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From TV to ReTV. How television will Re-invent itself @HCOMP2018


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The ReTV project as presented by Prof. Lora Aroyo (VU, Amsterdam) @HCOMP2018 conference, first Research Project Networking Workshop.

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From TV to ReTV. How television will Re-invent itself @HCOMP2018

  1. 1. @ReTV_EU @ReTVeu retv-project retv_project From TV to ReTV How television will Re-invent itself
  2. 2. Viewing of linear broadcast TV is decreasing while time spent with digital content on Catchup TV, on-demand OTT or social media rises. Broadcaster audiences are fragmented across digital channels and digital channels are full of competing content offers for their limited attention. The TV industry is still catching up with their online competition in the use of Web technology: interaction, tracking, personalisation and targeting.
  3. 3. @ReTV_EU @ReTVeu retv-project retv_project ReTV works on a Trans-Vector Platform (TVP) to analyse content and advertisements across all channels and “publish to all media vectors with the effort of one”
  4. 4. Levelsofaggregation Day Week Month/Y ear City/distr ict Region State Broadca st Season Time Location Series Franchise Event Event activity
  5. 5. Shot level Scene levelFeature level Aggregation level season level show level week level
  6. 6. Shot level Scene levelFeature level Aggregation level SPORT season level game level week level month level
  7. 7. Van Gogh movie results Van_gogh.mp4 Loving Vincent trailer Summary of the result Vincent Summarisation of multiple results is another way to cut the noise of the research into a more usable medium which allow us to visually explore a topic Van_gogh.mp4 Vincent Van Gogh - The Story Loving Vincent trailer Vincent 15 Things You Didn't Know… Vincent Van Gogh visit the… Vincent Van Gogh - The Story
  8. 8. The type of queries can focus on more detailed parameters such as the part of the show where the two characters appear together in a specific space Relevant scenes
  9. 9. @ReTV_EU @ReTVeu retv-project retv_project
  10. 10. @ReTV_EU @ReTVeu retv-project retv_project Lora Aroyo ReTV Project Coordinator @ReTV_EU @ReTVeu ReTV Project retv_project