But there’s so much out there… HCP: Yeah I agree! Sometimes it’s hard to know what is good information too! And what is not so good of course! YP: Yeah HCP: So I thought we would have a look at something I had found online, on YouTube. YP: You use YouTube?! HCP: Yeah! Why? Don’t you? YP: Of course! HCP: Well great! So maybe you’ll also have some stuff you can show me too? But for now I’ve found this video about the causes of depression. I think it’s quite good because it’s not just me talking at you, and it has some cool animations. If you like, I can also give you the link so that you can share it with mum and dad, or your mates. Page 4
  5. 5. Part 3. Using technology in Educational Module 4. Treating mild to moderate anxiety and depression How your conversation might go... HCP: So Sarah, you seem pretty keen to get on top of your anxiety, but it seems that it’s hard to get here regularly due to work and uni. Is that right? YP: Yeah, it is a bit. I would like to come in more often but if I don’t go to work I can’t pay my rent. But I really want to get on top of my anxiety. HCP: That’s understandable – and it puts you in a difficult situation. But I think I have a solution. E-couch is an online CBT program - which is the therapy what we had talked about doing. Because the program is online, you can do it wherever and whenever suits. YP: That sounds great – but I do like coming to see you. Does that mean I won’t be coming back here? HCP: Not at all. In fact, it’s more like therapy between therapy. You can work on it at home, then we can talk about what you have learned whilst using the program. How does that sound? YP: Yeah that sounds good. Can we look at it now? Page 5
  6. 6. Part 3. Using technology in Educational Module 5. Assisting with monitoring of mental state How your conversation might go... HCP: It would be very helpful for our sessions if we could monitor your mood over the course of a week. Sometimes it can be really helpful to keep track of how you’re feeling, to see if we can find patterns or reasons for things that affect your mood. Have you ever kept a diary of how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking? YP: No. HCP: It’s not hard. There is a website that is very useful for keeping track of moods that are quite easy to use and much cooler than filling it out with pen and paper. They sites also have an application for the iPhone to make it easy to keep track of moods and events that influence them. YP: (jokingly) There’s an app for that?! HCP: Yeah, and it even syncs with the website. Do you want me to show you how it works? YP: Sure, I guess. Page 6
  7. 7. Part 3. Using technology in Educational Module 6. Encouraging community engagement and connection How your conversation might go... HCP: It sounds like you’re doing really well with your recovery, and I’m wondering if you’ve looked up much information online that relates to your experience. YP: I’ve looked up a wee bit, but there was so much out there. HCP: It can be pretty overwhelming can’t it? I know a couple of sites that I think are quite good. One of them has a forum with other young people who have had similar experiences to you. Would you like to see it? YP: Ok. That could be good. HCP: Why don’t you come sit at the computer and I can help you find the site… Page 7
  8. 8. Part 3. Using technology in Educational Module 7. Enhancing wellness and relapse prevention How your conversation might go... HCP: You’ve worked so hard in our session and it sounds like things are going much better for you know then what they were when we first started working together. YP: Yep. HCP: And know we need to think about how we keep you going on the right path and maintaining all the positive changes that you have made. I’ve got a site here that you can use to help keep you motivated, can give you some support and information if you’re a bit down, and has really useful diaries you can use to track your mood. Would you like to see this? YP: (jokingly) Yeah… that sounds good. HCP: Ok well, let’s go through it now together… Page 8
  9. 9. Part 3. Using technology in Educational Module 8. Using social media for health promotion How your conversation might go... HCP: I’ve noticed that when you come in to see me you are quite interested in the messages and events that we have displayed in the waiting room… YP: Yeah… you have quite a bit of cool stuff going on so when I come in I have a look. HCP: Yeah we have loads of groups and activities happening – but did you know that you can follow us on twitter to hear about events, news and get updates about the groups? YP: Seriously?! HCP: Yeah we do… did you want me to give you the name we use so you can follow us on twitter? Page 9