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Tips & Treats! How Sweet Is Your Content Marketing Strategy?


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In the same way that candy is an important aspect of Halloween, the content you post on your social sites, blog, and website is an important component of your online marketing strategy. If your content were a kind of candy, do you think trick-or-treaters (or visitors to your social pages and website) would be thrilled to add to their treat bags? Find out in this presentation we created, and pick up some tips along the way!

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Tips & Treats! How Sweet Is Your Content Marketing Strategy?

  1. 1. .‘ , . J ‘ A - . J “H .4 ' if u . I“ . ( V . rp ‘ I «'1 / V I ‘ ‘ K J , . - . J <. A_- : a 6‘ ~ .03.’ . :17“ #3 j‘ *2. ‘)2
  2. 2. Just like candy on Halloween entices trick-or-treaters to your door, appealing, engaging content can help drive awareness and even leads to your business. So, if your content was a type of treat, what would it he? Keep reading to find out, I and pick up some tips along the way! ) o. ..o.
  3. 3. (ANDY CORN @! _EL‘sl}3 FM’. /0" @@lE§ll{l fl 3 léifl-U'li"l' lll7""-‘: ?;5" [LEVI [? <*L9«i‘ltLll3“I Eiilllfiill [Q - — — — - — — — — ~ '2' " Your content might be candy earn it: -~-- 9 - D ll’? l.I’il$"l'. ?.'l'f. '2.l. §'. §i.1i°lr. ?.2 f _ of the year 1, 6;} D You aren't creating content regularly D When you are posting content, We not appealing to your audience Create captivating content and post regularly. Vary your content to appeal to a wide audience by creating posts with tips, pictures, and interesting information, and post across your social sites and blog at least once a week.
  4. 4. u HARD cnuov-, iii/ .%. li<® @lflR~l®iiE§ [MES iii EHWEE @@'ii YI@llll ®@[§| “'Ti llliiliiiilii T? Céitil’ iililfiiiill 03%. You content might be hard candy it: . " . ° It's long ' g0 4, . - V _/7 It's filled with a lot . l I , . of information -2 It's a little too informational and . - *_ people leavelycur hlog or social . ~ O “ sites before nlshing it Make sure your content i-s interesting, and informative For the average user. Don't be afraid to sprinkle in a few shorter posts 'here—and-there, either!
  5. 5. AWN-SIZED (ANDY- [$Usi3!ti= §€i]Zz‘@[»> @@it‘(l®ilL§-§ . ~’r. lEi€l§ iLllltlllYIE£L? $@lLLili’/ ZEiiPlP§. €'l&li‘; i@a iililfiimiifi '. Il@i7~" WES ! ii]@)§3Tl lFll[LllURl@. . ----------- Your content might be - fun-sized candy if: 1”‘ You create content regularly Tar I Q You use a lot of images and memes ' that are fun 8. attention grabbing it leaves visitors wanting more substance and information . Add tips and valuable insight to your fun posts if to grab attention and keep visitors coming back A / /’r{ for more. You can be fun and informative! /D)» /5"‘ .1 I
  6. 6. MILK CHOCOLATE BAR flfl[| lLlKl @i§ll@@Miii§ (tilt-2&3 AME Q’>@l]’>flD[LlQ|7.’2 lfiflflll’ WHEY? @iE id lLU'U‘iTlLlE P2lLi§'il. li»‘J. . ‘ Your content might be a milk chocolate bar if: ' ' You have a for ula, and you stick to itm You post the same type of content over and over ‘ You're not getting as much “ , ‘I l. ‘ ~ engagement as you want Your current strategy is working fine, but shake things up every once in a while with a new content type like an eBook or a poll.
  7. 7. flu CANDY Bllllma @IflEll®YI ur-sue iL@Ti Uili@@®lil§‘5flTi~§a L? -BETJTI 'iTi§'/ i I. lCLlL l5‘]@&? .[K i; T@@l'§Tiiii‘lZl”3 iitil ®l§lLli@U@UiJS5‘ WEI-, ‘i'lvii‘. . Q_ ‘ K Your content might be candy bar if: You create a variety of different types of content ": ""i': ' I 2. You create a good a cunt of ’ I‘ content but it's notlloo much ¢ Your content is so good it has to be shared _ Keep up the good work! You've found a recipe for content marketing success. , . _
  8. 8. REACHLOCAL So, what kind of candy is your content marketing? as ‘lr. T“ Did you get candy corn when you wanted candy bars? "2 y (. :Don't be scared! Check out our blog for some tips y, ‘/ l), ' for improving your content marketing strategy. blog. reachlocal. com - )!