Secrets of a Marketing Automation Ninja


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Learn about techniques for optimizing your use of marketing automation and some advanced ninja moves in Marketo that can increase response 10X over typical program set up. Presented by Mary Firme of ReachForce and Steve Susina, Marketing Director, Lyons Consulting Group.

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Secrets of a Marketing Automation Ninja

  2. 2. SECRETS OF A MARKETING AUTOMATION NINJA With  Steve  Susina  (Ninja)  &     Mary  Firme     Chief  Lead  Accelerator  (ReachForce)  
  3. 3. REACHFORCE INTRODUCTION §  Mastering lead data quality for B2B Marketers for nearly a decade §  Driving innovation in digital marketing with the Connected Marketing Data Cloud to build quality leads, shorten the buying cycle & increase revenues. §  Providing a comprehensive view across inbound, events, marketing automation and sales automation
  4. 4. POOR DATA QUALITY IS COSTING YOU $$$ Brian Hansford, Marketing Automation Practice Lead, Heinz Marketing •  •  •  25% of the average B2B database is inaccurate 60% of companies surveyed had an overall data health scale of “unreliable” 80% of companies have “risky” phone contact records “The Impact of Bad Data on Demand Creation” - Sirius Decisions “Using a database of 100,000 contacts, a strong organization will realize nearly 70% more revenue than an average organization based purely on data quality!” “The Impact of Bad Data on Demand Creation” - Sirius Decisions
  5. 5. INDUSTRY EXPERT OPINIONS “We’ve seen that B2B marketers can’t run their business on a single execution system and can’t work effectively with multiple, disconnected execution systems….. Happily, there’s a practical solution: build a separate integration layer using ReachForce that connects the execution systems without replacing them.” “…Marketing automation was a good first step, but it primarily served to automate the transactions for marketing. What ReachForce is pursuing will allow marketers to take the next step toward more intelligent targeting or more valuable customer engagement.” David Raab, Raab & Associates Lori Wizdo, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research 5  
  6. 6. HOW DOES REACHFORCE HELP YOU? Loss of opportunities due to profiling requests & irrelevant messages LEADS IN RESEARCH AND PROGRESSIVE PROFILING ENGAGE/TURN INTO OPPORTUNITIES TIME Start with an advantage! •  4X lead engagement •  Cut buying cycle by 50% LEADS IN / PROGRESSIVE PROFILING TIME ENGAGE/TURN INTO OPPORTUNITIES
  7. 7. DATA QUALITY IMPACT ON SALES PIPELINE Poor targeting Bad lead routing Compensate w/ volume Poor quality handed to sales Different data between MAP and CRM Sales has to fill in gaps w/ their own research Valuable sales time is eaten up and sales doesn’t get to all leads INQUIRIES MARKETING QUALIFIED LEADS SALES ACCEPTED LEADS Sales and marketing not on same page with late stage contact of account SALES QUALIFIED LEADS “The Impact of Bad Data on Demand Creation” Sirius Decisions, 2012 CLOSED WON Poor alignment of contact and activity between MAP and CRM Improve data on entry Accurate leads provided to sales Sales has rich info to engage and qualify *25% *12.5% *5% Single version of the truth – sales & mktg *Following data quality best practices generates a 66% increase in revenue
  8. 8. B2B MARKETING TODAY Priorities Challenges §  Accountability for revenue §  Ever-increasing channels to/from prospects §  Engage with prospects and customers §  Getting attention through the “noise” §  Aligning sales and marketing §  Breaking down silos in the organization
  9. 9. SECRETS OF A MARKETING AUTOMATION NINJA With  Steve  Susina  (Ninja)  &     Mary  Firme     Chief  Lead  Accelerator  (ReachForce)  
  10. 10. SECRETS OF AN AWARD-WINNING MARKETO NINJA OCTOBER 16, 2013 Steve Susina Director of Demand Generation Services Crain Communications / Business Insurance Magazine
  11. 11. Company Overview Steve Susina Marketing Director Lyons Consulting Group
  12. 12. ABOUT CRAIN COMMUNICATIONS §  Publisher of Business and Trade Publications §  §  §  §  §  §  Business (Crain’s Chicago Business) Healthcare (Modern Healthcare) Marketing (BtoB, Advertising Age) Manufacturing (Automotive News) Financial Services (Business Insurance) Industry trends §  §  §  §  Declining marketing budgets Print a smaller proportion of mix Emergence of Content Marketing Shi" to mobile devices Business  Media  s2ll  plays  a  vital  role  in  educa2ng  the   customer  universe  
  13. 13. HOW WE USE MARKETING AUTOMATION 1   2   3   Traditional Demand Generation: supporting our advertising sales Audience Development: Growing our print subscribers and registered online users A technology platform to support Demand Generation services
  14. 14. HOW HAS MARKETING AUTOMATION HELPED? §  §  §  §  §  §  §  A 43% increase in registered online newsletter subscribers A 2% increase in paid print subscribers A 71% increase in registrations for the annual Virtual Conference on Workers Compensation Nearly $550,000 in new advertising revenue for Demand Generation Services §  12 Customers running 23 total programs. §  Average deal size of $26,550 External Programs for customers that delivered & qualified 12,454 leads Internal lead generation program that generated 4,115 Advertising/Marketing leads, and qualified 564 that were passed to sales Strong conversion of anonymous website visitors (over 3,900/day), with a conversion rate of 2.6% Marketo  Revenue  Performance  Award-­‐winning   performance  –  Most  Drama2c  Business  Impact  
  15. 15. HOW BUSINESS USED TO SELL . . . §  §  §  §  §  Buy or rent lists Sort by region/rep Assign Make reps spend their days cold calling Profit
  16. 16. HOW BUSINESS USED TO SELL . . . §  §  §  §  §  Buy or rent lists Sort by region/rep Assign Make reps spend their days cold calling Profit Supported by Brand Advertising & Public Relations
  17. 17. Customer Buying Journey Early Stages Middle Stages Late Stages Purchase Create willingness to consider changing Status Quo Consider alternative solutions (not vendor specific) Consider alternative vendors Commit, renew and repurchase Print & Online Advertising Webinar & Events Demand Generation Services Content & Marketing Services Awareness/SEO Content Audience Database Social, Syndication, SEO Promotion, Event Sponsorship 300+ years combined editorial experience 45K Print 225K Known Online 680K Anonymous Marketo Lead Scoring across six profiles Business Insurance Investments
  18. 18. LEAD NURTURING PERFORMANCE EXAMPLE §  Top Of Funnel Audience Generation: 1180 Leads Generated §  §  Nurture to Marketing Qualified Status: 102 Leads Qualified §  §  §  §  1180 leads into campaign (webinar attendees, white paper downloads) Content Offers aligned to buying stage Scoring based on engagement (clicks, downloads of campaign and onsite content) Transfer when combined engagement reaches Lead Score threshold Sales Accepted Leads: 25 Matched Sales-Qualification Criteria §  §  §  §  Fits client target audience to engage a sales person (specialty broker): Average Deal Size: $2 million Pipeline: 25 x $2 million = $50 million Customer has identified one likely prospect (to date) Campaign  Value:     $50,000  Investment  $2  Million  poten2al  revenue     from  a  $50,000  investment  
  19. 19. NURTURING EFFECT ON ENGAGEMENT Early Stage §  Audience Acquisition §  §  §  §  §  16,093 Page Views w/ad 132,522 Newsletter Views* 271,123 Email Invitation Messages delivered 14.1% Open Rate 1.1% Click through rate Late  Stage     •  Nurturing  Campaign   –  4,585  Messages  delivered   –  34.7%  open  rate   –  12.9%  click  through  rate   Deeper  Engagement  In  Later  Stages  of  Campaign   •  246%  increase  in  Email  Open  Rate   •  1172%  increase  in  Click  Through  Rate   * 13x in Specialty Risk Newsletter distributed to 10,194 emails
  20. 20. REDUCE REGISTRATION FRICTION §  §  Studies: there is an inverse relationship between number of fields and number of completions Marketo Progressive Profiling Example §  §  Reducing form from 9 fields to 5 field significantly increased form completion rate – 45% improvement over baseline Theoretically, if we have enough information we can we eliminate registration form altogether §  §  Data exists in Marketo (Name, Company, Job Title, Phone, etc.) Activity is monitored (Clicks link in Email)
  21. 21. NORMAL REGISTRATION FLOW §  Normal process: §  §  §  §  §  §  Select target list Send Email CTA direct to landing page Landing page has form Completed form represents registration for download or event Conversion metrics at each step §  Sent, Opened, Clicked, Registered
  22. 22. NINJA MOVE - ONE CLICK REGISTRATION FLOW §  Normal process: §  Select target list §  §  §  §  §  §  Filter for each required field using “Is Not Empty” Send Email Include name & email in message CTA “One Click Register” Post Click processing is a triggered campaign based on the click Conversion metrics at each step Sent, Opened, Clicked, Registered § 
  23. 23. NINJA MOVE - PROGRAM FLOW DIFFERENCES §  Normal Campaign Flow §  §  Trigger is “Filling out a Form” Then-normal flow: §  §  §  §  No form? Can’t use that as a trigger. §  §  §  Add to a registration list Send a confirmation Email Etc. Trigger is now “Clicked Link in Email” Then, normal flow: Asset (Invitation email) Differences
  25. 25. ASSET DIFFERENCES 1 – TOKENS TO DISPLAY RECIPIENT DATA Two  reasons  to  include  the  recipient’s  name  &  email   in  the  email  message:   •  Show  that  I  already  have  the  info–  not  giving  up   addi2onal  personal  data   •  In  case  the  email  is  forwarded,  link  will  register  the   person  shown  here    
  26. 26. ASSET DIFFERENCES - CTA Links/CTA   •  My  normal  Post  registra2on  page   •  Included  3  2mes  in  different  formats    
  27. 27. ASSET DIFFERENCES – “NORMAL” REGISTRATION The  full  registra2on  link   •  In  case  the  recipient  wants  to  invite   someone  else   •  In  case  the  email  is  forwarded    
  28. 28. RESULTS   One-­‐Click     ta2on Email  Invi Results  
  29. 29. COMPARISON: DATA POSTER DOWNLOAD Normal  Registra2on   One-­‐Click   Sent   9,367   10,608   Opened   1,730  (18.5%)   1,855  (17.5%)   Clicked   369  (3.9%)   353  (3.3%)   Downloads   29  (0.31%)   353  (3.32%)   Rate  of  Registra2on  >  10X  Baseline  
  30. 30. COMPARISON: WHITE PAPER OFFER Normal  Registra2on   One-­‐Click   Sent   23,982   5,012   Opened   2,631  (11.0%)   761  (15.2%)   Clicked   589  (2.5%)   73  (1.46%)   Downloads   220  (0.92%)   73  (1.46%)   Rate  of  registra2on  about  1.5X  Baseline  
  31. 31. COMPARISON: WEBINAR REGISTRATION Normal  Registra2on   One-­‐Click   Sent   81,503   25,369   Opened   88.9  (10.9%)   1,858  (11.3%)   Clicked   348  (0.43%)   132  (0.52%)   RegistraOons   128  (0.16%)   132  (0.52%)   Rate  of  registra2on  >  3X  baseline  
  32. 32. NINJA MOVE - CHALLENGES §  Forwarded emails or additional staff registrations §  §  Javascript disabled §  §  §  If you only have a one-click for registration, the message can’t be forwarded or other people invited Technical issue with Marketo recognition of “Clicks link in Email” for triggered email Workaround: generate a smart list “was sent email” and “visited confirmation page” and manually call campaign For webinars, watch attendance vs. no-shows §  Initial view was that we’d see a decline in live attendance, but wasn’t the case.
  33. 33. NINJA LEARNING §  There is a different willingness to share information depending on asset type: §  §  §  §  §  Low Willingness: Data Posters/Infographics or Video High Willingness: Webinars, White Papers Still, there is almost always some improvement using one-click/no-form response This won’t work if you don’t use some form of Marketing Automation for click-tracking Good data quality is essential – we used ReachForce data append before even thinking of this type of program.